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welcome back everybody to altcoin daily my 
name is aaron it is an amazing time to be   in cryptocurrency in today's video i want to 
update you on the top projects in this space   i want to cover top high cap projects i want to 
cover top low cap projects just like always guys   hit the like button tell me which coins comment 
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news for ethereum holders ethereum sees a record   daily volume withdrawn from centralized exchanges 
this is huge do you understand what we're talking   about here the net amount of ethereum leaving 
exchanges just hit a new record all the way   down here that's over 1.2 billion worth of 
ethereum leaving centralized exchanges in one day   the last time the 1 billion plus left centralized 
exchanges ethereum increased by 60 percent within   30 days and a new record has just been set and we 
can attribute this most likely to accumulation by   investors and people who believe in ethereum 
but this combined with so many other things   is just putting ethereum in such a fundamentally 
strong place in my opinion for price appreciation   ethereum supply on exchanges just keeps dropping 
and the price just keeps rising ten thousand   dollars is programmed in already what do you think 
ten thousand dollar ethereum is that conservative   is that liberal more than ten thousand dollars 
less than ten thousand dollars let me know in   the comments below and let's just talk about facts 
and statistics and truths that anybody can verify   eighty-seven percent of each supply hasn't moved 
on chain for three months or longer there's a lot   of different takeaways with this it's a nuanced 
metric where is this 87 percent of eat that is   not moving well it could be investments more 
and more people realizing that eth is here to   stay in getting some it could be locked up in 
dows it could be locked up in smart contracts   like eth 2.0 many many things but overall 
supply and demand this is bullish for the   price of ethereum and to go even further do you 
realize that 3.6 billion is now locked on ethereum   layer twos and we're quite literally just getting 
started with each layer two scaling 3.6 billion   is hardly anything it's going to get a whole lot 
bigger the point is ethereum is one of the top   high cap coins in the space today in my opinion 
if you agree with me let me know in the comments   if you disagree let me know in the comments we're 
going to get to low caps in a second but do not   discount the winners in the space already 
the trend is your friend bet on the winners   speaking of winners let's talk about bitcoin 
bitcoin is going through a supply shock as well   bitcoin exchange balances have returned to 
just 13.1 percent of circulating bitcoin supply   winding the clock back to inflows comparable 
to february of 2018.

Now the all-time peak for   exchange balances was 17 and that was actually it 
hit the exact bottom of the march 2020 sell-off   everybody was putting bitcoin back on exchanges 
during the pandemic sell-off and what you'll   notice here is the trend changed that day and like 
i said we wound the clock back to february 2018 at   a certain point i believe we're going to wind the 
clock back even farther bitcoin is only gaining   in popularity and the supply flow gets cut in 
half every year and there's only 21 million hard   capped supply which is a big differentiator 
from a lot of different cryptocurrencies   point is do not count bitcoin out hugely bullish 
on bitcoin and then comparing bitcoin to bitcoin's   price appreciation from 2013 to the 2017 bull 
cycle and then from 2017 to where we are right   now the 2021 bull cycle the parabola actually has 
not yet been broken bitcoin on track for 254 000   what people fail to realize is that you know in 
bitcoin's previous cycle 2017 bitcoin went from   like three thousand dollars to twenty thousand 
dollars in a matter of months i mean it just gets   faster and faster if we have a parabolic blow 
off top like we've seen plenty of times before   the next high cap coin you should not discount 
is cardano on september 12th cardano had a smart   contracts upgrade since then although the price 
dipped a little bit by the rumor sell the news   over 2 300 cardano smart contracts are waiting 
in time lock this means that they're ready to   be launched but they don't want to screw it up 
they're waiting make sure they're getting it right   following the successful alonzo hard fork the 
cardano network now has a large swath of new smart   contracts however developers must wait to use 
them as they are locked in a time lock contract   at the time of writing metrics show an aggregated 
total of smart contracts since the upgrade was   implemented less than two weeks ago now what 
are these smart contracts well they're kind of   the same stuff we see on ethereum d5 nfts a number 
of projects are ready to deploy new protocols and   ideas like cardax liquid and singularitynet 
what are those projects cardax is the first   dex on cardano leica uniswap liquid labs 
open source non-custodial liquid protocol   for interest rate curves so in the d5 space and 
then singularitynet the global ai marketplace   ai kind of in the d5 space as well are all of 
these going to be winners time will tell there's   been tons of failures on ethereum but the point is 
we're seeing the cardano ecosystem really really i   mean this is the beginning now and actually taking 
a look at the current metrics i just read to you   is about 2 300 actually it's about 2 480 time 
locked smart contracts waiting and ready to deploy   do not count out cardano do not count out any 
ethereum interoperators or competitors we're   going to get to low caps in just a second 
but do not discount avalanche ethereum rival   avalanche hits all-time high following 
a 230 million dollar token sale avax is   rising quickly and a token sale led by poly chain 
and three arrows apparently yielded a new peak   so this is the information avalanche 
has become one of the most prominent   so-called ethereum killers over the last year as 
the blockchain network designed for decentralized   apps has seen its native avax cryptocurrency rise 
to new all-time highs my opinion avalanche is not   an ethereum killer it's just another one in the 
space it's going to take a portion of the market   share i think avalanche is more comparable to 
