Top Undervalued Altcoin (PancakeSwap Price Prediction 2021)

it's time to get that cake pancake swap that is you need to understand what is happening right now with pancake swap is very similar to what happened over the summer with uniswap and its mini clones we're seeing coins mooning overnight affordable fees rug pulls promising long-term winners and much more but is pancakes walk much more than just a degen swap today we're going to be taking a look at cake whether or not it is a good buy and i'm going to do a quick tutorial on how to use it and give you a price prediction let's just hope i don't end up dressing like a pancake let's get it bit swap is the hottest new way to trade tokens crawling all the top decentralized exchanges bizwa will get you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at welcome to bit boy crypto the largest crypto channel on all the interwebs my name is ben everyday on this channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money in crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button if you enjoy explainer videos and tutorials please make sure to hit like on this video so youtube knows you enjoy this type of content now in this video i'm going to be going over pancake swap its benefits upside and we'll be doing a tutorial on how to use it make sure to watch this video all the way until the end because i'm going to be showing you guys a little trick you aren't going to want to miss on how to use it so first we need to talk about what pancake swap is well it's basically the unit swap of binding at smart chain or bsc pancake swap is a decentralized exchange also known as a dex this is where users provide liquidity for the coins this means you're making trades peer-to-peer instead of through a centralized entity like binance or coinbase the token of pancake swap is the aptly named cake it is a bep 20 token meaning it was created on the binance smart chain a bep20 token is similar to an erc20 token that's built on ethereum pancake swap truly is the uniswap of bsc then there could be huge upside the uniswap token uni or uni has absolutely crushed it and has already seen multiple waves of d5 swings this has led it to get all the way to the top ten of all cryptocurrencies now as you may have noticed finance coin is also risen to the top slotting in at the number three overall cryptocurrency sitting right behind ethereum so let's think about this for a second ethereum is at number two its top decks token is uni and it's currently seeing at the number 11 spot bnb is sitting at number three overall with a market cap of about one-third of ethereum yet pancake swap is sitting all the way down at number 37.

