TRON 2.0 Серия #1 – Инициализация программы

Hello everyone, again, I'm a witcher, congratulations on the new year 2013 and welcome in my new walkthrough we will play tron ​​2.0 began a small excursion into the history of what kind of game it was when she came out with what was her eat the game came out in 2003 on the pc, it can be knitted almost ten years have passed well in principle, I consider this game unjustly forgotten left in past so I want to refresh her memory and show you clearly you suddenly have it was not played the game is a continuation of the story film throne only seems to be if somewhere around already 30 years ago that is very old eighties the movie and unlike the recently released Disney movie throne evolution austen remember correctly this game she is the direct heir to this movie 1 she preserves its atmosphere its visual style and its heroes of the plot is very carefully transferred I exactly the atmosphere that was in the film the atmosphere inside the computer how much is the new movie throne he i him I perceive it as a good action movie in the unusual scenery of this feeling that you are inside the computer in this in this film he is not beautiful with great soundtrack but at the same time he completely ignores the event this game that I really didn’t like when I watched it, but I didn’t less and more about the game a little less and in the films the game was excellent, it was accepted as players and the press on the largest gaming site in Russia yeah.

RU vladimir goryachev better known as but mate gave her 90 points and start if of course to you that means something to me because on g absolute games scores of 90 and above are given to games that are really close to the concept masterpiece I really love this game it just looks great beautiful sounds and plays well this is a very unusual shooter despite the fact that this shooter is somehow somewhat different than usual games that is, it conveys the feeling that in reality program you have your own routines not you have yours this is perfect specific weapons are in the game, which is not like the others games have an absolutely wonderful inventory that simulates a hard drive Well, perhaps sex course, more or less let's all go to the game, as you can see, I Russified the game since the official the localization of the game does not exist, that is, it was planned, but in the end it never did the game is distributed in English only thanks guys with notes but i am a dot com for fan translation because fargus translation promt who I don't want use additionally, I installed the killer as a mod that allows run the game in the resolution that you currently have on your desktop, that is, thousands me seta me this 1920 x 1080 age may be different nevertheless such an opportunity appeared, let's start playing the game, we will be normal since we have such an old game it's ok this is really ok difficult it is really difficult not as normal now it is easy but difficult it is ok i don't hope that now the subtitle will work because i I suffered enough so that I have this all together Russification and visualizations even worked fine but this is not us the main character of the game anxious i'm worried forgive you had a sex program bubble like this they youtube oh no sex rapeseed prince decoders sunlife full sodium donut – secure diagnostic isolate was in chinese decisive life saw see alana bradley heroes of the film the throne well the film tron ​​evolution he is also present with you irons her 1001 buena vista's game of the conscious company as you can see this is a monolith the most famous office creators of the game the actual game engine of which the throne 20 was built was created by the company monolith is called faces so its first version was released in 1998 very long ago opened to the hero, this engine was modified on purpose, that is, it was not used anywhere else.

