Tron Der Aufstad Folge 1

hidden computer exists another world the creator has it for games designed but it has become so much more He got here to fill the grid with a digital copy with infinite possibilities he created a digital copy of himself even as a clown who should help to create the perfect system and you trusted in the fields who should see to it that it is for everyone programs that lived there were freely accessible but in his pursuit of power threshold took up the fight against him on a crew was too strong stronger down and left to die the absolute control itself now comes in a remote corner of the rasters a young program for the conviction that smart must become his name is he could be the next ton Isn't that great? I never said that my name is back i got away with it laughter from no should storm do you want to know why didn't do what i did it all started there in ebelsberg instead of i didn't even know that you were so keen on defeat until it never happened to me, probably just because I have my friends a young program but i was on the grid long enough to know that I was good at ebel's workshop, it wasn't just that only thing that makes me even more fun I think there do you want to play once more you have you just warmed me up I like that me on the bolide never gives up occupied territory you mean With where it is not I realize I had to do something a program has already done that i decided to assume his identity theron had to walk and the asta headed maybe he did it again today i couldn't stand looking is these amateurs I've been in the streets long before she can they had no chance it turned out that they weren't all amateurs I thought you were getting bigger

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