Top Athletes Bullish On Bitcoin in 2020 (Will eSports Take over Sports?)

hey guys welcome back to beards and bitcoins we are your crypto podcast for the man's man and yes the ladies that love them i'm your co-host jay chains as always joined with me is my compadre my amigo i got to find some other words for you man yeah you use the same hispanic words every week well we're in texas again so it's kind of the theme uh so again we're joined here we're bringing you another episode of the beards and bitcoins crypto podcast very excited to be doing so how have you been uh yeah how have you been ben i've been ben my whole life uh yeah things are going pretty well um you know enjoying life uh you know we just bought a new house we did all kinds of kinds of stuff i've been in a lot of transition looking for life to calm down a little bit uh hopefully by the beginning of next year for me personally but however the price of bitcoin goes up then things might get more out of control than ever so i've been good uh things are good today we're gonna be talking about something that i think is super interesting we're going to be talking about uh the tension between esports and gaming and regular sports and we're also going to be taking a look at some sports figures that are leading the charge in crypto in the united states and beyond so definitely make sure stay tuned for the rest of the episode [Music] okay jay so here is the deal you and me we're regular dudes just a bunch of regular dudes there's one thing that regular dudes love to do more than anything else sports sports when you're a kid you're playing them when you're an adult you're watching them or you may be coaching them if you've got you could always do your softball league your you know your beer leagues or your volleyball leagues we have we have a lot of uh intramural not intramural i guess that's not the right word recreation recreational league sports here in austin so yeah i i love softball um i played you know pretty competitive softball up until i've been playing about three years i think so uh basically when my kids got old enough to really start playing sports that's when i kind of you know you kind of got to put the focus on them so maybe i'll do a senior league one day but the point is is that we're sports guys we got our teams we'll talk about our teams a little bit later um i think we were supposed to wear shirts for this episode i brought a i brought a bears jersey for this episode yeah and you didn't wear it i didn't wear it you were supposed to have a falcons dream i bought a brave shirt at the airport and it's in my bag currently so who knows before the end of this episode the shirt may come off i hope just leave your shirt on please okay so you know here's the thing there's now attention being created and you know blockchain and cryptocurrency uh are the next generation of money well it is esports gaming the next generation of regular sports everything is moving digital and this is very important you'll hear us say this a lot everything is moving digital people are going to have to make money in different ways and when we were growing up who who was your hero growing up my grandpa well besides your grandpa i'm talking about who oh like like an athlete cal ripken junior what love me something you know what i got a terrible story about him though he's such an [ __ ] sorry so i'm like i forget how young i am and so the orioles are playing the white sox i'm a kid i'm just a little guy they play in a night game at comiskey field on the south side of chicago i am so excited i got my because at this point i've been playing t-ball and i'm on the orioles so i got a cal ripken jersey i got the number eight i think that's what his number right yeah so that was me so i was super excited i got my jersey there i want them to sign it after the game they beat the white sox my dad takes me to the uh you know right where they're coming out for the buses he's got four or five beers in his hands and i'm like hey mr ripken autographed autograph he's like basically [ __ ] you little kid and just walks right by me with his beers no autograph i think i burned my jersey the next morning well when you're the iron man and you don't miss a single game you ain't got time for nothing but baseball crushed a little guy's dreams yeah i i hate to hear that i one of my hopes is that like there's never a story about me like that you know where somebody's like oh you know what i saw bit boy on youtube and i saw him at the mall who goes to malls anymore it's not like i'm 94 years old i only go to the mall at 9am with new balances on just to walk the uh the floors yeah but let me tell you i can whip them grannies okay that's another show that's another show but you know the thing is that um you know i don't ever want anybody to meet me and come away with a bad impression right but you know now if i road rage on someone you know that might be a different situation that's happened before okay uh but in terms of like someone walking up to me and being like oh hey you know i watch your channel it's happened to me a few times and i try to always be nice to the people and i think that's really the way you have to be yeah i hate to hear that yeah i mean you know obviously that's a different you know when you're uh i guess an international star like cal ripken was back in the 90s or whenever it was you know it's a little bit different than being a uh a famous tick tocker that makes me really sad uh yeah you're 100 correct i mean i'm certainly not comparing myself but no i know you weren't but but i get the point you know the point really is that you know it's all about being humble and and having a little humility you know especially if you become a public figure you know people look up to you i think showing a little respect it goes a long way i agree 100 yeah until you're right i mean i we've all met celebrities in in in person at some point probably everybody's met a celebrity like randomly or saw him at the store or whatever and you know you might catch him on a bad day you got to think about that too i mean everybody's got a bad day here and there but uh you know you definitely want to reciprocate niceness yeah that's the way i see things so joe carrick and junior was your hero until that fateful night until that night yeah terrible night my hero was probably uh the biggest person i was a real big