Tron (2-Disc Set) and Tron: Legacy (4-Disc 3D) Blu-Ray Review and Unboxing

two films two generations two different results quite frankly to be honest this is the super review of Tron the original classic and Tron Legacy in 3d both come to us on blu-ray and one comes to us on 3d blu-ray both courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures give you a look at the spine here now what I'm gonna do gang is I'm gonna review is I'm gonna break this video down into two reviews starting with drawn here and I'd like to apologize ahead of time because I am coming down with a little bit of a hold at the moment but I'm gonna try my best that way so but looking at Tron a blu-ray that definitely the majority of people have been waiting for it was a it was a wonder as to why Disney did not release this when Tron Legacy first came out in theaters but regardless though it's finally been released upon us now however it's been dubbed the original classic obviously and I'll get into the review in just a second but just to look at the back here and the packaging kind of has a holographic look and feel to it as does the front you can kind of see the gleam a little bit the embossing mainly happens around here and electron the original classic Plus also the border right here is kind of as a cyber look to it plus it's embossed as well but opening it up same as the slipcover really bland cover art if you ask me but I mean personally I think they would have been better off of had they set the the original movie poster as the front it's okay have your blu-ray right here Digital Copy Disney 3d and Tron the orginal classic on DVD but overall though with Tron the original classic the best advice I would say before you watch this is lower your expectations just a little bit I mean true it is Disney and they are a wonder when it comes to their catalog films but keep in mind though that Tron was shot back in the 1980s on us on a very different a different set of film and it was dead it was using revolutionary CGI at the time that was still very much in rough cut and and rough at it but however I will give the visual presentation one one prop and that is it's pretty much faithful in that as long as you keep your expectations down it looks just like the original trot I mean my I didn't used to own the DD but I did rent it at one time and I mean the colors are vibrant and the textures especially when it comes to the suits and through the majority of the virtual world then it's pretty damn impressive actually it's very sharp black levels are pretty deep and edges and textures are very very are very very clear and sharp and but overall though I'd say is like I said it's it for what it is it really isn't that bad especially for a 1980s very rough CGI film sound is pretty much the same way it fits a little bit better but it's under understand remember lower your expectations but the effects and music cues are pretty good it uses a DTS HD master five point one track voices are also very clear and especially when it comes to the light cycle the light cycle sequence is probably the studio is probably this discs main highlight and as well as the original as the next strong legacy blu-ray which I'll get to in a second but but for audio I excuse me again but for audio I would definitely give it a four out of five just on the basis of again it's four it is for what it is it really isn't that bad and the and it would be good to know that the extra features that were a part of the DVD have all been ported over onto this so you can go stop scavenge during all over eBay to look for a 60 $70 price you know of the original DVD it's okay the majority of the all the clock all the extras I've been brought on this blu-ray disc and they've also added two more documentary I mean two more features that in HD nonetheless including the tron phenomenon which takes a look back at you know obviously the effect of Tron has had on the movie industry and CGI in general plus also a photo try Knology feature in which it goes into the Disney archive in a way and looks at the concept art that they've had for the original Tron it really is pretty cool but otherwise everything else the 88th minute making of Tron documentary is here music feature and six minutes of deleted scenes and the storyboarding the majority of it is in standard definition but you know as a completist though I'm just happy that they brought everything back from the DVD so I didn't have to you know break the bank when it came to trying to find a copy so but overall video gets a four audio gets a four and extras get a four so a pretty well-rounded disc moving on skip a decade or so we move on to Tron Legacy in 3d nonetheless this is my first 3d release that I have ever purchased because the Disney coupon only worked on a 3d version of the film or the five discs or the five disc box set that good luck finding in stores but taking a look at the spine here blu-ray 3d the cover art for the DVD can ask this 3d effect due to the due to the name is escaping me but it's it's the type of slipcover I forgot what it was and it's not coming to me it's true but I've been really really sick guys so I apologize but the only problem though is that the normally what Disney does for their titles is that they embossed the title right around here when it comes to their 3d releases but I can do away with it still looks pretty cool you can kind of get a sense of death – and everything and the silver border with the identity disc type symbols is pretty cool the back here telling you everything when it comes to this for disc set let's open up this board set same as the slip very nice touch to make the discs into the to look like the memory disks run from the movie this is the blu-ray 3d regular blu-ray 2d digital copy and the DVD it's way back behind here and it gets old dull and gray ok digital copy coat your movie rewards code packet for truant uprising that's coming to Disney Channel along with several other interesting tidbits Phineas and Ferb shout out nice same 3d pamphlet security tab put these all back here I'll put that slip back on but overall though on Tron Legacy however due to it being brand new and everything