Many people are proposing the binance coin could actually one day catch ethereum and whether or not you feel like that's true it makes zero sense a pancake swap would be sitting all the way down at number 40. it's very conceivable that cake could become a consistent top 20 coin in the near future from where pancake swap is to the top 20 is about a 3x and that's if the market doesn't move at all to have a higher market cap i would say it's very possible that even by summer the cake token's over 100 per coin if it follows a line of the uni token it also stands a reason it could peak in the top 10 at some point i believe it's probably a low mark and very conservative to say that we could see a 200 cake token this year but i'm kind of afraid to dress up like a pancake for a live stream so we'll stick with 200 per coin for this bull run as my official prize prediction so what's so great about pancake swap compared to uniswap other than it just uses a different chain well the fees are extremely low and it's a very vast chain we are talking about fees less than a buck for pancake swap while ethereum gas fees are sometimes in the triple digits you can't even get pancakes for a bucket ihop but pancake swap has already been audited by security giant surtik so you know it's very secure but of course this doesn't mean that all projects listed on pancake swap are safe it's decentralized so anyone can list there pancake swap has already seen a rise in scammy rug pull projects in general here's a good rule for you if a team is aided on they're probably going to rug pull you if you're unaware rugby is when a project pulls out all the liquidity for a coin and holders are stuck with worthless tokens now along with swapping there are a ton of other cool pancake swap features which we will show in the tutorial so now that you understand what pancake swap is what the cake token is and the potential for the price let's go ahead and jump into the tutorial right now okay so the first thing you're gonna have to do before you get going with pancake swap is set up a wallet now a lot of people will tell you that using the metamask wallet is the best way to do it and you can certainly hook binding at smartchain up through metamask what you have to do is you have to add a custom network and i found like it just got gets kind of sloppy because i've got like 12 metamask wallets addresses hooked up to my metamask if not more and so what i actually found is i found this called the binance chain wallet you can actually add this to chrome and you can use the binance chain wallet instead of having to use metamask and i found it actually much easier to use them separately so you guys can see up here on the right hand side of my screen this little icon here all you got to do is you know put this to your favorites just hit the pin right here on uh you know your chrome browser and when you open it you'll see i sent over about to bnb here so i've got to bnb in this account it's on the binance smart chain network you can actually use the ethereum network on here as well and then the binance chain network uh the bsc is what is going to work best so like i said i just like to keep them separate so here we are we're on pancake swap dot finance so when you come here you notice like it's a lot different than like uniswap for instance when you go to uniswap you know pretty much it takes you straight to the trading page here it's going to show you a lot of different options on the left you've got these tabs home trade farms pools lottery collectibles this team battle thing uh team and profile then info ifo and more then the bottom left-hand side of the screen you can see all the way down here is going to show you the price of one pancake token or one cake token which right now is 23 459 dollars so what you're going to do is you're going to connect your wallet so i'm going to hit connect here and you can come down here and you can see binance chain wallet okay so once you connect wall it's going to take you to this separate page here i was having a hard time finding it for a second you just hit connect and that's going to take you back over here so you can see up in the top right hand corner that you're connected because it has my binance smart chain which also starts with a 0x similar to an ethereum address so okay let's go back here now what we want to do is we want to do a trade i want to trade some of my bnb i want to go ahead and add some cake tokens to my portfolio so i'm going to go here to trade i'm going to click exchange and this is going to take you the trading page which now it looks very similar to what you would see with uniswap you can also see there's the smart bridge here that you can connect to uh to different chains you guys can see here it's i probably don't exactly want to show you guys this right now but this is what happens when you click bridge uh it takes you here and this is how you can move things from one chain to the next like you could move tether from the tron network over the bsc if you needed to do that um but probably you're only going to do swapping you can also add liquidity very similar to the way that you do with unit swap it's a good way for you to earn some passive income but what we want to do we want to trade 1.5 of our bnb tokens over to cake so obviously when you come here it's very similar to unit swap if you want to custom paste the you know contract address for a token you can do that up here or it's got a list here of all kinds of tokens as you guys can see so we want to get the cake token obviously so there it is right there okay now here we go see the price impact is very small we're going to get 30 at least 32 cake tokens so let's go ahead and unlock the wallet here okay so here we go we've connected our wallet i don't know why it disconnected there for a second but we're going to hit swap hit confirm swap okay so here's our confirmation page go ahead and hit confirm here and it's going to take you back here and it is committed so let's give it a few minutes and see how long it takes to put these cake tokens uh in our wallet let's go and make sure that we add these here so we're gonna add this so we'll actually be able to see this on our assets page so there we go all right and there it was that quick guys that was real time what you just saw it literally took what 15 seconds to make the switch so now we've got you know 0.5 bmb in this wallet now we've got 32.5 cake tokens that's what most of you guys are going to be doing here on pancake swap is using the swap but there's also farming and staking if you want to do yield farming you can also do a lottery if you're like a super djinn and you want to try to win some extra cake tokens you can do that right now there's 50 000 up for grabs you can learn more about that right here but that's basically it if you want to do the farming you can come over here you can see all the different pairs that you can farm uh this is a good way you know to find maybe some smaller coins that could be on the uh you know could be up and coming projects that could have some promising rewards and things like that but pretty much what i'm going to be using this for is just going to be for the swapping and most of you guys are too they've got some pools they're called syrup pools uh so i guess you know canada isn't the only place that has a syrup market at this point uh so okay guys that's it that is how to use pancake swap it's very easy now let me tell you guys the number one key for me figuring out how to use this was to start using the binance smart chain wallet instead of metamask it just gets very complicated with meta mask and personally instead of doing separate or instead of doing them together on one place i just want two different wallets uh so you can send bnb from or any place you have bnb uses the bep 20 network over to the binance smart chain wallet and boom it's that easy so that's how you use pancake swap guys thank you so much for watching this video drop me a comment down below and let me know what you guys want to see in terms of pancake swap you want to see me cover some of the tokens on there if so make sure to drop that down below and give me some ones that you're looking at all right guys that's all i got be blessed [Music] you

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