Top Crypto Exchange for LOW Cap Altcoins in 2021 (Buy DOGE on Kucoin)

Rocket Man got you down manipulating the markets? Well, today, we're going to discuss the best
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My name is Ben. Everyday on this channel,
I show you how to make money in crypto. If you like money and crypto,
then make sure to hit that subscribe button. Today, we are going to be discussing KuCoin,
one of my favorite exchanges. They reached out and asked if I'd cover it,
so thank you to them for sponsoring the video. KuCoin is currently the world's
No. 1 exchange for altcoins, showcasing over 326 different cryptos
and 669 trading pairs. For those new to the space, it's an easy-to-use alternative to Binance
and super user-friendly. Also, fun fact, it's the only exchange that I will use
that starts with a K. The other K exchange is a bad word around here. It brings me physical pain. If you don't know what exchange I'm talking about, just search "ETH Flash Crash". KuCoin, founded by Michael Gan and
Eric Don, is based in Seychelles. The founding members of the exchange are experienced
in business and had previously run Ant Financial and iBox PAY. KuCoin was launched in 2017
during the last bull run, and it continues to be one of the best exchanges
to scoop up some alts this bull cycle.

KuCoin has around 5 million users from 200 countries
that actively visit the exchange for trading activities. Unlike many exchanges, KuCoin has also taken on DeFi, allowing crypto lending from within its
platform and staking its Pool-X. KuCoin also has some of the lowest fees
in the entire market for a crypto exchange. KuCoin's exchange is exclusively crypto-to-crypto. However, KuCoin does support fiat payment methods
integrated into its "Buy Crypto" services, Simplex and Banxa.

In addition, the exchange platform
also offers an OTC trading desk, which allows users to purchase
USDT and BTC directly, as well as other cryptos, including the Canadian Dollar,
Indian Rupee and much more. We discussed some of the features that KuCoin has, but now it's time to talk about the user
interface and trading engine and the full encompassing experience
that KuCoin brings a user. Here are some more highlights
from KuCoin's platform: No KYC since the exchange is in Seychelles. Well, it's self-explanatory. You don't have to send a blood sample
to use the exchange. It's great. Although verifying your identity gives you a higher
withdrawal limit and other special perks. It's a user-friendly and interactive platform. KuCoin's interface is a very sleek design
with easy navigation for traders to enjoy a top tier trading experience.

It has an efficient trading engine. It can handle millions of transactions per second. KuCoin allows traders to chart advanced charts using
TradingView which has some of the best indicators like Crypto Face's Market Cipher. It has anti-liquidation measures. KuCoin's index compares price feeds across
six exchanges before finalizing liquidations, keeping your funds safe from price manipulation. I'm looking at you, Elon.

KuCoin also offers the following
order types to its users. It has limit, post-only, stop, market
and even hidden orders. You can't see them. Some more advanced features that KuCoin
offers users include non-custodial trading, margin trading, KuCoin's trading bot,
an IEO platform for new hot projects and futures trading. KuCoin allows traders to long
or short up to 15 assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Elon Musk's
favorite proof-of-work hog, DOGE. In fact, KuCoin is one of the best
places to buy Dogecoin if you've been wondering where
you can obtain DOGE.

It's also an exchange for more useful
cryptos that aren't just a meme like VeChain, Cardano, Hyprr and Chainlink
to mention a few projects you can scoop up. It also has non-custodial trading. Through a partnership with Arwen, KuCoin now allows its traders to opt in for non-custodial trading
directly from inside their wallet. This is a significant move for security due to the
whole mantra "not your keys, not your crypto". Non-custodial trading means that KuCoin doesn't
have custody or ownership over your money. You do. This means that KuCoin users have
complete ownership over their crypto. And if an exchange gets hacked like what has
happened to KuCoin multiple times in the past, the user funds are safe. You don't lose. Although if you do deposit funds to the exchange, KuCoin is one of the only exchanges
to offer its users peace of mind by fully insuring them and put the security
of one's own funds in the hands of users, and this shows that KuCoin has learned
from its past exchange hacks, meaning the exchange doesn't have
to be trusted now with user funds.

So as far as margin trading, on KuCoin, you can margin or leverage trade
up to 100X on a number of different cryptos. But remember to use safe leverage. Just because 100X is there, it doesn't mean that you're actually
supposed to use it. This is especially true for beginner traders. You will get wrecked. Higher leverage is a tool for experienced traders only. Stick to low leverage and move up, if you must. One of the few exchanges to have
a legitimate trading bot is KuCoin. It's important to mention that though bot trading
is a strategy that's something for advanced users, and as always, only put in money that
you're willing to lose into the bot. You never know exactly what will happen. KuCoin also has an IEO platform
where promising projects can launch crowdfunding
for launching a token project. We also have KuCoin's lending platform, something else that sets it apart
from most crypto exchanges besides Binance who also has a similar program. But Americans can't trade on Binance.

KuCoin allows customers to lend cryptos to other
users with varying interest rates to earn yield. The lender has the ability to fill in
details of the loan amount and the daily interest rate that
the borrower has to pay. This interest rate can range from 0 to 0.2%. The lend terms are anywhere between
7 days, 14 days, or 28 days. If users fail to pay in 28 days, they default. Finally, KuCoin allows users to trade futures of
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano and BNB contracts with, once again, up to 100X leverage. Of course, as I said before, don't use 100X, or I will find you and hunt you
every day of your life saying "REKT" like the ghost of BitMEX's Arthur Hayes. KuCoin is a full packaged platform with numerous
options for users to participate in its ecosystem. From staking to lending to trading,
KuCoin has it all. If you want to sign up for KuCoin
and test out the platform, you can do so with a link down
below in the comment section or visit
and scroll down to the exchange section to sign up for KuCoin.

Last but not least, at the heart of KuCoin's platform
is the coin KCS, KuCoin Shares. According to KuCoin CEO Michael Gan, KCS is the key to the entire KuCoin ecosystem, and it will also be the native asset on
KuCoin's decentralized financial services as well as the governance token
of the KuCoin community. KuCoin discussed their roadmap for 2021 and beyond
in a blog post on Medium published in early February, and it looks very interesting
where things are heading to. But one thing about KuCoin for sure is it's got the most
low cap gems on any centralized exchange that I know of, and I use it all the time. KuCoin is a great site
and a great user experience. And once again, thank you to KuCoin
for sponsoring this video. If you guys want to sign up for KuCoin, you can check out the link down
below in the description or head on over to and sign up.

Alright, guys. That's all we got for this video,
but drop your comments down below on what you think about KuCoin. Be blessed. BitBoy out..

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