Top Bitcoin Exchange Shutdown? (2021 Bill Makes Crypto Illegal!)

this video is gonna rile some people up a lot we've got big things to discuss is coinbase heading to disaster at warp speed well if some people have their way then coinbase may have to change their name to was base because they might be gone we will be discussing politicians trying to meddle in our crypto world huge news from the world of investing that's super bullish for bitcoin we'll take a closer technical look at the number one coin i'm bullish on right now as crypto window joins us if you're into videos with substance and not just fluff then this one's for you it's raw let's get it bid swap is the hottest new way to trade tokens following all the top decentralized exchanges visible gives you the very best price and value for your trades bit swap is changing the game try it now at bitswap decks dot io welcome to bible crypto my name is ben every day on this channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money make sure to hit that subscribe button also don't forget about our bit boy secret santa event if you or someone you know is in the need of a christmas miracle due to the hardships of 2020 then please send a video of why you need help to santa at and just to reiterate this is not a contest or a giveaway it's about helping those in need we will be accepting videos until december 14th the videos are to make sure we can verify the stories now in this video we're mainly going to focus on people trying to destroy crypto democratic house representatives are back at it trying to ban crypto and i love people in the comments on these videos that have some political leanings they say that democratic politicians love crypto no they hate it cryptocurrency is about liberty and freedom literally the exact opposite of what these people want control and restriction why do you think social media companies are completely aligned with one party makes you wonder sorry libs owned and today we have more evidence of this but listen maybe they can come around maybe they aren't hopeless cases we have more evidence of former bitcoin and crypto haters coming around and turning bullish we'll take a look at some of that here in a few minutes but democratic representatives rashida talaib steven lynch and jesus garcia all signed a letter aimed at the u.s comptroller of the currency brian brooks if you're unaware brooks is a former coinbase executive and attorney who is named by the u.s to oversee all bank regulation in the united states the libs are pissed because brooks has history in the cryptocurrency industry and wants to focus on integrating it into the us infrastructure it's not conjecture they've said this the libs want to restrict your ability to use cryptocurrency because digital payment instruments are a risk according to their statement more like a risk to their ability to control you they know they can't ban cryptocurrency they know they can't ban open source computer code which is what crypto is or at least someone smarter than them has told them that so the usual plan of attack is to restrict what we call fiat on and off ramps basically making it harder for crypto companies such as coinbase from being able to accept usd from credit cards debit cards and bank accounts this can be pretty effective and many countries have tried this already now recently my father-in-law told me his credit union in central georgia shut down all of his coinbase transactions and said that it was fraud to buy crypto we're seeing this happen more and more but the latest democrat plan to shut down coinbase is coming through in the form of a stable coin ban these representatives want to make it illegal for any company or institution to produce their own stable coins without being a bank it's a workaround to punish people who want financial freedom because people who have money are bad orange coin bad and i want you guys to know i vote based on crypto if you're for crypto i'm down with you i love freedom and i believe being able to transact and trade as i wish is the epitome of freedom anyone who comes in between that is my enemy period and these democratic congress reps are my enemies remember that if you live in their districts don't be brainwashed but what are the implications of this letter and what does it mean for stable coins well for one it could destroy brook's former employer coinbase which could be the goal you have to understand they're not a bank they're a crypto institution so this would make their issuance to their stablecoin the u.s coinbase dollar known as usdc possibly illegal this is super important because while stable coins make up less than two percent of all cryptocurrencies they make up for sixty percent of the total trading volume in the market if you're a hodler you don't care about that but if you would rather buy a bottom than be a bottom then this is huge you can't sell tops and buy bottoms without stable coins they are what allow you to move in and out of coins without having to actually trade out of crypto this is beneficial for making the maximum amount of skrilla you know we love that without the ability for traders to effectively trade by removing the coinbase stablecoin usdc the government could effectively kill brian armstrong's company you guys pray for my cousin jkjk coinbase has already recently buckled to the pressure of the u.s commodity futures trading commission or the cftc they bowed to the regulatory gods who arbitrarily determined what we can and cannot do in the trading markets to appease their overlords coinbase removed margin trading from their site in the midst of bitmex getting shut down coinbase didn't want to be unfairly targeted for allowing margin trading now if you're a pro trader and margin trading something you would like to do and get some benefits be sure to check out the premier trading site in the game by bit they're doing a huge 25 bitcoin giveaway for christmas all you have to do is navigate down to the video description we provide the steps and links that you need so make sure to register for a bybet account by visiting and follow the steps seen here margin trading also known as leverage trading is basically making a determination on