tron 1982 español.

We do not have much time to locate that report and it is important yes sir now I know this is not checking my checking account or the complete telephone receipt if I have programmed you a second I taught you everything I know about the system thanks to that but no hair club that remains for programmers you are the best program ever ordered you are meticulous relentless I'll try to do it this is how you should talk keep going working that deposit trying to cover up from Yes and you're in trouble dear program try to do things more easy for you, you want your program, it's not my fault. programmed to be ambitious was planning a strike against the pentagon next week the pentagon won't be harder than any other company big but maybe this happens to me by employing contractive humans your throne program, you'll only have a few minutes before dillinger realize that the security system has failed you should not have returned end but if it is the great central control of programs that everything is talked about listen to me make yourself comfortable do you remember when we played you and me but not my life I have a challenge for you sanz a new club is a case of pp or whatever it is as I train him for the games that he has illusions for some time and then finish with him your why very well a creator can no longer help you my little program

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