fan of as a as a kid was king griffey jr i loved ken griffey jr i learned cool fact about ken griffey jr is that him and ken griffey senior are the only father-son combo to ever hit back-to-back jacks in a game wow that's really trivia yeah uh i think they're the only one to be in the same lineup also oh really i think uh now the ripkens there was an older ripken and then there was a brother billy ripken billy ripken yeah i remember billy i remember the dad's name but i think the dad played it was cal ripken senior oh he was you're right yeah because it was cal ripken junior carrick and junior somebody's just kind of like disappeared like nobody knows who he is anymore you know what i'm saying but when we were growing up that was like the dude dude there was like a couple guys in like that who had like you had ryan sandberg ken griffey jr uh man who are some other just huge names uh well i i keep thinking about people on those same teams you know you had jay buener back in the day you had um chipper jones you know mike piazza was a superstar there for a while yeah a lot of good players but these are superstars that were not in crypto right right well they were back in the day yeah we got some people that are some athletes that are into crypto yeah and we're gonna we're gonna discuss that we're gonna go through a list of some different uh some different athletes that are in cryptocurrency and that's important to you and me i think the greater question we gotta answer here is this important to the next generation that's going to be picking up where we left off i don't know if it is we'll talk about that in a second uh but yeah so of course we got first and foremost spencer didn't woody we talk about him a pretty good bit i can't believe we haven't had him on the podcast um but you know he made sure that sports fans got a glimpse of you know crypto when he announced that he was going to tokenize his 34 million dollar uh contract and you know spencer didn't what he when i first heard about him in crypto nobody really knew who he was but he's becoming a you know i won't say he's a star in the nba but for people that watch the nba regularly he's a he's a name they know for sure he's a good player and if you're in crypto twitter he's definitely a star because you know he interacts with people yeah they say when you're in high school the quickest way to get popular is to just like hang out with the kids doing drugs and do drugs with them you know what i'm saying they say the most you know the quickest way to get popular in sports is to come over to crypto because then you're the god of crypto twitter like even if spencer didn't what he wasn't good everybody be like oh my god they're doing with you he's an nba player you know you got 10 10 people frothing at the mouth too oh my god maybe 11 even maybe 11 people so okay so he wanted to tokenize his contract but the nets didn't allow it right i mean the nba didn't allow i think i i don't i can't remember what the ultimate results were of that there was like a like a litigation i think filed a lawsuit or when you say it it sounds like real legal and technical and i'm sure it is but it's not like aggressively suing the nba kind of lawsuit it's just like he's suing the rule that wouldn't allow him to do that because it's his money so but then what you're doing is you're like offering up your money to other investors and i bet there's some kind of weird weird stuff there but nobody's doing more for crypto in sports uh than spencer didn't would you right now he's a guy that really gets it got another basketball player dennis rodman yeah i think when it was he went to uh the trump and kim jong-un summit he was wearing a pot coin shirt i remember that shout out to josh podcoin what's up man uh how is potcoin doing these days is it all-time highs [Laughter] you got me yeah so um yeah definitely remember that that was i mean that whole story was crazy from from top to bottom uh we talked in a previous episode where we went over some celebrities in crypto about richard sherman how he got into bitcoin uh he has been an investor in uh bitcoin litecoin and ethereum uh shout out to my boy r sherm no one calls him that i just made that up but uh or sherm out for the season i think he tore his achilles or his acl so do you think he ever had a perm and people would call him sherm perm or sherm the perm maybe so i can see it permeates shermy i can dig it i can dig it richard sherman i i i man i remember when he went off on michael crabtree in the back of that end zone it was crazy yeah so and we got another football player that was involved in cryptocurrency uh but he actually got scammed oh yes that's right darren mcfadden yeah great arkansas sec running back go dogs so what is it so he got he got ripped off of three million dollars in bitcoin which could have been i think like 200 million something right now from from like his business manager financial manager what a jerk that's what you got to surround yourself with the right people i got one of those right now oh you better watch those bitties i'm gonna have to open the door and see oh my gosh he's on my computer right now he's got your private key one more football player matt barkley he's the uh quarterback for the bills uh similar to what dinwiddie did uh i think he wanted to get his contract paid in crypto but the league uh the league the bills and the bengals said no wow that would really be cool tokenizing the league minimum does he not make money he's a backup he might be third string he barely he hadn't played in years so let me ask you a question i'm going to take us off topic for a second if you had the opportunity to get into the nfl but use just to be on the practice squad yeah uh and so you're the tackling dummy for or locker doesn't sound fun no but you're going to make the league minimum which is what 300 grand yeah i don't know if the scout team makes 300 grand league minimum you have to if you're in the league you're making the middle but you're not you're not on the roster you're not an official player oh no you're you're not just a tackling dummy you're one of the 53 oh you're one you're on yeah you got a jersey your name's on a jersey but you got to get beat up daily by like some well they kind of do the nfl kind of does this and i found out something really interesting i was listening to um pat mcafee do you know who he is no