TOP Altcoins to BUY NOW (Market Guide 2021)

welcome to bit boy crypto the largest crypto channel in all the interwebs my name is ben everyday on the channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money and crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button guys today was the largest liquidation in the history of bitcoin let me put this into perspective for you the market lost 300 billion dollars today now at the peak of the bull run in january of 2018 of uh the 2017 bull run in january 2018 the market in one day lost a hundred billion dollars that was generally seen as the absolute top of the market well the only thing is is the top of that market a 100 billion dollar loss was a larger percentage than a 3 billion loss for where it is right now actually the truth is they're about the same but we believe this was a flash crash now i want to talk to you guys about what i've been doing in trading today i've made two very successful trades and then i'm going to be telling you about uh what you guys should be thinking about right now going forward uh somebody asked me today by the way they said what are you planning on doing with all your money like what like are you planning on moving it all over cash selling everything moving it all over to real estate i'm not thinking about it right now i've already told you guys the plan is a dollar cost average out all throughout this bull run but the thing is even after what happened today there's no reason to believe that this was the top of the market now could april end up being a negative month it's certainly possible and i would argue it would be kind of healthy the thing that we don't want to see the thing that seems to be the end of a bull run is if we saw a dramatic following if the price went down to 35 000 or something like that we should really start making plans but let's talk about what i did trading today so basically i've been watching market cipher uh today and i've been watching the green dots i went on the three hour green dot uh i made 0.15 btc on that trade i believe somewhere around there i set my stop loss in profit boom went down made money then i waited for the four hour green dot and boom went down there and it happened now uh so i made another successful trade then i was waiting for the six hour green dot and unfortunately i missed it because i'm just out doing family stuff i was with my kids baseball practice today uh now i'm looking for the eight hour green dot now the eight hour green dot is probably just going to be a small green dot on the momentum wave probably will not actually be a full large scale green dot like we like to see at the bottom of the chart uh which seemed you know that means it's been super bearish and it's time for you know a big bull move and you know the eight hour green dots on the momentum waves are still very strong though so i am watching the chart right now i am watching for that possibly looking for another train injury i decided i'm gonna stop swinging for the fences uh because guys we keep waiting for this massive bitcoin move and we're just not getting it right now when is it gonna come probably when you least suspect it so every time bitcoin has hit a psychological level forty thousand fifty thousand sixty thousand it's always like oh it's about a run to the next ten thousand dollars two thousand dollar level like from 60 to 70 or 60 to 80.

I've certainly certainly been guilty of believing that myself but you guys gotta understand what i'm telling you guys in these videos is the exact same thing that i'm doing personally you guys see it right so i think right now i'm going to start i'm going to give up and this means probably tomorrow it's 1080 i'm going to give up on bitcoin making an absolutely massive run up in a short period of time and i'm going to go back to my old strategy and trading of just getting small wins as they come racking them up stacking them up then over time it leads to big gains uh so that's what i'm doing with trading right now now let me tell you guys what i'm seeing a lot on uh the interwebs right now i'm seeing a lot on youtube so you know a lot of people saying that altcoin season is over and you guys got to understand when we talk about altcoin season there's many different levels and layers to altcoin season what we just saw for the last week is a massive run-up now you got to keep in mind dogecoin is doing something different than we've seen other coins do now why is that because the dogecoin investors right now are not your average bitcoin and crypto investors uh that's why they're not shaken by the price of bitcoin somebody commented today in my research group that said how crazy would it be if dogecoin were to pass bitcoin would never happen but it would certainly uh would be funny if that happened and i tell you what that might be the beginning of the end but let's talk about how you should be handling all coins right now i'm gonna tell you what all coins i've really got my eye on uh and which ones or which strategy you should be looking at so personally right now uh i'm looking at buying more v chain i'm looking at uh maybe adding some dogecoin possibly just for the sake of adding some again and uh i'm looking at uh binance coin and polka dot specifically right now it's two coins i'm looking to add now i would add those for completely different reasons okay buying its coin i would add because it has just been absolutely massively ripping lately and now it's had a large retracement uh and not super large not like out of context for the dip that we just had but it's shown a lot of momentum so now that it's dipped you can expect those coins like binance coin ethereum especially uh to have really really really hard rebounds v chain on the other hand is kind of a different uh or excuse me polka dots kind of a different strategy where polka dot is a coin that has not been doing super great lately compared to the binance coins and the ethereums uh of the world and the dogecoins of the world but it's down massively today so it's down much more percentage-wise than many other coins and so since polka dot is down 15 i think today is a great day probably gonna add about another six figures maybe two or three hundred thousand dollars worth of polka dot i've got this money sent in an account i've been itching to to move it to something i think probably today is the day to do that now if you want to take advantage of any of these tips that i've given you guys or any of the trading uh strategies i've gone over with you of course can head on over to deals scroll down to buy bit if you want to sign up for binance or binance us or any exchange for that matter we've got all that stuff uh for you right there so um i didn't think today was a good day for me to just put out some kind of you know seven o'clock video tonight that's pre-recorded scripted whatever i know a lot of you guys are hurting a lot of people have been wrecked uh today but guys you just got to learn use those stop losses don't get over leveraged and you just can't sleep on the markets i mean sometimes they're going to make massive moves and remember as i always tell you guys if you're waiting if a massive dump will liquidate you it's always going to eventually happen that's why it's important you take profits along the way all right guys i hope you guys enjoyed this video drop me some comments down below let me know which coins you're planning to add to your portfolio that's all i got be blessed good boy out

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