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access to archived data path begins with new training units While new friends make friends in the stadium, tesla orgon enchants with one entertainment is encouraged to volunteer for the away games to report where he announces himself with a teammate what do you have me I have one choice left to win the next round against the fight each other of course and up to do The longest and ruled classification discus battle opponent player three opponents five award categories to the point of death who expect us to fight each other to integrate with each other the crowd will only be satisfied if one of us likes it she can't force us to do it either, if we stick together energy then also used when there will be a winner the walls stopped if there was no winner they will not fight the strength or must fight me one of the two must survive and the one you are what are you talking about you don't see you when we are further integration is no longer there who can continue the fight then you have won that must not happen under any circumstances so does not apply to all the cups in the closet that's exactly what we want but then let's give them also give what you want to dance i don't fight you well then let's advertise on the left Is it all like you don't have it kills him i give up let him freedom qatar you are the better fighter when the clou want to defeat you are the program that can make it said he gives up yes you can't do that, but nobody was on it give it to players and 5 prepare for immediate deletion consider it wise to have both destroyed when you integrate both of them I have no problem fulfilling your request but they promised the people freedom and at least they have one image to uphold the benevolent leader of a side free The other, however, programs of kind come both enemies deserve it to look integrated but we are not barbarians I have I gave you a promise and I'll keep that with number five rewarded for freedom even though you obviously didn't deserve it number 3 concerns at the end of the next cycle it will be with you on the other sooner to end there you will be cleared fur for despicable bed no program turns players into ridiculed and survived you're free and out we didn't have a choice me or qatar I'm not sure we're the right one have chosen he is the real hero he could have made a difference you have it managed to survive the games and survived unscathed you just i let the kata take away to erase it I failed again everything is okay is no longer good this healing chamber is the only one where through the injuries of the daily stay but there is more urgent to do so your friend is still alive I was him until the next cycle then you haven't failed not really Beckmann, I'm glad I didn't find it really stupid employed and could use the help now if i didn't want any time asked the topic how can they help away i was hoping keeping them out of data I can't believe that I might do it again somehow do well i'm still doing something i have a problem nothing at all Do you remember the girl in the club? I may have seen my wand which died you have one million rods the one rod you know because escape 768 funny thing to be honest, prefer to sit down this totally forgotten we are well wear this story what I want to help because it will be back soon need to lose weight you noticed that even across the whole club how you may not find it, but maybe we would have the bike come on let's get out of here why is the de flying in the wrong direction what else someone else that ours it was said that they had fled cylinder almost opened we are so low i correct how could it make what made it happen we have a little problem to me it seems i have to make his mistakes again do well like the one on 1 you again I think of a new look you're not necessarily into the aerodynamics combat programmer that's all you brought with you, it's a 768 and it truly is a one-time piece of scrap kevin flynn knows how valuable this thing is the same way you started you didn't hear this thing here is nothing at all worth if it's worthless Now it is certain the same will kill me any suggestion that is unfortunately in the majority but if we could surprise them surprises As my delay is expected the whole city is alarmed bound we almost don't have to trust it let's go what are you guys doing back is as good as empty has followed you here a nobody a real victim why did you do that no black did you look so bad mood in the club and the girls up watching the dance floor you can tell me how should I express it desperate and naive looking like a girl with a bit of brains on her mind was ever seriously interested in such a feeble and hopeless this is my friend you are talking about grab yourself this and must get us out of the city b here is the end of the line programs you will not overexert this simply says that we are lost This is maybe they caught up with us I can say the customers do not trust her okay here already certainly doesn't say as much as it does to me there really awesome let go of me before I believe me you don't really want to form this sentence feminine objects away this time for the first time the name antonio I thought we'd be over have not yet understood it i want we have a problem Not yes we won't make it more fire free from all pipes it was for me with me please if you want more there is a program called berg, it wouldn't be I wouldn’t have been seated at all now’s strange.

I met him Said the same thing about you that they give of him how can i thank you i need recruits would you do that crime count on the riot will spread throughout the grid when other programs learn the truth tron lives i should have known better a program like perl is not my league I mean you look at you and then you rarely have to look at me and concentrate here says stay then I saw what happened in the break room here we are to have known you all do you think about the angel i'm doing this now thanks to airbag and then said the city siren in this disco is like me so you have it I've heard it since I told you this joke so where is my 768 just like the super job path today, however, the path is not the only one here who deserves a praise has now also deserved and actually had earned a lot more than that for it oh yes away helped me but im i did most of the work what are you here to continue the fight or to give up i know that there will be setbacks as well as successes but i appreciate that it's okay as long as we keep fighting and never lose hope so what let's continue training like I said you still have to do a lot learn

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