Once again, another veteran crypto investor
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KuCoin is the world’s largest crypto exchange
by trade volume and is currently headed by Johnny Lyu. Now, as it turns out, Lyu is a major SHIB
fan and has revealed that he has no intention whatsoever of selling off his SHIB holdings
any time soon, regardless of the price dips. In fact, he predicts that SHIB is poised to
continue rallying far into the future. In an interview with MarketWatch, Lyu explained
why there will be an ever-increasing demand for cryptocurrencies like Shiba Inu. Judging from activity on his exchange, commonly
referred to as the People’s Exchange, Lyu explains that millennials, who form the powerhouse
of the exchange, seem very passionate about meme coins. The reason for this is not far-fetched. Everyone would love a slice of the delicious
Bitcoin pie.

However, it is now far too expensive and out
of reach for most retail investors which form KuCoin’s target demographic. Meme coins like Shiba Inu provide a wonderful
alternative for such investors. Though cheaply priced, these tokens are still
offering sizable returns to investors when compared to Bitcoin and other mainstream crypto
assets. In his words,
Seeing Bitcoin’s rise, some younger investors without a lot of money want to profit from
crypto as well. You’d need over $60,000 to buy one bitcoin. So, they turn to Dogecoin and SHIB, where
you buy tons just $100. The trend in the crypto market seems to be
changing these days.

In the distant past, we used to see investors
focus on expensive crypto assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, these days, there appears to be a
shift in investors’ crypto purchase patterns to lower-priced tokens like Shiba Inu. This comes at a time when Bitcoin is growing
to become less and less volatile. Hence, chances of retail investors ever making
sizable returns by investing have also fallen alongside. Meanwhile, Shiba Inu is still doing some magic.

On KuCoin, for instance, the token was able
to pull a trading volume that tripled that of Bitcoin for three days straight! So, you can probably understand the confusion
of the SHIB Army when it turns out that KuCoin is now sabotaging Shiba Inu. The entire Shiba Inu subreddit and Twitter
have been on fire with numerous calls for SHIB holders to boycott KuCoin. Anway, what happened? Well, turns out KuCoin sent out an advertising
email to its users encouraging them to short Shiba Inu for a prize. We got notified about it when someone first
shared the photo on Twitter and trust me when I say it is ugly. The email reads
Trade SHIB Contract.

Win a Prize of 15,000 USDT. Dear valued KuCoin User,
SHIB/USDT price decreased by 34.6% last week. If you short $1000 with 5x leverage, now it
will be worth $2730. Go to the SHIB contract, profit more from
the market fluctuation and share a reward pool of $5000 now. It appears untrue, but it is very true. KuCoin is encouraging its users to short Shiba
Inu. Now, here’s what’s interesting. There was a new major investor that recently
came into KuCoin, called Torum.

We don’t know just how much money they actually
put in but they are considered one of the two lead investors of KuCoin. And it gets even more interesting when you
discover that Torum and Shiba Inu are essentially competitors in a similar niche. From their recent social media activity, they
have really been touting their partnership with KuCoin and some experts are of the opinion
that this is a deliberate ploy to take the shine away from Shiba Inu. They also predict that KuCoin’s next move
might be to advertise Torum a lot on their platform, somewhat like a replacement for
Shiba Inu. If you’re very familiar with the market,
then you probably recognize this for what it is: textbook manipulation. But the SHIB Army is a very strong community
and if we come together, we should be able to fight this and end this manipulation.

So, guys, when you watch this video, make
sure you play your part and share this video so this gets more awareness. If more people know about this and call them
out, then we might be able to put an end to this. That said, Shiba Inu continues to grow regardless
of KuCoin’s manipulation. In fact, some analysts believe that Shiba
Inu has a shot at overtaking Dogecoin this weekend. Benzinga reports,
On Friday, Shiba Inu was looking more bullish than Dogecoin and if Shiba Inu can hold above
its trendline break, the crypto may be in for a run over the weekend. On Thursday, Shiba Inu broke up bullishly
from a descending trendline that has been holding the crypto down since October 28.

