Tron 2 –

please I've gotta get back to my rowdy and already behind on my deliveries this cycle you have professors I require I'm just a simple email script I I know what's wrong and what be strong function ice lord- to use jet do you think your dad would mind if I had some of his popcorn huh oh sure I've all you want yeah I'm a little surprised you turned down the level 6 programming position look dad I know you're disappointed right I'm disappointed I pulled a lot of strings to get you that offer I'm happy making games life is short pop I plan to enjoy sound like Flynn hold on son matreya run a security diagnostic yes elefun results a virus a tentative is a via email laughter I've one two and four infected jet we'll have to continue this conversation later this is a restricted area you just can't come barging in here dad your turn off can't you hear me Mithraeum where's my father hella too I require immediate assistance we meet contingent a protocol afternoon laser activity in five seconds matreya stop what you're doing put on goggles clear digitising name wrong Mithraeum what did you do so you are a user fascinating well user now that you've been digitized you can think of me as your tour guide to the world inside the computer there are a few crucial functions you'll have to learn if you hope to survive the system i'm sending you a help file you can view help files at any time by pressing the number 8 key study them closely they typically contain important information when a program has something to say a talk icon will appear above his or her head to initiate to the conversation approach the program and press the action key try it six more sub directories have been compromised the corruption managed to slip past our scheduled scans obviously an inside job to continue your training activate the health programs that display the talk icon tell me about player movement the basic player movements are forward backward strength left strafe right crouch and junk the mouse is used to look around you can also look around corners here's a help file with more information that concludes the basics no no no

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