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Cardano is a blockchain platform that can
facilitate transactions using its internal proprietary cryptocurrency known as Ada. Since its creation in 2017, it has outperformed
pre-existing blockchain platforms, solidifying its place at the table of authentic cryptocurrencies. In this video, we tell you ten good reasons
why Cardano could be a fantastic investment for you. Despite Cardano's young age, the tech behind
it is solid, making it an attractive asset for intelligent investors. Before we dive into the video, please make
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10. It is a blockchain platform
One of the key reasons Cardano is worth investing in is that it isn't just a cryptocurrency. Rather, first and foremost, it is a blockchain
platform. As a blockchain platform, it allows the developments
and implementation of blockchain-based applications.

And so, rather than limiting itself to just
storing value through a cryptocurrency, it can allow for much more functionality. Since blockchain itself is a new technology,
there aren't many apps in existence. However, given the potential of the technology,
it's only a matter of time until this is the case. 9. It has its own unique cryptocurrency
As a blockchain platform, Cardano has its own proprietary cryptocurrency known as Ada. The cryptocurrency was named after Ada Lovelace,
who is commonly regarded as the world's first programmer. The close relationship between the blockchain
platform and the cryptocurrency allows trading and other transactions to be performed efficiently
and easily. With no third party required, safety is also
assured. In addition, all Ada holders have a stake
in the Cardano network. 8. It is led by a dedicated team
Though Cardano has become fully decentralized, it is still shepherded by a dedicated team
of developers. These software geniuses also manage the Cardano
network and ensure that it keeps growing as the cryptocurrency keeps scaling. They are also responsible for developing new
blockchain apps that the Cardano platform can leverage for its growth.

In addition, these teams perform research
in order to have the most information before taking critical infrastructural decisions. 7. It has grown by much in such a short time
Despite being launched only four years ago in 2017, Cardano has had such an astronomical
growth rate. Of course, it helps that its founder was a
former co-founder of Ethereum and left to build it as an "Ethereum Killer." In such a short time, Cardano has the fifth-largest
market cap among all available cryptocurrencies. It has outperformed other older coins such
as Litecoin. This strong growth rate is of particular interest
to investors. It suggests that Cardano could survive in
the long term and isn't just a fad. 6. It can Handle High Demand
As the Cardano network gains popularity, there's no doubt that it will be seeing an upsurge
of users and transactions. When this happens, most other networks begin
to experience crashes and downtime, which affects the performance of businesses. However, the team at Cardano has foreseen
such an outcome and has made sure that the network can survive a massive upsurge in scale. And so, this pleases investors, knowing that
the platform is ready for rapid and significant growth.

5. It has Ultra-High-Speed Transactions
When Cardano was designed, the framework behind it was purposely intended to be an improvement
over pre-existing cryptocurrencies. For example, bitcoin can process 3-7 transactions
a second. For Ethereum, the figure is a bit higher,
coming out at ten transactions per second. Cardano blows both of these out of the water
with a whopping 1000 transactions per second. If that isn't a demonstration of its superior
infrastructure, then stay tuned for more awesome advantages of Cardano. 4. It is environmentally friendly
Because of the unique blockchain function Cardano uses to perform its transactions,
its energy expenditure is very forgiving. As a consequence, it is one of the more environmentally
sustainable coins on the market today. This sustainability is a key advantage of
Cardano since other coins are being heavily scrutinized for their environmental toll. Cardano is one of the greener cryptocurrencies,
though, and it is likely to survive any new policies that target digital assets and are
intended to protect the environment.

3. It is listed on multiple serious exchanges
One great advantage of Cardano is that it is listed in multiple serious crypto exchanges. Such should be expected of the fifth-largest
cryptocurrency by market cap. Platforms like Binance, Coinbase, Gemini and
Bybit all list Cardano on their platforms for trading. And so, it is really easy for anyone to buy
and sell before grand changes in the market occur. This also shows that these exchanges have
confidence that trading Cardano is good business. 2. High Supply Limit
A lot of people are wary about coins with supply limits because it suggests that the
coins can be hoarded, driving the value up to unreasonable heights. Although Cardano's Ada does have a supply
limit, the limit is so large that this needn't be a concern. The supply limit of Ada is 45 billion. This figure is far above the 21,000,000 supply
limit of bitcoin. And so, Ada provides the best of both worlds. It is large enough in supply for anyone to
trade without worrying about hoarding. At the same time, it is limited enough for
the price to be well balanced with increased demand. 1. Affordable
Owing in part to its young age, Cardano and Ada are still relatively affordable.

At the moment, Cardano trades at 1.50 dollars. This affordability means it is quite easy
and accessible for anyone to get in without having to cough up significant amounts of
money. In addition, the risk of investing is low,
and potential returns are high. And so, for anyone looking to get into Cardano,
the time is now. …
In spite of all the advantages of Cardano, investors will do well to remember that it
is not a sure thing.

No investment is riskless, no matter how attractive
it looks. Don't let this discourage you, though, as
worthwhile investments rarely look glamorous on the surface. Instead, invest wisely, and don't commit anything
you aren't prepared to lose. …
As we come to the end of this video, we hope you have learned some fantastic reasons as
to why Cardano could be a great investment. With so many different cryptocurrencies to
choose from, each of them has unique advantages and disadvantages. In any case, Cardano has a lot going on for
it. Who knows? It might be just what you need to attain success
in the crypto markets. Do you invest in Cardano? Please let us know how the experience has
been for you so far.

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