TRON e EZYTRX (Parte 1) – Conheça a Criptomoeda que pode ser o novo Bitcoin da China (Completo)

Hello, how are you?! I will show you a high return and low investment opportunity for you to have great profits in this year. The cryptocurrency market is the most profitable in the world. The Bitcoin this January 2021 reached its historical maximum value of U$41,980, with an appreciation of 1,720% in the last 2 years, or 8,900% in the last 4 years, or 350,000% in the last 8 years. Never, nothing has been valued in this way and that means that an investment of 1,000 dollars 8 years ago, when Bitcoin was worth about 12 dollars, would today be worth 3.5 million dollars. And a lot of people changed their lives because of Bitcoin. Just like Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies have also enjoyed excellent appreciation in recent years. But as we cannot go back in time, the business is to find serious projects with high potential for appreciation today.

There are thousands of projects with cryptocurrencies, few have a good potential for appreciation. And I want to draw your attention here to a project that can generate a very interesting profit. To start I need to talk about the Tron cryptocurrency. Tron is an asian project that started to be developed in 2014 and the cryptocurrency was born in 2017 as an Ethereum token. She went through an ICO process that grossed U$70 million, and that's an interesting first point, because many currencies that earn high with the ICO disappear from the market or lose a lot of value soon afterwards and with Tron it was quite different. The CEO of Tron is the young Chinese Justin Sun, who is also CEO of Bit Torrent, was a representative of Riple in China, is a friend of Jack Ma from Alibabá who personally supports Justin Sun.

He is a very eccentric guy, has more than 2 million followers on Twiter and has already paid U$4,6 million at an auction just for dinner with Warren Buffett. Justin Sun is now one of China's biggest cryptocurrency celebrities. Tron's main focus is to build a decentralized global ecosystem of entertainment content on the Internet, making that content easier to sell and cheaper to consume. For example: many content producers, like youtubers for example, make money from their videos, but payments are centralized by a company involving the banking system. Tron's blockchain aims to bring the relationship between consumers and content creators closer, eliminating the intermediary agents that make the process more expensive and keep a large share of the profits. This point also draws attention because Tron offers a very useful solution for this giant market that keeps growing. One of Tron's main features are the smart contracts, which can be created within Tron's blockchain.

Smart contracts are automated systems, totally safe, where the contract rules are programmed and are self-executing, without the possibility of human interference. That is one of the main points. Tron was based on Ethereum and today it is a strong competitor, we can say that it is an improvement on Ethereum, mainly in relation to its transaction speed. Ethereum does 25 transactions per second and Tron does 2,000. That is, it is 80 times faster than the Ethereum network and more than 300 times faster than Bitcoin. his makes currency much more useful. In addition, Tron's transaction fees are very low. Tron's marketing is very well done, we will see here on the website… Look, we have the links, there are several channels on Telegram, Telegram in English has over 100,000 members, Facebook more than 950,000 followers, Twiter more than 500,000, and she ranked third among the 20 most talked about cryptocurrencies of 2020 on Twiter. The Tron team is very active and this facilitates the dissemination of the currency.

There's a lot to talk about Tron, but let's get to the numbers. Tron has been in existence for 3 years, today it is worth about U$0,03 and since its birth in September 2017, it has appreciated more than 2,400%. On the Coinmarketcap website Tron is listed among the top 20 cryptocurrencies and has been ranked several times among the Top 10 in the world market. This places Tron among the top currencies in the world today. The market capitalization is over 2.5 billion dollars and the daily turnover exceeds 2 billion dollars. Considering the current low value of Tron, this is a pretty big move.

Tron is traded on more than 400 currency pairs worldwide and on more than 100 exchanges. Here in Brazil it is marketed on the Novadax exchange, which you can find the link below in the description. To close, I will show you the Tron chart on the Tradingview website, in dollars, on the exchange Binance, in the daily period, during the last year. For those who don't understand the candlestick chart well, here on the channel there's a very explanatory video. Tron had an increase in February 2020, that is 1 year ago, then made a correction until March 14 and then started an upward trend line that has already been increasing for almost 1 year, already exceeding 240% of recovery.

So we realize that it is not a sudden increase, because these very fast increases in cryptocurrencies are not sustainable. Here we have an LTA, an upward trend line, gradual, well marked and strong. This is excellent for investors. In short, a very useful market purpose with great efficiency, a very active team, excellent marketing, very high movement, appreciation trend, low prive, 17 cents at the moment, new currency. That's why I see Tron as a great cryptocurrency for medium and long-term investment. This video was just to introduce Tron and this is the first part of what I have to tell you. If you want to invest but you have little money, or you have a lot of money but you want to enjoy even more this moment of Tron, watch the next video that I will show you how to receive and multiply Trons through the system of automated smart contracts. The link is here in the description. It's this year's cat jump. Any questions call me, my contacts are also down here.

Thanks for your attention, a hug, bye!.

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