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all right altcoin daily crew welcome back 
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cryptocurrency today what are the top nine   cryptos that i have on my radar we're gonna go 
through it if there's a coin that you want me   to cover in the future or if you think there's a 
coin that needs to be on this list comment below   if i see coins actively getting commented i tend 
to cover them and find out what makes them so   special i mean just off the top of my head i've 
been seeing a lot of theta comments i've been   seeing some engine comments decentraland red fox 
labs if there's a coin that you think deserves   to be on this list let me know below before 
we get to individual coins and we're going   to start with higher caps and get into lower caps 
let's gain a little bit of perspective in general   three years ago a 50k bitcoin was unimaginable 
to people i mean literally this is how it was   i used to make videos saying you know bitcoin 
can be a 20k 30k people would always comment in   disbelief going well let's just see if we can get 
past 6k or let's just see if we can get past 11k   today a 50k bitcoin would be a dip worth buying 
so understand how perception changes over time   we're lucky to be in crypto at this time but 
you have to be smart there's a lot of ways   to lose your bitcoin but if you're smart you 
can change your life and i've been seeing a lot   of people who i assume are changing their lives 
to some degree in the comments because i happen   to know a lot of our subscribers especially 
if you've been subscribed to us for a while   i see a lot of happy people i mean honestly i 
see a lot of people who say that they're making   money in crypto so that's great so let's get 
to it coin number one on our list is the blue   chip ethereum i'm going to clue you in and 
then we'll move forward since i assume most   of you are already up to date with ethereum but 
perhaps there are two things that you don't know   number one ethereum devs confirm the 
berlin hard fork date next month the   long-anticipated berlin upgrade will include 
optimizations to gas fee usage when it deploys   now what happens between now and when ethereum 
fully scales to eth 2.0 some people are worried   about you know it's scaling in between the scaling 
solution actually at the moment each fees are   still low relatively speaking in a rising market 
i mean eth is about to clear 2k again and the fees   are relatively low but vitalik has put himself 
on record he went on the tim ferriss podcast he   says solutions to scale ethereum 100x is imminent 
and that will get us through until eth 2.0 so eth   co-founder vitalik buterin believes the network 
is on the verge of scaling by a factor of 100   predicting the optimism will release its layer 
2 solution in the coming weeks so speaking on   the tim ferriss podcast he said this roll ups 
are coming very soon and we're fully confident   that by the time that we need any more scaling 
sharding will have already been ready for a   long time by then he continues and he says the 
thing to remember is that if you have rollups   but you do not have sharding you still have 
100x factor scaling right you still have the   ability for the blockchain to go up to somewhere 
between 1 000 and 4000 transactions a second   depending on how complex these transactions are 
so will this come out in the time frame he's   suggesting will this come out without a hitch 
that remains to be seen however eth has a great   narrative going into these next few months do 
not sleep on eth and if you're interested in eth   then you should be checking out cardano cardano 
is totally different from cardano a few years ago   591 assets have been minted on cardano and it's 
only been eight days it's going to be fun seeing   this ecosystem grow over the next months so i 
don't know if you know but you can head on over   to and check out some of the 
tokens being created in the cardano ecosystem   do any of these tokens have you know incredibly 
real value that remains to be seen but the fact is   cardano's ecosystem is is getting built out 
and what you want is it to be competitive with   ethereum's ecosystem and maybe be less like tron's 
ecosystem but again i tell you cardano today so   much different than cardano four years ago we 
have four years of research and development we   have the transition from byron to shelley 
the possibility to issue tokens now smart   contracts in a few months growing user base higher 
inflation not to mention that we're in a maturing   bull market and cardano's got a great narrative 
guys cardano is one to watch number three on our   list is litecoin litecoin usually does well 
in bull markets it's an oscillator litecoin's   mimblewimble code to be ready by march 15th 
so this is why i put them on the list and this   is what is going to happen mimblewimble core 
dev david burkett has stated that code for the   potential upgrade will be ready by march 15th now 
on this date the code will be ready for its final   review and formal auditing miners will then have 
to agree on whether to implement the upgrade or   not they're probably going to agree mimblewimble 
has been running on the test net for three   months so let's talk about litecoin's potential in 
the short to mid term litecoin might have the best   risk adjusted rate of return over the next 
months and here's why litecoin historically   speaking litecoin and eth are both oscillators 
and litecoin usually follows eth's price action   and litecoin has a lot of catching up to do 
if that's the case last time the litecoin to   bitcoin ratio was this low it pumped 625 percent 
in 91 days now the question is could this happen   again is there interest around litecoin i would 
say that since we're in a maturing bull market   there's a lot of interest new upgrades coming 
soon paypal payment integration uh you know the   fact that including paypal and almost every single 
exchange that lists litecoin describes it as the   silver to bitcoin's gold describes it as you know 
has such a you know strong lindy effect i think   that litecoin is one to watch in the next couple 
months and will actually like blow people's mind   let's talk about chain link chain link may 
gain prominence over bitcoin according to   a citibank report and that's why i'm 
including it on this list i could not believe   in basically a bitcoin crypto report what they 
