SafeMoon hit its all time high on May 12 this
year and since then, it’s kinda been stuck in a slow downtrend. As a SafeMoon holder, you’ve probably been
wondering where we go from here. But a finance expert has done the math and
what he found out might shock you. Make sure to watch this video to the end if
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Alright, let’s get straight into the video. Before we get to the price prediction, a few
updates about SafeMoon. First, we start with this interesting post
from the official SafeMoon Twitter that says #SAFEMOON OR 50K LIKES WE STOP USING CAPS”
All in caps. If we hit 1 million… marketing will “consider”
not using caps. Again, all in caps. Apparently, SafeMoon’s marketing team considered
this a funny way to poke fun at themselves and get likes on the post. You’ve probably noticed how posts from the
official SafeMoon twitter account are always in all caps. Something considered a bit of a faux pas in
internet conversation as it sends the message that the person is shouting. From the looks of the post, whoever posted
from the account was going for a funny/trolling sort of post. Certain members of the community, though,
weren’t having any of it as they found this approach unprofessional. MartiniBoi27 says, For real, sometimes these kinds of posts from
the official SafeMoon twitter account makes me feel ashamed. We need a more professional approach on a
1-million-follower Twitter. SafeMoon is for long term investors interested
in project development, not kids trying to pump money on funny meme tokens.

The house, however, does seem to be divided
as there are those who think the marketing team were just trying to have some fun and
there wasn’t anything wrong with having a little fun. In fact, some consider it a unique way to
create an identity on social media. M1kael233 says, The way they are handling Twitter is sort
of like creating their own identity. I think it’s deliberate to be honest. Think of it this way. Have you seen how McDonalds, KFC, BurgerKing
have been handling their social media in the past couple of years in a more fun/trolling
way? That is what separates them from the rest.

If you are too professional, it feels like
you are talking to a company. But if you lighten up it’s like you are
speaking to a person on the other side. Just my two cents. The back and forth in the community was rife. But, in the end, it seems the marketing team
agreed with those who said the approach was unprofessional and deleted the post. This, however, led to another controversy
as some felt like deleting posts sent the message that the team did not know what it
was doing. Anyway, what are your thoughts? Too unprofessional or just right? Well, let me know in the comment section. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Alright, moving on. There’s going to be an AMA this Sunday,
August 22. Jack Haines posted this on his twitter a couple
of days ago. Good morning #SAFEMOONARMY! We’d love to get your questions for this
week’s SafeMoon Sunday. So if you have anything you’d like to ask,
please post it below.

If you’ve got any question that has been
bugging you about SafeMoon, go to Jack’s twitter and post your questions and make sure
you’re at the AMA on Sunday. So, tell your friends, tell everyone you know. AMA is on Sunday. One more update before we get to the price
predictions. What is V2 coming out in September? We should hear more about it this SafeMoon
Sunday. So, you probably already saw the video where
SafeMoon clearly laid out the roadmap for the rest of the year. One of the points mentioned is that V2 will
be released in September. And a lot of people have wondered what V2
is. Well, this is going to be explained in depth
at the Sunday AMA.

So, make sure you’re there. All the same, here’s a short explanation
that might help. Robot-Will explains, V2 is the updated new Smart Contract. It will be a new token contract that will
need to be audited again. V2 doesn’t have any in-depth announcements
about it yet. John said there deserves to be a whole SafeMoon
Sunday dedicated to it. Expect to hear more on SafeMoon Sunday on
the 22nd! If you want to find out more about V2 and
I’m sure you want to, then make sure you’re there on August 22. Alright, time for us to get to the juicy part. Crypto analyst, who has been monitoring the
prices of SafeMoon has come up with three reasons SafeMoon’s price will more than

This is truly exciting news for investors
and HODLers everywhere. So, without further ado, let’s get into
the report. It might get a little technical but I’ll
try to simplify it as much as possible. Alright. So, we’ve seen three lower highs and four
lower lows since May 21. Now, by connecting these swing points with
the use of trend lines, we notice a falling wedge pattern that predicts a 77% upswing. You get that by measuring the distance between
the first swing high and low. If we follow through on this uptrend, then
we can expect a significant surge in SafeMoon’s current prices.

Nevertheless, in spite of this, SafeMoon still
hasn’t exactly displayed a bullish momentum. In fact, it crashed 25% after its breakout
on August 6. Interestingly, though, SafeMoon behaved in
a similar pattern in April and saw a 443% upswing in about three days or less. So, we can expect a similar pattern of behavior
this time around as well. A bullish reaction that will push prices upward
by a significant margin. Another reason SafeMoon’s prices are set
to soar shortly is the Relative Strength Index. Now, in recent times, the Relative Strength
Index has slipped below the oversold zone at 30. And when there’s a dip below 30, it’s
an indicator that investors are booking profit which typically leads to a sell-off. From history, we know that SafeMoon has hit
this level four times in the past. And each time this happened, SafeMoon’s
value increased by 25% to 55%. Now, if you combine this observation with
the wedge pattern we mentioned first, it gives us another reason to expect SafeMoon’s price
to continue to rally as it pushes towards double its current value.

One final reason SafeMoon’s price is set
to double? Well, it is none other than the release of
the SafeMoon wallet and the bridges, both EOS and WAX. The analyst predicts that the launch of these
two products should catalyze the already bullish technicals we talked about earlier which should
cause SafeMoon’s prices to double in value. But if you want to find out how exactly this
will happen, watch this video..

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