oh yes yes yes just his podcast is getting huge in the world of sports he moved over to mad dog radio on siriusxm i love that guy um he's got a terrible mouth but he keeps it real and i and i like that about him you know um and he actually confirmed what i believe is that a lot of times they will these teams will go and recruit players from other teams to come be their 53rd man strictly because they have information on the team they just left from i mean you'd have to think do they have to sign like ndas and see that was the question that was a question someone asked him and i've always wondered you know i probably could have looked it up but to hear experientially from an nfl player a former nfl player say like uh yeah there ain't no ndas uh if you come to your new team and you don't tell them what was going on with your old team especially if you face them or they're in your division then you're not loyal to your new team and if you got cut you're already borderline players so um it could be a contract issue as well but a lot of times t and i've noticed this you know the falcons have brought in saints players a couple weeks for the games saints have got players that we've cut before we play and then you never hear them they never play you know so they're just there to give the the info what the signs mean some sign stealers you know uh the patriots got in trouble for a lot of that patrick been trouble for a lot of stuff uh but you know these these guys the nfl aren't the only guys in crypto the nba in the nfl uh you have i don't see any baseball players in the list because i mean don't we think the baseball players are like the most behind the times oh yeah i mean they're still drinking budweiser's and putting in copenhagen chews man they don't care about criminals they still think cracker jacks is an appropriate dinner peanuts and cracker jacks and cracker jacks they're wearing the fake tattoos surprise all right so we're talking about global soccer yeah i don't know much about soccer although and some of these names kind of seem familiar lionel messi yeah lionel messi i mean he's the biggest star in the world well he's not very clean he's dirty oh got you once you gotta run mexico situation i guess uh but yeah and then we got other soccer players you guys have all know of him you've all heard of him um didiers roja and ronaldinho you guys know them i've heard of ronaldinho i don't know drug do you know drug about diddy or drug no i don't know if they're not on the atlanta united i got no clue who they are so the didier guys from ivory coast i don't even know what that means yeah well probably maybe they were are there elephants in africa rhinoceroses rhinoceroses yeah african elephants there are yeah but elephants are mostly in uh asia i think aren't they like in india uh so there's two kind there's asian um and then indian elephants i believe and it has to do like with their ears they're shaped like someone's big and then one's shaped a little bit different that's how you can tell the difference off continent of the elephants i do know that i learned that from my wife i actually learned when we were in disney world about rhinoceros is a similar thing you only have two kinds you have the black rhino and the i forgot in the white rhino the black one is the one that's like super endangered or extinct right i can't remember which ones which but the long and short of it is is the only reason why the black one is called a black rhino is because it was just a mistranslation of a word like into english um and so they've been calling it the wrong thing and nothing black about it it's gray it's gray all rhinos are gray well gray is a mix of black and white if you take two paints yeah but i'm saying like they're pretty close in color right so why would you call one black or whatever i get that but the most important thing about like this soccer takeaway is that there's only a few soccer players in there but if you guys are watching headlines i mean you're starting to see a lot of soccer clubs are taking on sponsorships from cryptocurrency so you'll see them like along the digital dash oh yeah you're right yeah we've seen the bitcoin advertised all around there um that's the the merging of the digital and the physical very interesting um yeah so and then you know those are big teams you guys may have heard of if you're into soccer juventus roma i've even heard of these ones uh paris saint-germain uh benfica i don't know what that is west ham united west i'm united um yeah i don't care where my ham is from as long as it's pig you know i we're there's two places where i'd like to get ham from iberico okay and then there's an italian one i forget is poor shoot it for sure yeah it is in it yeah prosciutto de parma that's what it is in in parma italy can you say that again i love it oh so this weekend i was actually at a cousin's wedding and i come from an italian side uh so it's all my italian uncles and everybody and i learned and i love sparkling water but i learned how to say it in italian how you say it agua mineral de gasi wow italian is a weird language it's basically like spanish but a little different that's the thing it's kind of like you know like i got a big problem with people from england and canadians sorry guys you're too much like me but too different from me too and it scares me oh sorry yeah how about that yeah i i can't handle it cheerio like pit pip yeah bloody might oh and you know i got i i just brought a new uh brit into my household yes little puppy dog so he's the only british thing i allow and i'm kind of being tongue-in-cheek here about my thing with british people and canadians but it is weird the way that they're so close like you go to those places there's so many things that are so similar but it's just these little things are off and it's like you're living in an alternate universe that's how it is in canada for sure i haven't actually been to england but i would assume it's like that it's just like what you see on the movies i bet i've not been either but i can only imagine it's just like the movies i was in canada last year and it just confirmed everything that i had remembered from the last time i was in canada when i was uh much younger uh so yeah the we also have iron mike tyson you guys know mike tyson we talked about him a lot here um he invested into uh some mike tyson bitcoin atms in 2015.

