Top Altcoin of 2021 (Elrond Wins EASY)

smart contract platforms are where the big gains are at and one project has absolutely surged this bull cycle from as low as seven bucks to almost two hundred dollars talking of course about elrond find out if e gold has more room to run or if this is the top let's get it bit swap is the hottest new way to trade tokens crawling all the top decentralized exchanges bizwa will get you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at welcome to bitboy crypto the largest crypto channel in all the interwebs my name is ben every day on this channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money and crypto then make sure to hit that subscribe button today in this video we're gonna be talking about elrond a favorite of the channel it was founded in 2017 by benjamin mitchu lucian michou and lucian today l ron seeks to be the next big smart contract platform and honestly it's already had much success originally launched on binance's launch pad in 2019 e-gold is one of binance's biggest success stories posting a 260x gain from when it was launched elrond's mainnet went live in july last year but it didn't start to gain immense value until december of last year when elrond first started its run into this year surging more than 200 percent in december more than fifteen hundred percent in 2020 since then elrond has surged a shocking two thousand percent more although you may spit out your drink learning how cheap elrond was on january 1st of 2020 at the time elrond's ticker was erd and it was trading around one-fifth of a penny kept dropping until crypto crash on march 13 reaching an all-time low of about 1 20th of a penny yes you heard that right just imagine you would put 500 into elrond as erd at that time in march you'll be able to accumulate almost a million erd tokens erd was later swapped at main net for eagle at the conversion rate of one thousand one therefore you would have had almost a thousand eagle today or a hundred and eighty one thousand dollars for a 500 investment but most people probably didn't do that as they weren't anticipating elrond's main net causing such a big surge even though we had seen it with other projects last year when el run sticker was erd it actually surged 5100 in just four months before the release of the main net elrond was more underground back then and chances are you didn't even hear about the project like you have now elrond once again continued surging this year pulling one of the absolute biggest moves in all of crypto in february in one day elrond was below 100 bucks and it surpassed the 150 levels before its daily close then it opened the next day at 175 only to surge in the beginning of february to around 200 bucks so why am i telling you all this historic price action of l run well it appears that iran's getting ready again to do one of those parabolic moves above 200 after consolidating around 150 bucks for the past few weeks so what makes e-gold so special and so valuable well elrond the internet of skill blockchain borrows from both bitcoin and ethereum by combining the scarcity of bitcoin with a max initial supply a little over 20 million in the smart contract program ability of ethereum lran can handle 15 000 transactions per second and is said to scale into hundreds of thousands due to tests on the test net the eagle token is used as a fee for transactions smart contract interaction rewards and governance on the network the lrun blockchain uses what is called adaptive stake sharding to achieve this throughput and features a consensus mechanism called secured proof of stake lrun is smart contract compatible thanks to what is known as the arwen virtual machine or the avm developers can then write smart contracts using multiple coding languages in the wasm or web assembly compatible vm now without getting too technical because i know you guys don't care about that lrun's adaptive sharding splits transactions validators and the history of transactions between shards ethereum also wants to do sharding but in a much different way from elrond sharding normally involves breaking up the entire blockchain into multiple shards this is believed to increase transaction speed because you divide the transactions between different clusters of validator nodes running shards on the blockchain what lran does differently than ethereum is to implement three different kinds of sharding state transactions and network then it uses parallel processing to speed up transactions and handle such a large amount per second the key to lrun's evolutionary adaptive sharding is a secure proof of stake consensus mechanism which makes sure transactions are valid secure proof of stake or spos make sure that no shard on elron's chain is corrupted by randomly validating a set of 61 validators from each chart then the consensus mechanism chooses one node to produce a block based on its stake so what are elron's tokenomics while 20 million might look like the max number of elron there's actually 31.5 million but don't worry this additional 11.5 million eagle will be issued over the course of 10 years while the release supply will be about 10 being minted in the first year about 9 in the second year and so forth el run allows for staking more than 2 500 eagle per validator node with tiers for the more eagle that you hold it's also important to mention that there are a total of 3 200 validator nodes possible on the network as of last month running a validator node requires 2500 e-gold for a standalone node or 1250e gold to start a staking pool so let's assume all 3 200 validator nodes are taken up on the network with the lowest tier of nodes 2 500.

That's 8 million eagle that is locked up securing the network out of about 20 million but what about if the maximum was achieved of 5000 lran per node that would mean that there would be a grand total of 16 million locked up which would mean only 4 million circulating trading on the market that means that elrond could face a supply shock also known as the dynamics of supply versus demand right now according to elron's website which displays stats at the bottom 63 percent of tokens are staked on the network you can start to see why elrond might be one of the best investments of 2021 period l ron also has its mayor wallet product which is its mainnet interface for its hundreds of thousands of users it's also important to note that the myer wallet isn't solely for eagle it also lets you send and receive bnb and ethereum you get access to the meyer wallet by going to deals we have a link there but what's more and i believe a key factor to its ongoing success is that elrond has the second strongest community in all crypto next to cardano according to piccolo research so elrond has the blockchain tokenomics community and wallet down well what about partnerships lron has been very busy with partnerships and i would be here all day listing them but some companies that elrond has partnered with include bitgo ramp d5 injected protocol finance smart chain pancake swap orion protocol cyber fi zero swap chain link plasma pay band protocol holochain and more for a full list of lram partnerships you can check out the website so what's my price prediction for elrond this bull run in january earlier this year i said that elrond was heading for the top 20 predicting a 50x this bull run or an eagle worth fifteen hundred to two thousand dollars for context elrond was at 37 bucks at the time now as i already detailed earlier in this video eagle then went parabolic in february with more than a 50 price increase in one single day i may have missed ethereum to 2500 by valentine's day but i was right the e-gold was getting ready to search and with it being one of the most explosive coins of 2021 gotta take those wins where you can get them i definitely think my fifteen hundred dollar to two thousand dollar prediction for e-gold is still right on target let me know what you think down below in the comments what is your price prediction for elrond how far do you think this project can run drop those down below that's all i got be blessed [Music] you

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