Top 6 Altcoins Set to Explode in 2022 | Best Cryptocurrency Investments (RIGHT NOW)

all right welcome back everybody to all to coin daily where you subscribe because you're interested in making money with cryptocurrency and this channel keeps you informed my name's austin as we're watching bitcoin's price climb higher as we're watching strength in this market i want to share with you my top six altcoin picks with explosive potential in 2022 the three things to keep in mind number one investing in cryptocurrency can be very risky do not over leverage yourself do not invest more than you can afford to lose number two i am not a registered financial advisor these are just my opinions and number three while we will be largely focusing on higher cap projects today altcoins on or near the first page in a future video in the coming weeks i will be sharing with you my top six lower cap alt coins for 2022 so like always feel free to comment your favorite coins down below in the video comment section and click subscribe you do not want to miss one of our daily videos and let's jump in point number six that is clearly implementing clearly separating itself from the pack is polygon matic just being released today is that draftkings steps further into crypto with plans to become a polygon validator the move will allow the sports betting platform to contribute to polygons governance this is huge this is a huge show of adoption for the polygon ecosystem and i'm just going to assume that we all know what polygon is by now for those of you that may not i will link our dedicated video from a few months ago why polygon matic will 100x by 2030.

This is linked down below check it out but let's talk about why this partnership with draftkings is so big and you may remember that a few months ago draftkings tapped polygon for the first time for its marquee non-fungible token nft release with tom brady's autograph back in august and i guess they liked it so much that now they're going all in now the sports betting giant is going all in on the ethereum layer 2 application with a partnership that could make it draftkings one of the blockchain's largest governors so next question what will draftkings be using polygon 4. draftkings valued at nearly 20 billion dollars on the public market is planning to use polygon to support custom nft drops as well as secondary market transactions so basically full integration with their nft marketplace and in a direct quote from draftkings scalability and sustainability remain among the critical challenges of blockchain technology although draftking's marketplace is still in its nascency we are bullish on the possibilities that blockchain nfts cryptocurrency and more will present as we prepare for web 3.0 alongside polygon and the new innovations ahead for digital collectibles in terms of when this goes into effect when draftkings actually starts validating on the polygon network a polygon representative told coindesk that the company anticipates draftkings governance to begin in this next month and we know that anybody that wants to validate on polygon does have to hold tokens so we do know that draftking is a polygon hodler give me your thoughts on this down below but let's keep moving coin number five that does have big potential in 2022 is polka dot their treasury right now does have more than 800 million dollars to spend on the growth and the evolution of their ecosystem if you are newer in crypto if you want more of a deep dive on what exactly polka dot is i will link this video down below how much polka dot do you need link down below check it out but the news today of the potential of the polka dot ecosystem that could be stems from a recent tweet from gavin wood the polka dot treasury currently has over eighteen million nine hundred thousand dot that's dot not usd do the math in it ready to spend on your ideas for building improving educating and indeed anything else that the polka dot governance believes valuable so this is a huge nest egg ready to be directly invested in the polka dot ecosystem to grow the network if it goes unused the dot does slowly get burned the treasury currently burns over 239 thousand dot every month so either burned or used the dot token is only getting more scarce we have seen a rally in the dot price recently this could be linked to some exciting developments ahead such as the upcoming parachain launch and the slot auctions these pair chain auctions will take dot off the market as well and with the first 11 pair chain auctions coming to polka dot next month along with the 100 or so available slots to be filled this could boost polka dots presence in the crypto sector and could cement the multi-chain system's rising status okay point is for you there is a whole lot on the horizon for polka dot into next year i'll keep you updated all right next up coin number four on today's list is vechain they have just partnered with the world's largest logistics company dhl for enterprise nft issuance again this is big we know that v chain is a supply chain management cryptocurrency meant to bring some transparency to the supply chain but just for a little bit of recap what is v chain v chain is a dapp platform much like ethereum much like solana only vechain's goal is to enable better digital collaboration between businesses by giving them new tools for efficient data transfer and supply chain management so bringing transparency to enterprises through the blockchain and at the beginning of this year corporations had already started using them for example bmw which uses vechain to prevent odometer fraud in automobile sales louis vuitton which uses vechain to track luxury leather goods and walmart china which uses vechain to track food provenance now just to be realistic some of these are just tests but either way these companies are finding some value in vechain and the news today is dhl popular enterprise friendly blockchain project vechain has announced a new partnership deal with the world's largest logistics company dhl to issue non-fungible tokens on the vechain thor blockchain and just for clarity we are talking about dhl china in this case so vechain continues to expand in the east and this collaboration with dhl china one of the first things it will allow customers to experiment with is customize the dhl mascot and then mint it as nfts on the v chain thor blockchain solution and here was the exact tweet the moment is here we are pleased to announce dhl has chosen the v chain thor blockchain for their nft collection here