Treinamento Nova Limp – Instalando o Diluidor TRON Dil-1

hello welcome to nova ling training today we will present the diluter where the equipment for the dilution of products that concentrate in, for example, among disinfectant agents cleaners used for heavy cleaning this equipment does not require electrical installations since its operation see by the water pressure that enters an upper part of the device the dilution is controlled by the dosing tips also called chips that accompanies the product to find out which team is best for dilution observe the product label that will be diluted what proportion is recommended by the manufacturer choose the type that most closely matches the recommendation in the color table that accompanies the product you will find in the product packaging in the dosing pulp kit, the bloggers for admitting the concentrated product and outlet of the diluted liquid to foot valve for the concentrated product the turn for fixing in the way of exit the clamp the plates and screws with fixing hooks in addition to the uol and typical dilution table attention the hose adaptation valve does not accompanies the product and part must be purchased to start fixer diluting the wall using the fixing points found on the sides at the top and bottom of the equipment once fixed teaches the adapter of the hose at the top of the device the second input is used to connect a second thin line insert hose that will supply water to device at that end of hose does not come with the product fixed with one of the plastic clamps the other end of the hose must be threaded on a tap after choosing the dosing point closest to the dilution factor, it fits in the product inlet that is just below the water inlet enter a firmer way to complete the product met with another Brazilian plastic artist a tip for better use of the class a magna product of admission by a pvc tube fitting the ball upright after the tube insert the assembly in the product to be diluted now in box the hose outlet at the bottom of the device the fixing thread see company o equipment insert the other end of the hose into a container with a reducing valve closed open the tap at last to start the dilution a to register the device to withdraw the desired amount of solution we hope you enjoyed this video and we look forward to seeing you in our next one training until then

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