On Friday, although Shiba Inu was trading
about 8% lower, the crypto appeared to be backtesting the trendline as support. The backtest of the level was taking place
much lower than average volume, which indicates consolidation is taking place. By Friday afternoon, Shiba Inu’s volume
stood at 4.83 trillion compared to the average 10-day volume of 14.66 trillion. The summary of this technical analysis is
that the longer-term market sentiment for Shiba Inu is bullish. And if the token gets big bullish volume to
push it beyond its current resistance level, Shiba Inu might be able to trade back up toward
a price of $0.00006387.

Analysts from FXEmpire also support this analysis. In an article published on Friday, November
12, they report, The ZHIB/USD 4-hour chart is currently bullish,
with the MACD and RSI indicators showing strong buying signals amongst investors. If SHIB continues with its current rally,
then it could top the $0.00006 level over the coming hours. Crossing the $0.00006 psychological level
would set SHIB up for higher gains. However, for SHIB to rally towards the $0.00007
level, it would need the support of the broader cryptocurrency market.

So, I hope this news cheers you up a little,
considering that SHIB has been in something of a slump for a while, leaving SHIB fans
quite unhappy. Anyway, there’s more good news on the way. And we are getting to that in the second half
of this video. But before then, here’s some news you’d
like to hear. This channel has a daily giveaway of 100,000
SHIB. For a chance to participate in this giveaway,
all you have to do is be subscribed to this channel, like this video, and comment #ShibaInu. Good luck! Alright, like I said, we’ve got good news. Gemini now supports Shiba Inu! The exchange announced it on its blog on Friday,
November 12.

Gemini has now made SHIB available for trading
on its platform along with a range of new DeFi, metaverse, infrastructure, and data
management tokens. By the way, Gemini is a privately owned cryptocurrency
exchange that allows users to buy, sell, trade, and securely store Bitcoin, Ether, and about
40 other cryptocurrencies. It was launched in 2015 by Cameron and Tyler
Winklevoss. The exchange distinguishes itself from its
rivals by stressing that it is licensed and regulated by the New York State Department
of Financial Services. It has even obtained insurance for its customers’
crypto assets. Gemini is a direct competitor with the likes
of Binance and Coinbase.

Although the numbers have not been updated
in a while, as at last count, Gemini was said to have about 13.6 million users which means
that Shiba Inu will be getting massive exposure from this listing. Now, barely 24 hours after Gemini accepted
Shiba Inu, it’s also been announced that SHIB will be coming to India’s first crypto
unicorn with 3.5 million users, CoinDCX. Before now, SHIB was only available in the
trade-only mode. CoinDCX is India’s largest crypto company
and was also the first to reach unicorn status in the country. If you don’t know what that means, it means
that CoinDCX has a valuation of over $1 billion. It earned unicorn status after raising $90
million in a funding round led by a venture capital fund created by Facebook co-founder
Eduardo Saverin, B Capital.

The company is looking to onboard 50 million
users throughout India. And right now, it has been able to amass 3.5
million active users. This bodes well for Shiba Inu as it gives
the token more exposure to its target audience, wich are small scale retail investors. And India has tons of such investors, by the
way. Finally, SHIB looks like it will be getting
more use cases soon. Check out this tweet from Crhis Lencheski
We are seriously considering taking SHIB for payments with Prinstant Replay products. Would be first major online sports licensing
company to do so. Will only do so if we see strong support from
the SHIB Army and host of other SHIB holders… Let us know? RT if you agree.

By the way, Chris Lechenski is the CEO of
Winning Streak Sports LLC. I checked out the company’s LinkedIn profile
and it says that Winning Streak Sports is a leading licensed premium hard goods product
in professional sports and entertainment. The company has long-standing relationships
with all the big leagues in the world of sports including the NFL, the NBA, the MLB, the NHL,
as well as major football clubs like Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, and the Mexican national
team. So, this is a good opportunity for SHIB in
my opinion. Any legit opportunity to get SHIB some utility
is indeed welcome. So, make sure you show some support. Lechenski’s tweet already has over 2000
retweets. We can definitely raise those numbers.

Anyway, thanks for checking out today’s
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