unique but a newer version of this engine has surprisingly been used further company monolith for creating games ferre ferre 2 but also more games were built on it than I am now telling about us now only for if someone else remembers her and the game has a magnificent soundtrack if you of course like this from combining symbolic music and electronic lo we are inside the computer program at the bottom left, you will see the option selection is this interface your interactions with various objects in the game the third option is the mod killer option, we will not use it on allowed for 4 everything and play the game for your own pleasure not bother in general, let's go to workout so that you can was to show you how everything works on Google typical it is inverted! but nevertheless the icon your old for that again although you can talk sex you can close gnaw however, the power is so generally a flicker if the backstage of the game is such that Alan Bradley continues to work for Incom alan bradley hero one of the heroes of the movie throne is not the main truth but nonetheless we play for his son jetta, this somewhat echoes the plot the new film there and there the main character is the son of the son, we were digitized so that we could help and fight some virus that entered the system Maria destroys her typical thank you games unique visual style it wants geometric primitives of bright colors of giant structures such the iridescent things of the sky up since we are the program we have a version now version displayed for the upper corner of the nose version 0 to this end of training, it will change to version 1.0.0 during the game MGU they will receive experience for completing tasks and the version will I don't remember what it affects, you will also see this yellow, or rather the orange hexagon is it displaying the counter located on the level of special remember what is called in general this type the secrets of colleagues tibbles you pick them up your version of a increases I remembered the club that the version of the program is our level version 10 is our first level 1 and 2 for 2 kopecks getting the level we have the ability to pump later I will show here our inventory and at the same time the opportunity pumping it imitates our memory program memory I don’t know for sure located on the disk in these sectors, we can place our subroutines that were they to find under the program, it gives us the opportunity to place weapons here armor and other useful utilities now we have version 1 0 we have several white points that we can distribute so the health increases, it is that energy will be needed more energy since energy is spent on weapons, energy is spent on pumping useful programs for programs to increase the effectiveness of weapons the transmission speed is important the further it will play more on what is happening but nonetheless this is not very important principle you can not pump more and more well close yes thank you want self help massage hands version 10 give us call a lot I would now be a shepherd walked fang knocked out the game has a system of access rights leads this circle consisting of 8 sectors in total, you can find 8 different privileges to access some objects require a specific cast in this case it is 2 and 3 if I think correctly, we need to find them in order to contact Matreya through this I / O node necessary privileges archive permission is also required may contain the same access rights look like how blue is it by the way this is what to see is a symbol of a four-dimensional cube have permission now we will download 3 energy is wasted on loading now we have two necessary permissions for mac artificial intelligence created by bradley to speed up work with this system of digitizing people program word box here is reduced to decomposition but in principle this is normal imposition decomposition of this virus green 2 seen in the opening video 9 bytes to a more complex structure and bit small can only take two values ​​yes or no transferred part of the energy to the bat and now he will help us open this door because he red this state no pressing how the state comes yes just fine visualization of real information systems, that is, bits and bytes and ports input-output it is clear that this is a simplified visualization, nevertheless, what technique is simple for me really like exactly how before the possibility of travel inside computer, we can download health from such balls and we can download energy green ball of test for a first aid kit and an energy generator but our disk is basic weapon let's continue combat training now quickly change control settings i'm playing with razer mini keyboard nostromo I need to do it a little differently, at least very nice let's go advisers very much we can sell a disk in flight maybe we can defend against the enemy with a scythe from a white disc we take without a disc, you can wear it let's goodbye this program you can download its programs to perhaps we are done here, let's move on the game itself begins and thomas virus virus programs that here you need to destroy to start them nothing no, but at least restore health and energy, so somewhere here is 3 secret to trying to find them while they are not in a hurry, so you can freely move perhaps, of course, one was the arena of him I will never see again well, okay, I don’t think it will greatly affect our passage lack of some build points for nomadic pro let's go but there is I will describe one well no good scheme to enter let's raise it here you see this box seen just gorgeous especially if you look closely specially pixelated this is the one who is incomprehensible green and we will be saved just in case to drown easily in power and read emails topic viral alarm to all staff from IT specialists the date is March 3 or March 2003 unfortunately not all have updated their antivirus and, as a result, an unknown type of virus corrupted many systems on server and 7 labs we are currently working on this problem thanks for your patience this department in the game is full of emails revealing partially the plot, I will read everything, you will excuse me if this is for me interesting but the plot is always interesting to me as another letter topic viral alarm to whom all the staff here is the IT department March 2003 until further notice download and do not upload the file to the central server with source codes we do our best to isolate the virus from its aggressive nature makes it extremely difficult it is not at all like everything that we have seen earlier sorry for the inconvenience this department excellent must have understood the task of jetta at the moment to destroy the virus what will we seem to be doing white magic dramatic nose until special programs that show the names of other programs further let's take it will be interesting to read what these comrades are called yes but we do not have jumping program you need a special subroutine that will allow you to jump higher so back well let me forget or quarrel and from bloody be careful there may be viruses you can already see how the visual style of the game differs greatly from the visual film style on this and on the weiner of a terrible game so system error with a quick blow the previous comrade said the topic of announcing the award to all staff from management March 2003 we are pleased to announce that our beloved Mr.

Alan Bradley has been honored with the highly coveted International Academy Award artificial intelligence digital buddy for its latest version Matreya Mr Bradley and I are waiting for you at lunch in the employee canteen where Ceremonial presentation of the certificate will take place congratulations mr bradley leadership took some kind of permission, maybe we need a red one these are subroutines of a red hypercube, but we still need to get to it this is not it's just so interesting there is nothing else okay 2 of 3 secrets we took it's good don't go here okay I am here as we have activated the bridge which primitives woke up that in general it was not difficult to do it back physically you will not break and will not fall into the abyss yes to your health I know the truth of what you are looking for, you will turn into a virus, so it is bitterly called a snare original is y m a play on words if you say so instead of the word jan we will install our I forgot the subroutine in the slot, as now this is the alpha version of the program, you see red it takes three slots for trading you can improve you can find newer versions have a golden bolt subroutine it takes only one slot and works much better in general, it is this space management that is important here, that is, 1 continuation programs so that they occupy the optimal number of local you 1 is not very important and dude where did you go 5 girls wanna take their souls oh oh bout with no hooligan here still dead man was seen disappeared okay I wanted to go there because brand new under the program oh rest it is a profiler beauty what i said he allows you to read information about other programs so it is infected see green boxes on it you need it takes some time to disinfect it really needs to be in the upper right corner you will see my routines are installed on this disk play and disinfecting process now we will take a little health, then I have already managed to mow and and ok profiler disinfect now we will install here in the nectar is slightly shifted hitbox and name so okay, the seventh permission is enough, we have, we will not download it and Letters let's see the subject of the announcement of the award from the management March 2003 if you see mr bradley please pass it can not be expected staff cafeteria guide how to guess alan bradley we don't have too much worry about the award he is more worried about his work a real scientist so I think with this we will stop this series, I'm afraid that it turned out too much for a long time I did not notice the time unfortunately see you in the next episode tomorrow I I am very glad that the beginning of the passage of this game, I just adore it, I hope it to you also like it was a witcher with you subscribe rate comment still come bye bye

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