Top Blue Chip Altcoins with Most Potential in September 2021! (Best Cryptocurrency Investments)

all right welcome back everybody to altcoin daily 
where you subscribe because you're interested in   making money with cryptocurrency and this 
channel keeps you informed my name's austin   in today's video i'm gonna go over the blue 
chip altcoins which i feel really have solid   potential into september and keep in mind when 
i say potential i'm not talking about price   price could do anything i'm not a financial 
advisor so make your own decisions but what i   am talking about is fundamentals are we seeing the 
progress and what does that progress tell us about   the future of these projects so like always check 
the timestamps down below in the video description   and while today we are focusing on high caps in a 
future video we will be focusing on the mid caps   and the low caps so hit subscribe and click the 
bell notification so you see this information   first so first altcoin on our list xtz rallies 
another 11 percent as swiss firms tapped tezos   for a new token standard so this is major and just 
as a reminder for what tezos is launched in 2018   tezos is a proof-of-stake platform that allows 
developers to create dapps powered by smart   contracts so it's a more scalable version of 
ethereum it's it's like a polka dot it's a leica   cardano it's like an eos additionally tezos 
puts a strong focus on the governance model   to ensure that token holders are actively 
involved in the decision making progress   and honestly a lot of tokens have their own 
unique spin on the governance components of a   smart contract platform but when we start to see 
the adoption that's a whole different ball game   the uptick in price comes after a group of 
swiss-based blockchain and financial companies   specifically crypto finance group incorp bank and 
enacta selected the tezos blockchain as a partner   to provide compliant digital financial products 
and this is a big green flag for tesla's holders   the collaboration resulted in the development and 
introduction of a new tezos token standard for   asset tokenization dubbed dar-1 dar1 is based on 
the existing tezos fa2 token standard and enables   smart contract functionality which we expect 
required to support financial markets activity   ranging from anti-money laundering compliance 
to asset governance interesting so it seems   they're carving out their own little niche 
a tezos token standard to specifically work   with those financial bodies and institutions that 
need some sort of compliance in a joint statement   crypto finance group encore bank and enacta said 
that the main reason they chose tezos was because   its on-chain governance allows upgrades 
without disrupting or splitting the network   hey and i get it that is one of the value props of 
tezos and these companies see value in it incorp   bank also announced that it would become the first 
b2b bank in switzerland to launch institutional   grade trading storage and staking services for the 
tezos network offering its institutional customers   new yield earning products so tezos 
holders give me your thoughts down below   i'll keep you updated next altcoin making splash 
and this is worth mentioning enterprise public   blockchain v chain pushes a 1 million dollar 
usd grant program and while this was hinted at   it was announced a few weeks ago the information 
we have today clinches it they are coming out with   enterprise nfts or enfts specifically for 
the enterprise non-fungible token ecosystem   so check this out as they say in their 
press release as the world's preeminent   enterprise public blockchain vechain's mission 
has always been to drive innovation disruption   and digitalization through the application of 
blockchain technology at mass scale and standing   at the forefront of blockchain mass adoption the 
v chain research team has raised the idea of the   next game changer for the industry the enterprise 
nft enft enterprise non-fungible token ecosystem   so they're saying that nfts clearly not 
going away and to carve out their niche to   gain mass adoption for their blockchain they're 
specifically focusing on an enterprise ecosystem   as a key player in the real business world 
enterprises will be the main driving force   behind the mass adoption of nft technologies and 
as such the best way to facilitate this adoption   is to develop and support a vibrant enft 
ecosystem using the v chain thor platform   and how are they going to do this to achieve this 
goal vechain has committed 1 million dollars usd   to fund a brand new vechain grant program and by 
applying for this grant not only will you get a   head start in resources for starting a project or 
business but your work on dapps nfts and d5 on v   chain thor will also contribute to the development 
of the enft ecosystem so v chain holders sound   off below i will be on the lookout to see which 
enterprises choose to join this new enft ecosystem   and as i get that info i will make a video i 
will keep you updated altcoin number three the   ethereum foundation has just secured another 
1.5 million dollars in donations to support   its network upgrade efforts of course the upgrade 
