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now on kgw news we're going to have some form of chaos on our hands too oregon health leaders predict chaos as senior citizens become eligible for the cobit vaccine plus the push to change oregon's official state song that's rooted in a racist past then it's definitely one of those things that makes you go hmm it's been going for about two years and quite frankly it's starting to drain our resources the mysterious bags of human waste seem to be sending a message but first we're following breaking news of a police shooting in clark county this is a live look from the scene in the hazeldel area this is near 68th street and 2nd avenue clark county sheriff's deputies shot someone but we don't know the circumstances yet that led up to it that person was taken to the hospital in critical condition the deputies involved are on leave right now and vancouver police will take over the investigation 68th street and second avenue are still shut down so avoid the area meanwhile tonight we're asking what are leaders going to do to address portland's gun violence problem a rolling gun battle left two people badly injured overnight it was the second shooting in as many days in the powell hurst gilbert neighborhood and for the first time in weeks portland's police chief is opening up about the violence our mike benner got to question the chief today he claims he's working on a plan in the more than 100 shootings since the start of the year six people have been killed and more than two dozen people injured i know it's a top of mind issue it's a top of mind issue for me here at the police bureau and for all of us as police chief chuck lavelle alluded to there's no ignoring the gun violence in portland last year alone there were 893 shootings that's 500 more than the year before the chief believes one of the contributing factors is the loss of the gun violence reduction team last summer we had you know a focus and a structure and i think that's probably the most important thing to to look at and think of we had a structure that took us you know a couple years to build only to be defunded and dismantled by the portland city council amid allegations of racial profiling among other things that said portland city commissioners are alarmed by the gun violence they addressed it as recently as wednesday at a city council meeting here's commissioner joanne hardesty what we know is that we have people who are desperate who've had no income and have no hope it is our job as the council to provide that hope for these families who've been devastated for a community who has to see us collectively setting a vision for where we're headed and a vision has never been more important than it is right now if the gunfire isn't killing or injuring people it's coming dangerously close to doing so we've heard of bullets whizzing through vehicles and homes even children's bedrooms i think it's important to balance the urgency of this crisis but also be thoughtful on what we implement how we implement it how we communicate it that explains chief lavelle's refusal to give specifics about how he plans to tackle the gun violence the chief only going so far is to say something is in the works it's about really trying to build or reconstruct a system that will allow us to do the things we need to do with enough resources to not only you know hopefully have some uh deterrent and operational piece but also have the investigative resources too to to solve crimes whatever plan the chief and his team come up with to fight gun violence he says there has to be more transparency and more community support he says perhaps that's achieved by building in some community oversight we'll of course stay on top of this for now i'm mike benner with kgw news now to the latest on the covet vaccine rollout here are three things to know tonight one johnson johnson has just asked u.s regulators to approve its one dose vaccine it's not as effective as the moderna and pfizer vaccines but still provide strong protection and would be easier to distribute two in oregon there are still several people in the 1a group waiting on their vaccine including seniors and assisted living facilities and three despite that the state is moving forward with shots for teachers prisoners and starting monday seniors 80 and older every state that has opened to seniors has had some form of chaos on its hands and i want to be completely transparent we're going to have some form of chaos on our hands too the oregon health authority director pat allen there is predicting chaos as seniors become eligible for the vaccine next week we learn nearly 20 000 doses will be reserved for people 80 and over in the first week but there are about 168 000 oregonians in that age group alan explained the supply and demand difficulty during a legislative committee meeting and the reason really is this is the green line versus the blue line the blue line is the accumulative supply of vaccine the green line is how many people are eligible for that vaccine and up until now we've kept those two lines reasonably close together we've always been able to use more vaccine than we have but they've been close together now we're going to open a really really really big gap especially at the end of the month when we make 65 and older available right now the state has an automated web tool for those in multnomah washington clackamas marion and columbia counties to find out if they qualify for a shot and once they do they can schedule an appointment those in the 80 and over group won't be able to do that until the day they're eligible for the vaccine which is monday the oha says it plans to open another site next week that will work for everyone in the state we'll let you know when that happens more now on those seniors in assisted living still waiting for vaccines governor kate brown had said all seniors in assisted living facilities who wanted a vaccine got one already but our christian severance found out that's not true so i feel like if she gets this this is a death sentence to her lauren and patricia ridgley have been anxious to get 94 year old laura bradley a vaccine the great-grandma lives in an independent senior living facility in gladstone well it's frustrating to have absolutely no information as to if they're coming at all now seniors in congregate living facilities are in the state's 1a category to get the vaccine first they have been eligible for vaccines since december but many are still waiting to get their first dose even as organ expands who is eligible on friday governor kate brown told kgw's pat doris that all seniors in assisted living facilities had been vaccinated and that was part of her reasoning to open up vaccines to educators here's what she said we have gone through and vaccinated every senior who's wanted a vaccine that lives in assisted living that lives in congregate care and in skilled nursing we heard from so many of you after that interview saying that's just not true i heard her give it that statement and i felt i felt that she was either grossly misinformed or she was lying or dr dave gannett he has a dad in a memory care facility in portland not everyone who wants a vaccine who's in congregate care or in a skilled facility has been able to have one yet alvina drake has both parents in a senior living facility in portland and she's letting leading people to believe oh no we've got it we've taken care of the most vulnerable people and and that's not correct and she can help i reached out to the governor's office spokesman charles boyle said quote the governor made an incorrect reference to vaccinations at long-term care facilities we have completed first doses for all seniors who wanted them in nursing facilities only other long-term care facilities such as assisted living are expected to receive first doses in the coming weeks and my understanding since then is yeah she misspoke fred steele is the state-appointed long-term care ombudsman an advocate for people living in long-term care facilities he said 130 nursing facilities have been vaccinated but more than 550 congregate care facilities are in the process or on the schedule to be vaccinated but those facilities they're not done but they're in the process and they're actually ahead of schedule welcome news to family members who really feel left in the dark and i think that this this is wearing on them and i think that just the sheer fact that they have if you listen to governor brown they've been overlooked and forgotten and that's really kind of simple because they're still here that was kristen severance reporting and now for something completely different and pretty gross someone has been illegally dumping human feces in an unusual pattern on some rural roads in east multnomah county it's been happening for years and it's become a drain for the health department charged with picking it up they say they find about three bags a week dave thompson with multnomah county health has picked up more than 200 of them what really baffles him is they're not tossed into the ditch but seem to be meticulously placed on the road it seems to be always on the passenger side so it leads us to believe there may be two people one driver and one person gently dropping it there's a couple theories one is that maybe it's they're sending a signal either to the public or maybe to multnomah county for some reason they could be unhappy with the county the county is asking people who live along county roads in troutdale springdale and corbett to keep an eye out for anything suspicious

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