Tron: Evolution Walkthrough: Chapter 1 – Part 2 (X360/PS3/PC) [HD]

which brings us to why we're here our use Kevin Flynn tells us the way to that perfection is with the eye cells and if you says sharing the system administration with an ISO leader is the next step I say let the future begin I present to you your new I sub : illustrator Roddy breeding summers while I'm on to accept this position on this historic occasion I do it for the hem heart for eyes to share this honor with Calum up until his tragic demise we should all Miley he could have been here to witness this great moment haha we must put aside grief in the work of loss we must push forward to the promise an embrace this new era of cooperation between Isis and musics it's your time embrace it sever the start so we're if this is what you want one disease can spread Saturday Oh and it's ignorance you I think you would have preferred death to this ah a new type of system monitor good timing seems I owe you one a viral attack shouldn't be possible perhaps this will give us an answer or two flu what happened a virus it infected many both Isis and basics impossible you know this system is closed nothing gets in without me and it didn't it was already here it evolved from the inside it seems this Abraxas virus was once an ISO no no no no way man and I so wouldn't do this how can we know for sure by definition they're unpredictable they have no directive no ordained function they're a flaw I blame myself I should have seen this coming and now their unpredictability has progressed into a form that could jeopardize the entire system the ISOs aren't flaws they're as much a part of the grid as you are flaws my apology I misspoke I meant deviations programs with freewill are deviations clew they're a miracle it's my fault you don't get it I programmed you your limits are my doing that wasn't a knock on you buddy is a knock on me but let's stay focused on what's important eradicating this virus has to be the priority Flynn you should leave the grid it's an unnecessary risk being here while we resolve a situation right right but I'm not sitting this out Tron you tackle it from in here and I'll see what I can do from the outside I'll escort you to the portal after I get Flynn out I'll rejoin you and provide assistance until then I need you to track down that virus and maintain surveillance on it

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