TRON: Evolution Walkthrough | Chapter 7: End of Line – Part 1

you're gonna need some breaks falling hopefully they all right good look at her guy now he's colored or white instead of blue Coolio just like in the movie house plates okay find a way onto the regulator so that's the ship best way would probably get caught by one these rectifiers use your bended bit or whatever it's gold whatever intron seal your Lantern city for like two chapters at least so far because this feels like it's leading up to the end of the game oh whoops Outlands whatever you want however when you say it's mouse well I guess this is about we're building this little I know no crap let's go well dude just so we could get a look at him let's go off to business go back and get that thing yep okay yeah that's why do you first play through on these games I don't really go to try and find all the collectables I'll grab like oh if I see them I'll try and find a way to go get them but hardly ever go out of my way to go get them okay okay the courtrooms before climbing up there all right up there I guess this was just to get the rectifiers attention that's up here right oh we're gonna hijack it I think he thinks that's what's going on you get to hijack a rectifier please please if someone says a rectifier at any point in these videos in the comment I think I might have to left yeah that's the stuff you like it's kind of awkward see this guy colored blue the whole time because you know they're white and they're moving like news now he's white I guess because Oh everything that was there is gone or something I don't know just simply run through there you're trapped on Sun up rectifier went away now what they can I have this figured out I don't we rolled up in these caves again Alex you megabytes oh that's good news oh I'm not good that didn't work was just getting epic up that that I did it again Jesus Chris I failed so badly oh I gotta jump onto one of these huh yeah that was I was seriously taking a risk but alright time to go save Korra because she can't die then we know she won't because I would see we've seen the movie well I've seen the movie and I know a lot of other people have I don't know how many of you guys watching have you haven't and you go see it definitely go see it in 3d and it's going and don't go for the stories go in and it's it's basically it's a party for the eyes and ears just have fun alright it's not I'm not gonna win any Oscars it's just an entertaining movie here we are on board this thing locate Cora sit down son okay so I'm not allowed to jump over to that it was the lid shores of something travels or I don't know what is this guess bridge Oh just the camera he told me which way to go oh I just smashed those guys I want to oh great so hit me generator tool down we did do that just to show me that Morgan Oh Larry Silla corny it's reach almost halfway through the ranks a day Jesus Christ yeah hereõs have bridge now kidding all these energy sources to riches what the Wow I was just kind of oh come on that's just hitting me before what are how much longer is left because you know this feels like this probably one of if not the final mission but I know I'm often wrong about that totally something else so I'm kind of myself to figure that out I don't want chumps keep you out of that time all righty both is good and we'll be on our way here up to wherever sighs tea

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