whether you believe bitcoin will go up or down over over a period of time xrp ethereum and eos can also be traded on by bit make sure to check it out but back to the issues at hand there's actually something much darker and sinister going on than just banning stable coins when we look a little bit deeper at this story we start to smell the stink and it's coming from someone named rohan gray this super douche is an advisor who helped draft this potential stablecoin ban letter and thank you to user aminok on reddit for uncovering this gray's not only advising policy makers to get rid of stable coins though he wants to make it illegal to run decentralized open sourced blockchain nodes who the f do these people think they are oh yeah your overlords just imagine for one second if the georgia runoff election were to result in the democrats taking over president congress and senate they want to ban crypto period this is what we're seeing read the article we're seeing them get more emboldened and desperate to prevent you from being able to maintain privacy and transactions and even to make money and achieve financial freedom for yourselves it's super scary times for crypto coinbase and people taking part in this industry but look it doesn't have to end in crisis it's not too late for these hippies to change their minds we were told six years ago the crypto would never be accepted here's a fun little tidbit of news it's going to be audio giant spotify was recently spotted posting a job listing for someone to help them integrate crypto payments to their platform moy enter asante maybe soon you'll hear me talking to joe rogan about bitcoin and you can pay for your subscription with bitcoin joe call me let's put it on the sked and even crazier news came down yesterday from the dow jones you know one of the largest names on wall street in investing it's launching cryptocurrency indices or is it indexes i think indices is where sharks live dadlife and i can tell you i know a lot of traditional investors out there and they much prefer to invest through traditional instruments instead of jumping into owning their own crypto it's like hieroglyphics for them but they are super interested in this market because as former bitcoin hater morgan stanley made the same proclamation that we've been making here for years in crypto the dollar is crashing it's never been more evident like we needed somebody to tell us that but speaking of other things i've been telling you about over and over again yf die a project i'm an advisor for had been on a tear lately until the market overall dropped today i've been telling you guys about the crazy fundamentals for yf die the things off the charts but today i want to get into the technicals with superstar influencer and youtuber crypto window yo wendy hope you're well thanks for joining us today first and foremost tell me what is going on with the technicals for yf die thanks for having me back bitboy and shout out to the bit squad so today we're going to take a look at yfdai this particular project i am bullish on fundamentally and ta ta-y's team is pretty solid they're doing a lot of really great things in the space anyways let's talk about the potential price action because there could be some buying opportunities coming up before we smash all-time high so all-time high was here at about thirty two hundred dollars and we are currently testing the ema nine and about twenty six hundred dollars here and this is the daily chart however it's looking a little bit weak taking a look at the macd we completed the bear cross um around november 30th december 1st so it's looking a little bit bearish price could go ahead and actually fall to about 2 300 which normal corrections are good this is good considering that we hit a pretty high area about 3 200 so taking a look at the four hour chart let's see what's going on for our chart is also pretty bearish so we've completely been pushed down by the ema 9 and the ema 21 underneath the ema 50 and we are on our way to about four hundred dollars twenty four hundred dollars breaks take a look at the ema two hundred and about two thousand dollars two thousand dollars actually looks like a decent area of support considering current price action let's go back to the daily chart so you guys we want to chase red candles that's the most important thing to kind of take from this this bottom support area about two thousand dollars would be where this wic came down and dropped on november 25th but let's go ahead and pull out our fibs and talk about price discovery because i do believe that we will eventually break all time high of 3 200 so i'm gonna pull it from the top to the bottom yes i do my fibs a little bit differently than other people but that's what i do so anyways they're all symmetrical all right so taking a look at all-time high all-time high is about 3200 um i do think that this move this move actually lines up perfectly with the 0.618 fib at about 2 000 this would be really really nice buying area here reason being let's let price fall let's let it consolidate a little bit at this range and then possibly pop back up and then start to re-test these areas of like 2 500 3 000 and about 3 200 and then we can go ahead and flip overall i do like this project long term yes i absolutely have a bag but right now price is not looking too hot and i actually welcome this correction last time we had a pretty gnarly correction was this area over here back on november 6.

just taking a look at the price range here this was about a fifty percent drop and then again over here if we get back down to this point five fib that's going to be a 35 drop so we're able to go ahead and drop consolidate rebound and pop up and that's what i would like to see with yfdai over the week and possibly over the weekend thanks wendy and as always make sure to go follow cryptowindyo on twitter and subscribe to her on youtube for daily technical analysis and crypto news updates definitely a friend of the channel sheeta bess but tell me guys what do you think about this crazy news coming out of washington drop me a comment down below that's all i got be blessed [Music] you.

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