Top 7 Altcoins For Crypto Gains | Best Crypto Investments into 2022?

welcome back everybody to altcoin daily my name 
is aaron this is a video that you do not want   to miss in today's video i want to take you 
through my top seven altcoins that i think   look very promising into november into end of 
year if there is an altcoin that you like that   you think is promising that you hold or you're 
looking into comment that altcoin below i will   be reading the comments i will be responding to 
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actually some of the coins on this list today   are coins that you chose based on if you follow 
us on twitter and you responded to this tweet   we got a lot of quality answers arnold coin i'd 
invest in that haha got a lot of kadena got some   meme coins this is why we follow you yes a lot 
of quality answers on this thread and the first   coin on our list today is one of these three so 
actually income shark this is what i like i like   when people take the time to actually explain 
what is the value prop what makes it unique and   he suggested three these are the tickers mute 
ability to replace uni 99 cheaper fees instant   transactions limit orders and zk roll ups comphi 
just look at the charts decentralized derivatives   and rvf full multi-dex aggregator and cross chain 
one stop to trade almost all coins on the platform   so out of these three i looked into them 
and rvf is actually pretty interesting to me   rocket vault finance rocket fault finance is an 
innovative project using artificial intelligence   and machine learning algorithms to manage 
investors funds for consistent returns users   participate by putting their funds into 
an automated smart vault which monitors   hundreds of cryptocurrency assets across global 
exchanges including binance including uniswap   it identifies tokens that have upside 
potential and those that pose a potential   loss risk it continually rebalances invested 
funds taking profits at optimal levels profits   are put into a treasury smart contract programmed 
to pay out investors each quarter in stable coins   portion of the profits is also reinvested to 
leverage the effect of compounding so rocket vault   finance makes our list today let me know what you 
think of this in the comments below and in this   video i'm trying to talk about coins that we don't 
usually talk about because if you're a subscriber   to this channel you probably already know a lot 
of my favorite coins so let's talk about coins we   don't usually talk about but do have interesting 
value props going for them especially at this time   next coin on our list is helium 300 000 hot spots 
are now on the helium network globally just the   biggest real world blockchain nothing to see 
here and if you're unfamiliar helium powered   by the helium block chain the people's network as 
they brand themselves represents a paradigm shift   for decentralized wireless infrastructure this 
project is heavily vc backed but in my opinion   they have a lot of quality vcs and they are 
doing real things speaking about the hot spots   token scarcity is built into helium token 
economics as the number of hot spots increase   and as halvings occur every two years the 
average hnt earned per day by hot spots   naturally decreases now i actually know somebody 
who runs a hot spot and gets an average amount of   hnt rewards per day and gets that passive income 
in hnt rewards and they're pretty happy with it   because they're obviously just collecting free 
tokens so helium makes our list today next coin   making our list is a blue chip in its niche of 
what it does in cryptocurrency quickly developing   into a blue chip the coin of course is e-gold 
elrond network they have a major milestone the   first stable coin going live on elrond network 
is usdc from coinbase the guys who partnered   with visa and now elrond network is bridging to 
this blue chip centralized staple coin and this   just speaks to kind of what we see from lrond on 
a weekly or monthly basis their amount of building   partnerships bridging updates everything like that 
cannot be ignored 10 million transactions 888 000   accounts 3200 validators zero downtime congrats 
to the lra network team validators and community   we are just getting started next coin on our list 
is the blue chip in decentralized exchanges and   it's been a pretty good week for uniswap yesterday 
uniswap v3 crossed 4 billion in total value locked   for the first time today uniswap traded over 
4 billion in 24 hour volume for the first time   decentralized exchange protocol market share 
also at an all-time high of 70 percent so   uniswap cannot be ignored it is the leader in 
decentralized exchanges it is the brand name   next coin making our list and by the way let me 
know what you think of this list i'll be reading   the comments below let me know what you think of 
this list smash the like button and make sure you   subscribe if you're new next coin making our list 
today is beta network theta network is excited   to welcome fuse media fuse tv as our latest 
branded media partner bringing their top talent   to exclusive new nft campaigns on theta drop so 
fuse tv it's a legit network a tv channel that   a lot of people get and they have partnered 
with the theta network and we see stuff like   this with data all the time and they cannot be 
ignored so if you're unfamiliar with what theta   is theta is a decentralized video delivery network 
powered by users and an innovative new blockchain   and to get specific here's how it works first 
users watch videos on or those powered   by the theta network and earn t-fuel theta fuel 
as reward then while they're watching the network   automatically harvests excess bandwidth from 
the viewer's devices and reallocates it to other   viewers so that they can watch the videos as well 
meanwhile content creators also earn theta fuel   for streaming on theta tv the data token on the 
other hand is used for governance like voting   on proposed protocol changes before we get to 
more altcoins let me take 60 seconds and turn   you on to a major opportunity that most people in 
crypto do not realize they can take advantage of   most people in crypto do not know about this but 
this can benefit most crypto holders and traders   greatly and this opportunity is through a sponsor 
of ours choice app so if you're unfamiliar choice   app enables you to buy bitcoin ethereum and 
thousands of other traditional assets including 22   and counting crypto assets without having to 
pay a dime in capital gains tax this is huge   so choice app offers more crypto assets than 
actually any other retirement app they offer   bitcoin ethereum ave cosmos polka dot chain 
link maker solana uniswap you're in finance   and many many more and they will continue to 
add more in the future choice app in my opinion   is the best ira retirement app for crypto holders 
because they specifically gear their services   to cryptocurrency traders and holders a lot of 
other companies just tack on crypto not these   guys you can hold your own keys their fees are 
low and highly competitive you can hold and trade   cryptocurrency with no capital gains tax this is 
huge if you think that your bitcoin ethereum and   other crypto assets are going to be worth a 
lot of money in the long term why not put a   portion of your stack into choice app so that when 
you're ready to cash out you will not have to pay   any capital gains tax your future self will thank 
you in my opinion choice is the best retirement   ira app on the market today for crypto holders if 
you want more info we actually did an interview   with their team not too long ago this interview 
is linked in the description and we go over all   the frequently asked questions use the link in the 
description and get fifty dollars in free bitcoin   when you start your choice app account today next 
coin making our list is a blue chip in the lending   and borrowing decentralized finance space they're 
just about to go through a major upgrade the ave   community has unanimously signaled positively 
for ave version 3 a new era is about to begin   and if this goes off without a hitch we're going 
to see some major upgrades and this is going to be   good for ave so just read about version 3.