had to say about chain link maybe you'll agree   maybe you'll disagree a recent report by 
citigroup forecasted that chain link may gain   prominence over bitcoin what do they do they know 
that chain link and bitcoin are totally different   the report cites the use of link as a token in 
chain links ecosystem could increase as blockchain   continues to thrive globally over time chain link 
is also being adopted on other networks so not   just ethereum on tezos and polkadot as well so 
i mean again they say according to citibank they   say chain link may gain prominence over bitcoin 
this is what they had to say in the final section   of the report the team at city explored the the 
role played by chain link in the smart contract   arena of blockchain tech by first pointing 
out that chain link was recognized by the   world economic forum and its 100 most promising 
technology pioneers by 2020 furthermore chain   link has gone on to expand beyond the original eth 
network by gaining adoption on other blockchains   like tezos and polkadot as a result the use 
of chain link technology could ultimately lead   to the link token gaining prominence over bitcoin 
as explained below and this was their exact quote   on it unbelievable to me so so chain link is like 
the gem of this cycle i think chain link has has   upside going in to the rest of the year at least 
for the next month or two there's going to be a   time where you don't want to be in chain link and 
obviously nobody knows where that is there's going   to be a time when the market turns and you know 
for me personally i'm going to be consolidating   into bitcoin which i still do but especially when 
the market turns make sure you subscribe because   we'll always keep you up to date on that kind 
of stuff i might i might even make a video soon   talking about my plans how i'm going to sell even 
though i i've talked about it plenty of times   before with coinbase inching closer to going 
public this coinbase ipo is going to send crypto   into the next phase of the bull market and the 
the three coins that i'm including here is the   three altcoins that they just listed on coinbase 
coinbase bump incoming let me know what you think   about these coins three altcoins could be poised 
for a surprise bump after receiving support from   the top crypto exchange coinbase and a new blog 
post coinbase revealed that its users can now   deposit polygon formally matic scale network 
and sushi swap so they're competition almost and   probably the reason they're listing this is 
because there's demand for it so matic scale   network and sushi swap make our list of coins that 
you need to have on your radar over the next two   months the next coin on our list is such a hidden 
gem they have yet to do an initial dex offering   they have yet to get listed on uniswap now i'm 
bringing this to your attention i'm not a hundred   percent sure of this but i'm bringing this to your 
attention because i'm pretty sure near the end of   this month they will do an initial dex offering 
and a uniswap listing i will be cluing you in near   the end of this month if that happens because cook 
finance cook protocol is sponsoring this section   of the video this is something that you need 
to get on your radar let me tell you about them   first of all we have received investment from 
duck dao so cook protocol is a well-funded   project cook protocol says it is an honor to 
be a part of the most eminent community-based   incubator duck dao you're a little bit familiar 
with duck dial correct here duck dao is confirming   that ducked out to support cook finance on a 
strategic level with strategy marketing and growth   cook protocol is a project that wants to make 
investing more accessible secure and transparent   so let's answer this question what is 
cook protocol well this is what they are   cook protocol is a platform that is set out to 
become the world's leading decentralized asset   management platform by creating a solution that 
allows users to easily invest in a range of defy   powered funds through cook protocol fund managers 
can easily set up funds and configure investment   strategies to maximize the returns for investors 
these funds will be offered through the intuitive   cook platform interface which allows users to 
select from a range of available funds easily   interpret its benefits and risks and make their 
investment without needing to have major crypto   or investment background to benefit these funds 
might include simple funds the tracking index   or more active funds that are directly rebalanced 
by fund managers beyond this all the funds that   are launched on this platform will be secured 
by nexus mutual a prominent decentralized   insurance protocol so cook the native utility 
token of the cook ecosystem has a range of uses   one of the most important of which is protocol 
level governance allowing users to decide   which d5 protocols to support adjust platform fees 
and vote on new features among other things fund   managers are required to purchase and stake cook 
tokens to launch a new fund cook holders will be   able to decide how the platform fees derived from 
each fund will be distributed i.e whether they're   funneled to cook token holders or used to buy back 
and burn cook tokens on the open market this is's website i'll leave a link in the 
description for your continued research keep cook   finance on your radar the next coin on our list is 
chili's nfts are going crazy and chili's is an nft   coin rallied sixty percent to a one billion market 
cap as fan token offerings expand so as you know   they partnered with european football teams the 
success of the ac milan fan token launch and plans   to expand to the united states support chile's 1 
000 rally over the past month and like i said it's   not just chili's it is many nft tokens for many 
spectators of the growing nft industry are opting   to get exposure in nft related tokens like chile's 
flow engine engine in particular engine has nearly   tripled in value over the past week with the price 
peaking at one dollar 91 cents but there are a lot   of nft tokens am i right let me know if there's 
a coin that i missed let me know comment below   this is it for me today my friends my name is 
aaron at altcoin daily this is turning into one   hell of a year you want to be in cryptocurrency 
this year this time all right see you tomorrow

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