Top A-List Celebrities Loving Crypto (STILL Bullish on Bitcoin)

celebrities are getting into crypto that's right some of the biggest names in hollywood have moved right around the block from the blockchain they're buying and using crypto creating nfts and making huge crypto gains today we'll explore the who's who of the celebrity crypto world and talk about david guetta 50 cent dj khaled ashton kutcher kim kardashian and the celebrity queen of crypto herself paris hilton we find out that these stars aren't blind to crypto let's get it welcome to bitboy crypto home of the bit squad the largest crypto community and all the interwebs my name is ben every day on this channel i show you how to make money in crypto if you like money and crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button in this video we talk about celebrities and crypto and how they're using this asset to make purchases nfts and massive gains david guetta french dj record producer and songwriter is probably best known for songs like titanium with sia in collaborations with rihanna justin bieber and more just to name a few recently ghetto put his 14 million miami condo up for sale and is accepting bitcoin and ethereum as payment the price tag 345 bitties guetta is also making waves in crypto by signing on with censorium galaxy any rc 20 blockchain-based vr platform that creates digital avatars use artificial intelligence to create a more lifelike digital persona sensorium is also a token senso and is available on kucoin and bittrex in case you want to check it out sensorium builds itself as a digital metaverse and is bringing blockchain tech to vr not only to make vr experiences like what geta is interested in but also vr gaming and social networking looks like david guetta has taken a deep dive down the crypto rabbit hole and he's liking what he sees 50 cent or fitty best known for early 2000's party anthems about diabetes centric retail had a little known windfall happened to him in 2019 he became a crypto millionaire 2014 curtis james jackson or 50 cent accepted bitcoin is payment for his album animal ambition the album sale pulled in 700 bitcoin in total and in 2018 when the price of bitcoin went from 800 to 6 000 he tweeted not bad for a kid from the south side not bad indeed accepting crypto before crypto was cool and making huge gains is par for the course when you hodl we went to the club but instead of finding 50 cent we found 50 bitcoin in 2013 ashton kutcher pitched the idea of investing in bitcoin to his wife mila kunis who told the late show stephen colbert that she immediately said it sounded like a horrible idea like any good husband kutcher disregarded his wife's judgment and invested in it anyways behind her back since then his two capital venture funds a-grade investments and sound ventures have increased from 50 million to over 250 million over six years by being an early investor in uber spotify airbnb and bitcoin kutcher's sound ventures also invested in your favorite coin ripple labs xrp in 2018.

Dj khaled that's right another one well another one nailed by the sec unfortunately in 2018 dj khaled and boxing legend floyd mayweather endorsed the sale of central token mayweather was paid one hundred thousand dollars and khaled was paid fifty thousand dollars to promote the asset which the sec found to be an unlawful sale of a security when central launched its ico both had to pay back the money they had been paid as well as an additional fine the lawsuit was settled without khaled or mayweather admitting wrongdoing it goes to show that where you get your information from is just as important as the information itself syndra turned out to be a full-blown scam with the ceo robert farkas getting a year in prison for all the trouble he caused just shows that being a celebrity doesn't protect you from getting scammed and hurting your brand thankfully caledon mayweather bounced back from this and learned a costly lesson in the process let's just hope ethereum max doesn't go the same way speaking of crypto asset endorsements kim kardashian charlie demilio and jake paul were all recently paid to endorse ethereum max on their social media platforms along with floyd mayweather on june 20th kim kardashian posted this question on her instagram story are you into crypto this was followed by a clip we're talking about ethereum max in a paid message to her followers a theory max or emac started up this year with a flashy website and big social media presence but no team and no white paper not a good sign in sight durian max made waves during the logan paul mayweather fight with group hospitality partnering with ethereum max and accepting it at their biggest miami nightclubs live and story theory max was also accepted as payment for online ticket sales for the paul mayweather fight although we don't love the outsized influence meme coins like sheba in you emacs and pokedog have had on the crypto market not to mention how they tend to lose people a lot of money seeing crypto being pumped and advertised on celebrity social media does bring awareness to the crypto verse maybe not the kind of attention crypto deserves but if the old adage all publicity is good publicity works for celebrities then why not for crypto be honest how many people would look at you weird if you mention buying a polygon or a theta but will smile and nod when you mention dogecoin oh well i do wish kim would get a coffee with her old friend paris and get schooled on crypto from the queen of crypto herself paris hilton paris has fully embraced crypto and i would dare say she could be a fellow degen perez hilton's first nft debut took place in march of 2020 when cryptograph asked her to draw a digital doodle and 100 of the proceeds will go to charity cryptograph is a fantastic charity in case you haven't heard of them they partnered with a lot of organizations doing good in the world like meals on wheels and heifer international they've done celebrity nfts with folks like tom morello jason momoa and kristen wiig but anyways back to paris she made her doodle on an ipad and drew her cat named munchkin and the rest is crypto history that nft called kitty sold for 17 thousand dollars but from there paris continued to expand her empire on nifty gateway in april 2020 paris dropped a series of nfts called planet paris sold for a combined price of one million one hundred and thirteen thousand dollars herself portrait nft queen of crypto took the highest price of 1.1 million dollars this year paris attended the 2021 bitcoin convention in miami and dj during the event at 11 the first night club in the u.s to accept crypto is payment tech bros paid up to 25 000 to sit at vip tables that's 24 999 more dollars and i would pay for it famous for her teeny tiny pets paris even named her teacup pomeranians after blockchain tech meet the newest members of hilton pets ether and crypto one thing is we're certain crypto's got some star power comment down below which celebrities got the best crypto game what celebrities did we miss that you know have made some gains make sure to smash up the like button because that's hot that's all i got be blessed bit boy out bit swap is the hottest new way to trade tokens crawling all the top decentralized exchanges bizwa will get you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at that was that ending was nice dude i liked it [Music]

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