I cannot really praise this disc enough actually I'm just gonna go right out the gate and say that this is reference quality stuff right here the picture and sound five out of five across the board I'll get into that in a second but really if you will this is definitely going to be going on the blu-ray recommendations video whenever I get to making another one but the reason why this disc is so cool is well first I'll go into the picture the picture I remember watching this in IMAX 3d when it first came out and just sitting awestruck and the fact that how clear the majority of the entire film was and for a film that is dominated by light blue gold gray and black it really still knocks my socks off but it does offer some variety in the beginning obviously that when it doesn't takes place doesn't take place in the grid but it's just for what little is given the clarity the black levels and pretty much every single detail is evident here you the club sequence is another one that I really enjoy and then the fact that you got to see every little detail of what everyone was wearing especially seeing Daft Punk was pretty cool the light-cycle sequence again I'll get is a beast in itself visually but I'll get into sound you know in a second and but otherwise else like I said for what little is given like when it comes to color it's just the clarity is completely inspiring actually I can't really talk about the 3d release though because I do not have a 3d blu-ray player but eventually if I ever do get a 3d TV I'll at least my my collection is future-proofed with this so sound though again if you're fans of Daft Punk you're gonna be in euphoria when it comes to this blu-ray release because alright their music was incorporated into the movie and that every single cue every single shot every single event that takes place within this film involves Daft Punk sound that soundtrack and it shines in high-definition sound this with every bass pounding every groove the entire the entire the entire SAP listening area is ripe with activity it uses the DTS HD 7.1 lossless you know in every person every way I am just taking aback by it and it's not only Daft Punk soundtrack that is an excellent but all the battle sequences especially when it came to the light cycle sequence obviously when Sam is first brought into the arena with the the crowd noise that develops all around you when he's picked up by the hovers or every time the hovercrafts come by the base just starts to rumble with ever you know papers were stacked on top of my face and it was just falling off it was incredible I mean it's done that several times but the effect is still cool all the way all the same plus the final battle sequence obviously before they're supposed to reach to the portal to get back into the real world great and all in all it is just a very very nice touch it's clear it's loud it's rocking it's reference quality I cannot talk about the sound enough it is probably one of the funnest soundtracks I ever heard on a blu-ray disc so far and that's saying something because this is coming from a guy who will praise the Transformers soundtrack to the hills extras are is the only thing that is keeping this blu-ray back from being excellent just like the Black Swan blu-ray release but really the only thing here that is worth that as no those worthy or anything is the Flynn lives next day piece which talks about obviously what happened immediately after Tron Legacy especially what happened it and calm and everything like that there's a lot of shoutouts to the original truck Iran movie but sadly though it is the only main highlight to the to this extras release I mean there's also a look at the visuals you get a special look at the Tron uprising animated series which looks pretty good I mean for what it is and cast there's an there's a deaf Punk to rez music video and for pretty much that's everything that's noteworthy I mean I understand that this film didn't really do too hot when it came to the box office but he could have at least given a bigger documentary or something Disney but but for Tron Legacy I would definitely give picture and sound five out of five extras three out of five and but overall guys these movies are Earth's are a sci-fi lover's dream and really I actually I don't know why you would necessarily be listening to my review which you should all read made up your mind if you're gonna go grab this but I would definitely recommend both Iran and Tron Legacy to own and your blu-ray player I mean Tron is not going to WoW everybody but for nostalgia sheiks for the fact that you're owning a piece of cinematic history plus it is a pretty solid blu-ray release for what it is I definitely own that and Tron Legacy just for the sake of the audio you can put up on a party and it'll just rock the house but essentially if you're looking for a good deal I would go to Target and because right now they're offering them two of them for the price of about 31 bucks when you factor in the $8 discount that they apply when you buy both you have to buy these two you have to buy these two or you can buy the original 2d Geron as well to go with your strong classic except the $5 coupon that Disney provides will not work for it unfortunately so it has to be Tron Legacy 3d plus also it's a very it's a cheaper alternative than getting the big five disc box or the memory disc plastic thing that they're trying to sell it shell out here for 70 which I want to say I looked at a review of it on the discs within the memory disc in itself are stacked onto each other which looks pretty cheap and it doesn't really look I'll put it safe it doesn't necessarily look too safe for the disc so I would stay away from the identity disc unless you are edition unless you're a very unless you're very keen on that type stuff but go to Target you can get both these for 31 bucks when they factor in the $8 discount and the $5 Disney coupon which again is in the description as always and otherwise else go out grab it have fun and let me know what you think of it in the comment or anything like that so you guys take care have a good day

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