is the friendly user interface where dhl customers can start to learn about nfts how to make them how to mint them and starting off the dhl mascot is presented in the form of an animated cartoon picture profile which is a strategy to attract customers attention and curiosity give me your honest take on this down below do you like this do you have thoughts on this vechain partnership to me it's very interesting because dhl china could have chosen any blockchain to work with but they chose vechains coin number three on today's list is ada it is cardano cardano's founder charles hoskinson is about to tour africa i think many of us know why but just to clue everybody in for those of you who may not know what cardano is i will link this down below in the video description great sort of beginner's guide on what makes it different than ethereum and other notable protocols link down below and before we talk about adoption in africa let's talk about adoption right now in america cardano is partnering with american telecom service dish network this is a fortune 500 company in america television satellite provider and why is dish choosing cardano the strategic partnership aims to introduce cardano's blockchain technology to dish's telecom services likely to boost cardano's adoption and benefiting dish's users with eight million digital identities did on phone satellites so dish has the user base and they want the transparency of the cardano blockchain in a direct quote from charles we think there's a lot of intersection between the use of identity the movement of data capacity exchange and other things that can be done and explored and it can be done at a scale of millions to tens of millions and eventually at a global scale so this is a super exciting relationship and can't wait to see where it goes very exciting times dish is one of the largest telecom services with over 19 million customers and the iohk founder added that he hopes this partnership will transform the entire model of the telecom industry despite the challenges of implementing blockchain technology into the field so a lot to look forward to in america and a lot to look forward to in 2022 in africa the commercial arm of the cardana foundation amerigo has just announced over 100 million dollars in investments in cardano focused projects and have made significant investments in a number of startups that were domiciled in africa and why africa well africa has proven itself to be a breeding ground for innovative crypto technology and founder charles hoskinson wants to tap into this climate simply put there are so many people in more developing areas of the world that don't have financial stability and that can be changed with cardano with blockchain in a direct tweet from charles on what to expect in these coming months just got back from wyoming and i'm ready for this upcoming week headed to africa soon starting in south africa all the way up to egypt let's go change the world together love it if you love cardano you'll love this news you love this progress i'll keep you updated coin number two on today's list is chain link for very very different reasons chain link is providing decentralized oracles to take real world data and allow blockchains to be able to access that and in my opinion this is very very much needed in the crypto space because whether that's market data from bloomberg or retail payment data bank data etc you can use a standard centralized option which would become a single point of failure or you can use something like chain link which is a decentralized oracle option and i know what you're thinking i see the conversations down in the comment section i get it chain link hasn't performed as well as some of the other cryptos in this last year i mean don't get me wrong it's well over 10x in the last two years which is great progress in my opinion but it hasn't been quite as explosive as what we saw maybe three or four years ago in the bear market i get it but in my opinion chain link still has a lot of room to grow think about this chain link already has a ton of exclusive big partnerships with big companies google and oracle to name two over 75 different blockchains already use chain link technology as well as being used by many data feeds including usd currency pairs that's a strong foundation and even though the price continues to consolidate in these last few months the integrations have an upward trajectory in august the chain link ecosystem continued its upward trajectory with 76 new integrations september eclipsed this momentous growth with 84 new integrations including cardano's strategic collaboration to integrate chain links oracles and chainlink's proof of reserve data feed for wrapped file coin on gemini hard to argue with some of these big wins now my speculation is this over these next over this next year over these next few years as adap platforms like ethereum cardano solana polkadot elrond etc continue to fight for market share because they're all going after essentially the same thing global internet super super computer depth platform as they fight it out chain link is integrating with all of them for most of them something to think about and last but certainly not least coin number one that's gearing up to have a huge 2022 is ethereum ethereum's merged to 2.0 is now estimated to be taking place in may to june of next year says the developers now we just covered this in yesterday's video the code should be ready around february 2022 the merge to mainnet to eth 2.0 in june of 2022 at the earliest next year will be known as the year of eth that's where defy is that's where nfts are and think about this just over two years ago openc nft platform did 8.3 million dollars in volume for the entire year the past two days openc did 155 million dollars in volume it's fair to say nfts are bringing the masses to the eth ecosystem and now after eip1559 the token is getting scarce over 542 000 ethereum have been burned since ethereum improvement proposal one five five nine launch that's over two billion dollars in eth burned forever if you want more information on eth why it is potentially the greatest trade in the world i'm going to link a clip of our interview with raul paul there it is link down below but that's why eth takes number one that is the video i will be doing a more lower cap altcoin list for 2022 in the coming weeks so if you have a coin that you're really bullish on comment below but like always see you tomorrow [Music]

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