three is very sexy once you begin to understand it   so basically you can borrow and land on 
different chains i.e you can collateral   wrapped bitcoin on ethereum borrow stables on eth 
layer 2 arbitrarily the underlying is the a token   i believe the ave token cross on different 
chains anyway there's more to it than this   but v3 if it goes off without a hitch is going 
to be very good for ave next coin on our list   actually not an altcoin at all but i'd be remiss 
if i didn't point this out to you because i'm very   bullish on bitcoin i like bitcoin a lot bitcoin 
supply is getting tighter with each passing day   supply shock is no joke do not sleep on bitcoin 
ladies and gentlemen and do not sleep on ethereum   another great metric for ethereum which has never 
happened before coinbase q3 earnings are out   ethereum volume surpasses bitcoin volume for 
the second straight quarter each 22 percent   bitcoin 19 percent we're starting to see a shift 
so this is the second straight quarter actually   this has happened either way ethereum's dominance 
or growing dominance cannot be denied so let me   know what you think in the comments section below 
let me know what you think of my list let me know   which coins you'd add to the list i'll be looking 
at the comments for sure i will be responding to   some comments and before you go let me put this 
date on your radar it's a two-day conference   three stages nft stage defy stage demo stage 
it's at the very end of this month november   30th and december 1st and my brother and i will be 
attending this event we'll be speaking on a panel   uh we'll be attending a lot of stuff here and if 
you go to this miami conference maybe we'll run   into each other anyway i just wanted to let you 
know if you're going to this we're going to this   and with that being said 
my friends see you tomorrow

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