Trapped Inside His Own Game, Man Must Beat The Game To Get Out

hi guys sci-fi recapped here before we start morning spoilers ahead today i'm going to explain a 2010 american science fiction and action movie called tron legacy in 1989 kevin flynn ceo of a technology company called ncom tells his son sam the story of his adventures in the grid the grid is a virtual reality where disc battles in a spectacular arena cycles that race on ribbons of lights and lots of miraculous things happen there it is created by kevin alongside tron and clu who appears to be a program in kevin's own image that could thank sam is eager to know more about his dad's story but is told to wait for next time as kevin leaves for work before he goes he invites his son to go to the arcade tomorrow and toss a coin to him suddenly the scene cuts to a montage of events and news reporting about kevin's disappearance causing chaos in the company the news also tells about the income company which skyrocketed to the top of the tech industry while kevin is taking charge as the ceo it is also discovered that in 1985 sam's mother died because of a car crash leaving sam as an orphan one of kevin's friends alan bradley insists that kevin is not missing and is instead pursuing his dream of discovering something magical the scene jumps to 2010 sam who now becomes encom's primary shareholder after his father's disappearance breaks into ncom tower and attempts to steal the company's newest operating system os 12 but is spotted by the company's security guard on the other hand richard mackey current chairman of the company states that os 12 which previously was sold free now will be a paid software because it is claimed to be one of the safest software in the world and there is no reason to sell it for free sam manages to hack into the ncom system and releases the os 12 to the public for free on its release day as part of his annual prank to the company making michael furious after being chased to the top of the tower by the security guard sam reveals himself as the biggest shareholder of ncom and then attempts to free fall off the tower with his parachute as he tries to reach his motorbike he is arrested by the police for trespassing but is eventually released a few hours later sam returns to his apartment where he is confronted by allen who tells him about a page signal he received from sam's father's office in the arcade which has been disconnected for 20 years allen also shares a story about kevin who came to allen's house two days before he disappeared and claimed that he had cracked the code about quantum teleportation allen also adds that kevin wouldn't have left that invention and wouldn't have left his only son sam doesn't believe his story and says that kevin is already dead and does not care about him anymore before alan leaves he hands over the arcade key to sam saying that he must be the one who goes there and finds out what is happening later on the night sam decides to pay a visit to the arcade and manages to locate a hidden doorway behind the tron arcade machine which leads him to a secret workshop underneath the playing room sam explores through his father's computer and activates a digitizing laser behind him by accident transporting him into the digital world called tron city the confused sim then walks out from the arcade building realizing that everything has changed in the city has transformed into a very modern and digitized city called grid he is then captured by and recognizer and is assigned by the program to participate in the games all the others are being rectified sam is then taken down to a room where he is equipped with armor and an identity disc which records everything its holder does or learns after that he is delivered to disk wars arena where he has to fight several programs and has to be the last man standing in order to win the game after several breathtaking fights he has to face a program named rinzler the only program who uses two identity discs while fighting in the final fight rinsler seems to be a much stronger and experienced fighter than sam as he is outskilled by the program when rinzler is about to launch his final blow he notices blood coming from sam and suddenly recognizes him as a user the grid's boss who has been watching the entire fight from a flying ship commands the fighter to bring sam to him as the two meet sam believes at first that he is talking to his father before realizing that it is clu when he says that he is not his father who apparently has the same image and appearance with his father as described in the beginning of the movie after the encounter sam is being sent to the next game which is light cycle grid while a masked woman watches them unnoticed surprisingly he is assigned with a team challenged directly by clu and his followers equipped by a futuristic motorcycle the battle begins members from both teams are slowly eliminated one by one until sam and clu become the final survivor sam falls off from his bike and clu is coming after him luckily the mysterious woman comes with his futuristic car saving him from being killed by clu both of them then escape from the arena and she introduces herself as cora while driving away the grid they eventually arrive at a safe house far outside the grid where sam finally meets his long-awaited father and they hug at dinner kevin explains to his son that he was working with tron and clu to make grit into a perfect system however a brand new type of program manifested itself within the grid they are called isomorphic algorithms or isos and were considered as a miracle by kevin and his story to sam at the beginning of the movie before his disappearance kevin felt they represented revolutionary potential to change the human condition clu who saw them as aberrations betrayed kevin and tron in order to take control of the system and purge it of all isis tron who was