Uh he's actually been like a victim of uh where projects have tried to use his name for clout and he's like i have nothing to do with that project i don't know why they're using there was a big like mike tyson coin or something um i remember that i love with his uh with his bitcoin atm thing there's a quote mike tyson's fastest knockout in the ring was 30 seconds but the mike tyson bitcoin atm can turn your cash into bitcoin in under 20. i wish i could say that like they call me an animal real quick i saw a lady uh using a bitcoin atm in my local gas station and every time i see somebody using that thing they're the sketchiest looking people i've ever seen like she was she was there like i wanted to like i was curious what she was doing over there like when she buying bitcoin she's buying litecoin like like hey you know i do cryptocurrency for a living you know but every time they're there they look like they don't want anybody to see them it's like a that would make sense yeah i don't know because you could do that i mean you could go i know that they kyc with a phone number on most of them but you could just get a burner phone so you don't have to like say who you are you have to put your license on that's so stupid yeah like coin flip and all that most of them now you do yeah all the ones i've seen i think coin flip is the one no i think bitcoin depot is the only one that i've used so uh but let's let's bring it up let's bring it back bring it back here so we're gonna talk about esports yeah so here's the question we grew up with real athlete heroes you know who my kids heroes are ninja what's that he is the number one most well-known video gamer he makes like millions of dollars a month playing fortnite and other games i guess probably too mikey so how does that happen do people just pay to watch you play video games youtube you just watch them stream on or twitch you watch them stream on twitch okay yeah and of course you've got sponsorships and and all kinds of things like that and the question is with the pandemic going on i can tell you the braves uh you know been in the playoffs and i wasn't as interested in baseball as i have in previous years even though the braves were in contention when it comes to football football is the closest to normal i think because they're doing a great job of not showing the stands right when they do show the stands totally weird like green bay lambo with nobody in there what am i watching a practice because i have a sci-fi movie you know uh nba like i'm a huge lakers fan like i love the lakers i could care less this year and it's not for me personally it's not like about the political stuff it's just like i can't wrap my mind around like this is just some dudes playing in a gym this is not like it's not a game it's not a it's like nba games and experience yeah maintaining that whole point there's no home court advantage we were talking about something that there was a uh a team that was to you know took it upon themselves because they were paying playing the the boos and the cheers and all stuff so it's definitely one-sided where you know the home team's experiencing nothing but cheers but when the visiting team's doing something they're getting booze and razzed and you know we're pumping up the defense which you know what's what's that is that is that the right thing to do is it give you i mean because if it was in a game where you had fans you know you would have that advantage of having your hometown crowd yeah it's i mean i guess it's a slight advantage but the the noise level they're pumping in isn't nearly as loud as real people would be you know that's a good point maybe real people at you know falcons again because there's only seven of us but dirty birds oh can we we should talk about that real quick yeah it's not good not good uh but we'll talk about that here in a second uh when the bears played the falcons his team versus my team uh yeah i i don't think we need to talk about it honestly uh it was a miserable experience for me we were up by you know 16 points in the fourth quarter and we did what falcons do and we lost and i was so sure that we were going to win just like every time they rug pulled me you know you were trash talking and everything i was i was ready man once they didn't get a two-point conversion the bears i was like oh they still gotta get two scores this game's over no don't worry the falcons will always invent new ways to lose games so it was a very sad moment in my life uh but you know are esports and gaming taking over are they going to ultimately replace sports no injuries you don't have injuries in esports do you see i know i know a guy my personal trainer at the gym which yes i do go five days a week uh he is a football coach he coaches defensive line for private school and i mean they had a kid he's been in a coma i think he just came out of home after like a week and a half almost died from a brain injury from playing football see i i grew up playing football and uh the the injuries that i have to my body and the pain that i go through almost on a daily basis it's not i wouldn't worry that like if i have a son like i don't want him to play as much as i want him to play and to experience that's where i'm at too we we tried football uh you know it's just like my kids got a good life you know what i'm saying my kids have a really good life they got no reason to want to go out and hit somebody so i get my my oldest son into football and he just doesn't have that like killer instinct