TRON: Evolution Walkthrough | Chapter 1: Reboot – Part 1

hello viewers of game walkthrough Dell's Kanaka in here and i am playing tron evolution yes if you can follow me on my own channel and stuff like that you will know that I am a huge fan of trauma the movie I haven't seen the original wasn't alive the lighting plan on seed but uh area were playing the tron game hasn't hasn't been a you know received too well by critics but uh i'm excited i love the look of everything music the damn pumped into the movie all that stuff this functions on i guarantee i get a message from money seized i'm playing this we were getting a little fancy opening cutscene Oh derezzed it's kind of driving me nuts i can only hear through my right ear or my turtle beaches cuz they broke welcome to the grade ooh the grid were on the grid now we should be getting the title screen how and fun fact guys oh there we go familiar music fun fact I'm me playing this walkthrough with the PlayStation Move yes sir yes sir i'm using playstation move this little heat this little freaking ball on top of it get the hairs on it ah yes the overture dude hahahaha dysfunction you guys don't know dysfunction did not like Tron Legacy the movie so I'm not surprised I got that from him anyways at all from the story mode here we're gonna see well go on the normal difficulty because i am playing with the move so i don't okay we gotta make sure the ant car logo leave it in the middle there barely visible okay that looks good for me I might be different when you watch the recording back and stuff on YouTube a meg node whatever that is let's hop in here hey look it's kevin flynn kevin flynn good development diary entry number you know is messaging moonscape in behind the screen doesn't sound like did the same voice actors that doesn't sound like that's Jeff Bridges but that's not the real mind meld it's the isos man isomorphic Calgary suicide Cora and five I still kick it over they just a piece I didn't write them no one did they had their own functions their own ideas free will man try programming that you can't big hope the voice actor please playing Kevin Flynn he's doing a good job but it's still you know it's not Jeff Bridges it doesn't doesn't quite work even my system administrator he seems different around them Jalen one of the leaders of the isos died in the gang prince i think it was i think it was murdered and that's where my new system monitor security program comes I wrote it to get things under control this hope is not too late to help not too late for guessing this program he's written is us unon also know which is short for anonymous Tron city million status monitored you see today marks a historic point for our system Raya leader of the isos he's being installed as system admin nice okay together she will she be okay I guessing this is us yeah you Tirana the elevator yeah i'm guessing me ears that is it there's the elevator okay nice i didn't have to do any crazy like calibration for the mermoo fear I think Alissa she's not even sensing it I should I just don't think he uses motion control until I use like the light cycle who is kind of cool looking hey it's Cora my name is Cora Rania asked me to join her you know radhiya leader of the isos to be system administrator no entry without proper authorization she's expecting me but clue is it since the accident security has been increased no entry without proper authorization fine then I'll get authorization she looks determined to get into trouble graphics aren't that great huh okay let's go just follow core whoa oh crap it's not sensing the move okay controls damn it I want to play this with the move but come on all right okay I guess we shall play this without PlayStation Move sad face i'll get i'll probably get into this next time i boot the game up yeah I'm aware I'm aware it's not connected all right okay let's follow core here so pulled and run into a wall okay I can't run off the wall and grab the ledge okay OOP it's from a sprint jump okay woo slow motion jump and grab the ledge ok pull the left stick away from the world to jump to the next platform well crap wedge derezzed and porting back up okay nice checkpoint nice the chain mobility moves okay definitely feeling like a prince of persia but not quite as a fine-tuned if anything oh there there we go huh okay now what stick away from the wall and oh ok oh crap huh good job champ okay get the hang of us yes definitely very you can tell it's inspired by prince of persia but uh not quite as fine-tuned i'd say hmm ok help how do i get up come on let's stick away from the wall oh there we go ok you know what let's turn let's go into options here oh let's turn subtitles on just so you can you know figure out what's going on from talking over stuff called auto HUD I can't turn off the help prompt right oh crap i miss that keep forgetting about that okay oke oke trophy I like that ding sound uh get off here okay oh hi Kiri's crap no I don't know what I did wrong there that's where I guess I forgot to jump or something wall jewel lower eight concourse there we go crap t res again controls definitely aren't that precise I'm enjoy I'm kind of enjoying myself so far but I can hear clue vote okay

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