they're talking about is ethereum 2.0 and why this   matters to you is because this is showing us that 
the entire crypto ecosystem or at least many many   key players are donating money and resources to 
support the success of this major eth upgrade six   crypto entities including major exchange kraken 
as well as decentralized finance protocols uniswap   and the graph have donated 250 000 each to the 
efforts around upgrading the ethereum blockchain   now how will this be used the 1.5 million dollar 
donation will support the execution layer teams   working on technical upgrades to achieve ether 2.0 
and it's not just kraken it's not just the graph   it's not just uniswap also donations are being 
made by d5 protocols compound lido and synthetics   i love this this shows many many of the top 
players in the industry different cryptocurrencies   coming together to support ethereum 2.0 being a 
success for all you technical people out there   the five ethereum clients that will receive this 
funding are basu aragon geth nethermind and nimbus   and ethereum's goal is to lessen the risk 
associated with the network's over-reliance on a   single entity so that is something we can all get 
behind aetherium always has been a top altcoin to   watch in my opinion this cycle and they're still 
making progress into september and keep in mind   the history and the trust is still on ethereum 
and that's not going away major financial giant   visa buys a crypto punk and to do that they 
had to own eth in a direct tweet from them   over the last 60 years visa has built a 
collection of historic commerce artifacts   from early paper credit cards to the zip 
zap machine today we enter a new era of nft   commerce visa welcomes crypto punk 7610 to 
our collection they paid 150 000 in ethereum   for this little guy right here and moving forward 
before we get to cardano and a few other altcoins   i do want to give a 60 second shout out to sponsor 
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bitcoin back check it out link down below   next altcoin that just took a major step forward 
is cosmos bitcoin is coming to cosmos with   inter btc so just as a reminder think of cosmos 
like a polka dot meaning they're aiming to be   the internet of blockchains really focusing 
on interoperability allowing different chains   to communicate with each other and bringing 
bitcoin to cosmos was always part of the plan   with the latest grant by the interchange 
foundation icf to interlay the developers of inter   btc that goal just got one step closer so here are 
the details in terms of how cosmos is different   how cosmos is connecting all these different 
chains launched in february 2021 the protocol   the inter-blockchain communication protocol or ibc 
is the cosmo standard for allowing any two chains   to communicate share liquidity and functionality 
and transfer tokens and other data within the   cosmos ecosystem and once they use their ibc 
protocol to connect the chains users like you and   me can manage all their crypto assets and balances 
cross chain from within one intuitive and simple   interface and as more ibc enabled chains are added 
the utility and popularity of cosmos defy grows so   give me your thoughts down below with cosmos 
aiming to be that central hub of blockchains   this does bring us one step closer and just for 
some perspective bitcoin on cosmos will bring deep   liquidity to the cosmos ecosystem and greatly 
increase the utility and scope of cosmos defy   don't count cosmos out they are definitely making 
progress as a coin to watch and next up an altcoin   with a huge community just got bigger what kind of 
impact will japan have on ada cardano sees japan   listing after passing strict crypto regulatory 
checks so japan is saying cardano is regulatory   okay with them cardano will be launched on the 
25th of august and get listed in japan and why   is that significant well japan much like the us 
much like europe has one of the most demanding   listing criterias worldwide and cardano's 
native coin ada has finally been authorized   and cardano now joins the bitcoins the ethereums 
the litecoins or what japan feels is regulatory   okay for their citizens to invest in and even 
to put ada more into perspective versus eth   when somebody asks you why ada and not eth show 
them this so this is comparing bitcoin to cardano   to ethereum in terms of market cap in terms of 
real actual volume in terms of transactions in   terms of active addresses and also network fees 
what do you notice well first off while cardano   obviously has a much lower market cap than the 
other two it's actual real on chain volume pretty   similar to the other two that's a good sign 
transaction volume at least that day when the   screenshot was taken cardano is beating ethereum 
now obviously this is subject to change but the   important thing is that even though on that 
day cardano transactions were beating ethereum   notice how the fees on cardano much much lower in 
comparison this is 52 000 compared to 22 million   significant something to note that is the video 
my name is austin if a coin was not on your list   hopefully it makes the mid cap or low cap coins 
in a future video but like always see you tomorrow

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