a solana anyways the money keeps on flowing in   as the avalanche foundation today announced an 
infusion of 230 million via a new token sale the   private token sale which was completed in june 
but only revealed today was led by poly chain   capital and three aero capital i like three arrow 
capital poly chain capital is good too these are   legit venture capital funds in the space anyways 
the token sale provides significant capital for   avalanche as the ecosystem expands the challenge 
ethereum's dominance in the space as well as fend   off fellow on the rise ethereum rivals the 
foundation plans to support avalanche-based   projects via grants token purchases investments 
and technology support so avalanche is   well-run and well-funded and they make our list 
today i want to get to low-cap crypto currencies   you need to have on your radar in just a second 
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this card blackfy is a great company i recommend   them low cap altcoin one of the top in the space 
it is still early but you need to get this coin on   your radar the news is this katy perry nos jason 
derulo invest in crypto music platform audience   the crypto rival to spotify and sound cloud gains 
an array of prominent backers in a new 5 million   investment round so we've talked about this coin 
on our channel before the cryptocurrency driven   music service audience aims to offer a hybrid 
of streaming giant spotify and sharing platform   soundcloud and its star has risen in recent months 
via integration with tiktok which subscribers know   about we've reported this to you and new nft 
features now popular musicians including katy   perry nos and others have officially come on 
board via a new investment round today audience   which claims to have 6 million monthly active 
users announced a star-studded 5 million round   headlined by a number of prominent musicians with 
steve aoki linkin park jason derulo disclosure the   chainsmokers pusha t joining the affi-mentioned 
artists if you're unfamiliar with what audience   is listen up audius acts like a music co-op of 
sorts with decentralized network model in which   users can earn audios crypto token rewards 
for supporting the network songs uploaded   to the service also have a time-stamped record 
of origin since it's all done on the blockchain   audius was founded on ethereum via a sidechain 
called poa network but has also recently   implemented blockchain network salon as well so 
compatible with ethereum and solana the platform   includes a social networking component as well 
and lets users display their nft collections   initially with just ethereum based nfts last 
spring but recently now it's solana nfts as well   audience of course subscribers know this was 
the first to utilize tick tock's sound kit   functionality to enable the seamless transfer 
of songs into the social app so audios makes   our list today makes katy perry's list as well 
next coin on our list speaking of nfts is bondly   nft gaming company animoka brands acquires 
majority stake in bondly the blockchain   game developers looking to improve cross-chain 
utilization of non-fungible token assets via its   investment in bondly so the information anamoca 
brands a non-fungible token game developer has   announced a substantial investment in the nft 
platform bondly commenting on the rationale behind   its investment in bondley anamoca chairman 
and co-founder yat ciu told cointelegraph   we acquired a majority stake in bondly because it 
will significantly assist us to drive true digital   ownership via nfts and we see this as crucial to 
the future of gaming and the emergence of the open   metaverse as part of the investment bond lease 
nft technology including launch pad and cross   chain bridges will be incorporated into anamocus 
gaming products and you have to understand animoka   brands was a successful company before they 
got into crypto they're a company before crypto   per the announcement animoka is looking to utilize 
bondley's suite of nft tech solutions to enable   gamers to move in-game nft assets across different 
blockchain networks bondly makes our list today   next low-cap coin major news making our list 
today announcing a particular youtuber who has   6.3 million subscribers on youtube he will be 
issuing his own fan token on xcad xcat is a social   token platform and then next week apparently huge 
a frenzy of creators will be announced including   two major global creators joining xcad the biggest 
to yet by far of course mr beast is into this ksi   so i like xcad social tokens makes our list today 
next coin on our list actually kind of a high cap   but you know they're a blue chip in the space 
and what why is solana so successful one reason   is because they're super user-friendly phantom 
a friendly solana wallet built for defined nfts   it's only been about six months since we launched 
phantom and we just crossed four hundred thousand   weekly active users with no signs of slowing 
down you all have been incredible and we can't   wait to show you what's next solana so it's 
pretty amazing how one great wallet can make   or break your experience using a blockchain 
phantom is absolutely elevated solana's user   experience by leaps and bounds now this 
is actually some breaking news it's about   xrp it's about ripples legal battle i'm wondering 
you know what's your takeaway on this breaking   ripple's legal team tells fox business they have 
no plans to settle with sec over lawsuit on xrp   and instead they're confident that they can show 
gary gensler that pursuing the case is picking   winners and losers in the crypto business and it 
is a detriment of innovation story developing so   they're saying we're not settling we're either 
going to win this or lose this so anyways xrp   makes our list today because they continue to 
make news xrp is one of the biggest name brands   in cryptocurrency and that makes them a top 
project whether it's a good investment or not   you know what a lot depends on this case and then 
a lot depends on bank adoption anyway that's for   another video let me know which coins you want us 
to talk about in future videos you know when you   comment different coins you can see we do include 
them in videos if i have something to say on them   if i like what they're doing anyways join us on 
the road to 1 million subscribers see you tomorrow

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