Tron Coin Hedef Fiyat | Tron Coin Analiz | Tron Coin 2021 Tahminleri

This is a week-long break after your video shoot I decided to intensive wonderful works in the office again That's why YouTube did not come much I will examine first the coins thrown to you today to look at my saying And tron con had asked a friend of ours we'll review came to mind thanks to him have a moment a drop Intron Let's go to the rest of the graph, then let's go to the review of the graph, always way It's a very small Ad Break, I will pass the video immediately Please do not skip this side, I will have a very small request from you, your channel has reached very good levels in a month.

And I continue to produce content for you in a month without any interruption, I will tell you the values ​​of the coins from year to year. I'm proving that I'm trying to produce content with investors in the long term. I have a very small request from you, if you subscribe and turn on notifications, you will have given me a great support. Thank you very much in advance, let's go to the video right now, first of all, I would like to talk about the friends who are waiting for an increase from bittorent.

I want you to consider it, I'm already a channel that appeals to long-term investors , they will take me into consideration, let me tell you bittorrent friends waiting for the Ascension tron ​​A Torrent will not rise unless the Ascension comes Because it is a coin that uses the bittorrent tron ​​infrastructure, please pay attention to it, BitTorrent seems to be weaving from it. wait, my advice to you is like this. First of all, trone coin has tried these cents twice, the highest level of a coin is two cents in 2018, we agree with that , we agree, put a tron ​​that exceeded one TL this year , we agree on that, first of all, there are 2 zeros in front of it as usual , come on, first of all.

There are always 2 zeros in front of it, it hits two zeros, and then it goes down. This is a valid rule for both tron ​​and bittorent grandfather and many coins, and in the long run, I tell you, investors, According to the popularity of a coin, it is on Instagram on Twitter, on every social media Whatever it is, please see it on any social media and invest or The only coin you will enter will be the Market cap, you are a woman, whatever the graph is, look at a graph and examine the increase in value from year to year, do not buy coins without doing these, I will shoot a separate video of it, I just made a video beforehand , don't pay much attention to it, it's more detailed, more beautiful.

First of all, we are looking at it from here 10 has fallen and has progressed steadily Troll look well, always at the same levels in 2018 At the level where there is a torrent at the moment, I think a bit is slowly progressing at the levels where there is a torrent always at the same level see it goes down it goes down it goes down it comes out coming down to 2020, no increase has been seen in 2020, it has always started to rise slowly at the same level 2021 comes back to the level it came from, and stays at this level for a little longer this time, then comes back to the same level , so tron ​​coin tries its highest peak after a year.

There will be a dollar because it's always 2 He throws zero and tries and it won't stay 1 dollar. Don't take it into consideration , of course it won't stay. This time it will continue in cents, it will be 5 cents by itself, it will be 5 cents, it will be two cents, it will be 16 cents, it will continue in these cents, so it will try its highest peak once. And then, in the next rise and bull season, I can say to you that it will stabilize itself at one dollar levels. This time it will advance at those levels and how much it can fall as much as 80 TL. Let's consider it now a confirmed coin 24-hour data 663 million dollars total market value 5 million dollars 5 billion dollars Pardon Marketcap is between 3 million dollars and now it is in a decrease of one percent. Don't pay attention to the skewers. At the moment, a few sheep, especially in bittorent snow, and many sheep are also among these buying opportunities, Troll is among these buying opportunities because tron has its own infrastructure And this infrastructure is also many sheep use and continue to use, let's take them into consideration please 24-hour guardian i ignore this one year, someone has the highest level in il-17 has he tried two levels in 2018 and has seen it come to this level again now he saw it now for thrown sheep let me tell you when is the ascension in which months thrown sheep rises in march april may this year look at which months it has risen again March February January osevio has risen in the months Maybe it can be seen next year Because it left a year in between and then Ascension came Krone Maybe it could be a sheep that gained value once in two years This thrown two years Look, it gained value in two years He did n't see a gain in value throughout the whole time, he went on and on in a fluctuating way, and then he saw a value gain in 2021 So maybe you and maybe 2023's bitcoin recovery in March, May and April İlayda you with the recovery of Bitcoin with the law re-entering the bull season Thrown sheep can try a dollar Cause a bay that's tried 10 hours Look at it by throwing n 20 here, 10 60 and tried one of the strings, it came out on what he saw already.

I invested 30 cents myself or something. When it came to the level of 1 lira with 45 strings , I shot around 130 liras or 150 liras, I left it and now I bought the TIR from him and invested a torrent. I'm just keeping 30 throwns waiting So there's not much investment in the trona I'm shooting just because you want the video he's talking let me see it You're 17 minutes too long I'll make a small talk and close I'm not making a video for you in a week I'm sorry because there was a busy business in the company I am working in a foreign trade company now 473 videos will come regularly every week, this will be every two days , I am about to prepare these videos right now I wish you a lot of profit in the long run, the investors have already liked, commented and subscribed, I have nothing to say to them. Take care of yourself very very well, lots of accidents..

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