designed to be a warrior fought back for kevin and was destroyed by clu since then tron was never seen again while kevin managed to flee kevin remained trapped in the grid when the portal back to the real world closed causing him to disappear for a very long period of time he adds that the portal can only be opened from the outside of the grid sam insists on taking his father out of the grid and returning home because the portal will remain open for eight hours in grid but kevin refuses as this is exactly what clu has been planning to lure the creator into the grid and then try to obtain his disk kevin's identity disc contains a lot of valuable information that will endanger the real world if it was stolen by clu because it will allow him to be transferred into the real world sam also discovers that the page signal received earlier by allen was not sent by kevin but clu sam is optimistic if he could make it to the portal even without his dad he and alan could shut down clu from the outside wanting to help cora hands over a map containing the location of a program named zeus who may be able to help sam against his father's wish sam takes his father's light cycle and goes back to the grid later on the night kevin finds his son missing and finally decides to come out of hiding to go after his son upon arrival sam abandons the light cycle in the middle of the city causing clu's operatives to trace its point of origin which is kevin's safehouse clu and his army immediately travel to the safe house but finding no one as kevin has gone away sam is brought by a woman called gem to zeus's clubhouse called end of line club there he meets caster and caster brings him to his private room where he reveals that he is actually zeus he then betrays sam to clu whose army called blackguard suddenly appears at the club and starts killing everyone cora and kevin arrive just in time to assist sam unfortunately cora's arm is destroyed in the ensuing brawl forcing them to flee from the club as the trio escape one of the black guards attempts to steal kevin's disk and zeus manages to take it from the guard zeus hands over the identity disc to clu hoping that both of them could build a mutual relationship but he is then betrayed by clu who explodes the entire club killing both zeus and gem in the process kevin and sam argue over their next course of action finally decide to take a freight train called solar sailor to the portal as he is repairing korra's arm kevin reveals that korra is the last surviving iso while on their way in waiting for korra's system rebooting sam and kevin bond with each other upon awakening cora shares her story about how she met kevin who saved her from an assault she also has a desire to see what the real world looks like unexpectedly the solar sailors route has been diverted taking them to a massive carrier ship where clu is repurposing programs in order to form his own army as they try to find a way out core decides to sacrifice herself to distract the enemy ends up getting captured by renzler and is brought to clu when fighting with cora kevin realizes that rinsler is actually tron who has been repurposed by clu clu gives a speech towards his army of repurposed programs about his grand plan to rule the real world having secured kevin's identity disc he is now able to take his carrier and army to invade the real world while kevin is trying to find a plane for their escape sam decides to go to clu's command ship in order to save cora and take back the identity disc he manages to retrieve the disc when rinsler suddenly comes to the ship with cora both of them have a rematch and with cora's help they manage to disarm him and leave him hanging over the ledge they then escape and finally meet kevin on the flying deck while on their way to the portal kevin sam and cora are confronted and chased by clu rinzler and his black guards sam with his machine gun and cora with his piloting skill managed to eliminate all the black guards leaving clu and rinzler in the opposing team when kevin makes eye contact with rinzler he begins to regain his memories as tron and abandons the chase leaving clu to pursue them alone suddenly rinsler turns back and purposely crashes his jets towards clues in freefall clu manages to steal rinsler's backup jet and continues his chase towards the group leaving rinzler to fall into the sea as the trio fly towards the portal kevin asks cora to swap their identity disk upon arrival at the portal's gate they have been waited by clu kevin and clu start their conversation where clu claims that he was simply following the directive programmed into him he insists that it was kevin who betrayed his promise to make a perfect world together kevin accepts the fact that he was wrong at some point and apologizes for setting clu on such an impossible task clu suddenly attacks kevin and sam tries to fight back but gets thrown away instead to the other side of the bridge the bridge to the portal starts to break off separating sam and cora while clu goes for kevin's disc but he is shocked to find out that he has been tricked because it is cora's disc frustrated and furious clu jumps to reach sam and cora but it's too late as they have got inside the portal kevin then reintegrates with clu causing them to explode and destroy the entire world back in the real world sam copies the grid from kevin's old servers onto a small microchip he wears around his neck allen then arrives at the arcade after receiving another page where sam states that he will take over ncom and choose allen as the chairman he also adds that alan was right about everything cora surprisingly appears in the real world and sam decides to bring her to see the sunrise for the first time subscribe to watch more videos like this turn on notifications and leave a like to help the channel out thank you for watching

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