that some of the other players on the team had mostly due to the fact that they're having to fend for themselves like in you know a lot of um you know families from lower economic levels uh kids we didn't know if they were getting fed at home actually we knew some of the kids on the team weren't getting fed at home we actually brought them food and drinks from time to time me and my wife did um and you know some of those football players they're just so they just got a lot they got that killer inside they got the killer instinct you know because they have to have it when you're eight years seven or eight years old and you have a killer instinct it's probably not because you're just competitive you know what i'm saying no that's true so i mean my kid's really competitive but like he does here's the best way to say it my kid when we tried to play when we played football for a season he did not want to rip people's throats out he wanted to tackle him and put him on the ground but he's facing up against kids don't want to don't want to rip his throat out you know it it literally literally seven eight years old you know so there's a lot of stuff going on around sports and um reasons why i would predict that at some point in the future we will see uh you know esports taking over and you may not have heard this but the one asset that has outperformed bitcoin over this year is i think it's two separate gaming etfs focused on esports oh wow yeah i think bitcoins up like 30 or 40 for the year and they're up like 60 oh wow so i mean we know gaming i mean gaming as a whole is going to all new levels i mean it's first off like the digital world is upon us right like things are going digital so video games are digital but also like with crypto that's where mass adoption is going to happen especially if that ring if that industry just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger i unfortunately i'm not a video gamer i have i've got real bad adhd i can't sit down and play video games i'm i could watch for like five minutes but then i got to get up yeah so that's not going to be me yeah i hear you and it's weird being in this world of cryptocurrency and having to be up to date on this stuff that i'd like in my regular non-crypto life would have no interest in you know but it's making me more interested in these things but really from an informational perspective and to understand fundamentally how these things fit within the world of cryptocurrency um but yeah i think the whole thing is everything is going digital the way people are making money in the future is going to be drastically different than the way that people are making money now that may be a little tease ooh i like that might be a little tease might have some big news coming up at some point in the very near future so i think that's about it i mean we covered it covered you know athletes and crypto athletes esports gaming gaming are esports and gaming the same thing i have no idea i don't either dang it so in esport is that like everybody getting together watching a bunch of dudes play madden i mean esports to me if i were to put a definition like a non-gamer definition on it i would say like the thing i think about the most tournaments like you play tournaments you know like fortnite has a big thing because my kids play it my kids have never actually played in the little tournaments they have but you know they kind of have like little it's like a giant tournament giant playoffs you know where you qualify to get to the maybe in real life tournaments down the road you gotta like constantly level up and beat all these people and then you get to the next level whatever it is that's esports i think when people are getting sponsorships that's esports when people are playing uh when someone is well i was gonna say like there's a guy that's always trying to beat speed records for different like nintendo games pretty fun to watch like mario we just like done in like five minutes or less i think i've seen that yeah i don't know is that any sport because like it's competition we're trying to get a world record i guess it could probably do you get a guinness book of world record if you can meet beat mario fastest look just booker world record is a scam bro why because it's not like it's a definitive list of every record in the world like people just make it up like i just saw i just saw one the other day where there's this dude he uh he's a handicap guy and he's in a wheelchair and he just set like the land speed record for the fastest wheelchair and he got a i think again his book of records say yeah exactly so when people do stuff in video games like that like it's that's kind of like the individual sport e games you know like the the tennis if you will the olympic sports i guess not because any well on fortnight you play on a team usually you know like you'll have this thing called squads where you got four people or duos or you got two squads yeah so i i think all this is going to take over the way people are making money now it's going to change uh drastically and i think that you guys need to be paying attention to that because chances are if you're doing a job that is not on the internet or digital that you will not have a job in 10 years yeah yeah well i guess there's only one thing left to say join the practice squad join the practice squad and just keep your gaming and in the interim grow your beards and your portfolios because we're out [Music] you

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