What up guys. It's Tron Luho here. It's gonna be my first vlog on TRON. Basically gonna be talking 'bout TRON dapps dapps that I've been in dapps that I used to do and then dapps that I think will be promising in the future. So yeah This here is P3T I'm pretty- I'm pretty heavily invested in it right now. I actually saw this thing at like 14 maybe like a week ago and uh… shit is flying right now so I woke up this morning and I already had 2,000 TRX in my savings. Basically how it works is you put down your initial deposit and every single transaction with P3T 10% of that is distributed through all P3T owners based on how much you hold. So looks promising they also got some games coming out which will further boost this thing.

Then they have- they also have this daily return on investment where if you put in an initial invesment you'll get 3.33% of that back everyday. And you can withdraw this whenever you want so I only put 1200 here but yeah. P3T, lookin' pretty good. Definitely check that one out. Next one up is TronVillage something similar to P3T both of these things kind of like the shrimp farm that happened a few weeks back but obviously that died but these are looking promising. I put about 50,000 TRX into this bought one of- one of each of these buildings and they're giving me coins every hour which I can either half of them go back into this treasury where I can- I can reinvest those profits into more buildings and then half of them goes into this spare where I can uh…

Where I can take out. And I probably started this a couple days ago, along with P3T. I'm thinking P3T is gonna hit 100 soon that's what people are saying so definitely check out TronVillage too. I'm more into P3T than TronVillage but we'll see where this one goes. We also have a new casino here Crazy Dogs which is pretty pretty cool. I'll show you they got a nice video here. Basically same thing with all the other casinos we've seen. You mine this DOG token. I think it's you get 1 DOG per every 100 TRX you bet so say I bet 500 here got this nice, nice… betting on BITTY here which gives me a 95% win rate. I could do this all fuckin' day.

But I've got about 4700 DOG giving me a payout of 1,000 TRX in what looks to be 3 days? And look at that I won. Got 15 TRX and mined 5 more DOG. So… I could mine more of this I'm probably gonna sit on what I have so far for a little bit but they've got this live feature not sure what it is maybe some streaming thing coming soon so we'll see.

But pretty good lookin' site. Alright next we have 888. 888 I saw like a few weeks back and they only had this Gear of Fortune game where it was pretty hard to mine their token. So I only dabbled in it a little bit. But uh… maybe like a week ago, couple weeks ago they came out with this Dice52 game where its much easier to- to mine and uh… they had their first payout maybe like 3 days ago I got like 100,000 100K TRX from it pretty nice payout and then… after the first payout what they're doing is after every 48 hours they'll increase the- the amount you have to bet regardless, so that's gonna be pretty good and now they're doing payouts every 48 hours as well.

They have this weird thing where you have to unfreeze and freeze to get the dividends but it pays out so and it's lookin' pretty good so I'm in these four pretty much focusing on that. There's also this weird candy website I'm just doing all you have to do here is ju- just collect these tokens. And it's basically free money. So They probably have some plans to use this token in the future so I've just been collecting whenever. And the- there's one dapp that's uh… another casino that I think is going to blow up and that is TRONtopia. They have a testnet out already I think they're actually gonna be going live within the next 24 hours At least that's what uh… they say in the Telegram if I can…

I was looking at these number of members and it jumped from like 600 to 1000 in just a few days so it looks like there's a lot of hype for this casino. It says they're originally aiming to go live on February 11, 9PM but they might have to- they might need another day to work out some some some issues. But I'm def- I'm probably gonna focus on TRONtopia 'cause you know getting in *sighs* getting in early in these is is is what you wanna be doing 'cause that's that's what I did with TRONbet. And TRONbet's kind of been I started TRONbet back in early December and it's what's been fueling all my other uh… all these other dapps. So… yeah TRONtopia I'm definitely going definitely definitely think they'll do well. I mean they have this sick dividends tab just just looks so nice. And then they have it looks like some light cycle game which probably I'm guessing is similar to the Light Bike iPhone game a few years back so that will be interesting.

But yeah definitely check out P3T these other- these other dapps uh… I think that's gonna be probably gonna be my focus. Thank you guys for watching..

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