Top 6 Altcoins Set to Explode in 2021 | Best Cryptocurrency Investments January 2021

all right welcome back everybody my name is 
austin today i want to share with you the top   six altcoins set to explode over these next 12 to 
18 months we're gonna go over what each coin is   and why these coins have potential three things 
to know before we start number one the majority   of my portfolio is mainly bitcoin my ultimate goal 
is to accumulate more bitcoin doesn't mean that a   handful of alt coins won't make it in the end i 
think they will but 99.9 of all coins will fail   i believe so you take on risk when you choose 
to invest that's number one number two i am not   a registered financial advisor i can't see the 
future i ultimately don't know what the price   of these coins will do tomorrow and neither do you 
what we can do is do the research watch the trends   and see to which coins the money is potentially 
flowing so that being said check the time stamps   down below and let's jump in coin number six 
that is potentially going to do very very well   is ethereum right now trading at one thousand one 
hundred and ninety two dollars per eth per token   we have seen in the last few months some of the 
most notable investors in this space raul paul   as well as tyler winklevoss and more come out in 
support of ethereum as an investment now these two   videos are linked down below in the description 
check them out but in 90 seconds or less what   is ethereum and why does it potentially have 
value it is important to note that even though   ethereum and bitcoin are often compared to each 
other they're two completely different projects   trying to be two completely different things what 
do i mean by that well bitcoin is a non-sovereign   hard capped supply global immutable decentralized 
digital store of value which we're seeing people   and institutions use as a way to protect their 
wealth against endless money printing that's   clear it's like a digital gold ethereum is trying 
to be something else it doesn't have a fake supply   it's not the hardest form of money we have but 
think of it sort of like a global super computer   where anybody anywhere can build on top of without 
the permission of a middleman ethereum is a public   open source blockchain based distributed software 
platform that allows developers to build and   deploy decentralized applications while bitcoin 
for the first time in human history gives you the   option to be your own bank ethereum gives you the 
option for banking type services like credit and   lending without the need for a middleman there's 
a lot of value potentially there and finally with   the full ethereum 2.0 rollout happening within the 
next few years for the network's scalability there   is a lot to look forward to with ethereum let 
me know your thoughts down below in the comment   section that's coin number six coming in at coin 
number five and speaking of decentralized finance   lending and borrowing is a cryptocurrency 
called ave right now trading at 107 dollars   per ave per token let's talk about what it 
is and why it potentially has value long term   so what is ave beginner's guide one of a 
number of emerging defy cryptocurrencies   ave is a decentralized lending system that allows 
users to lend borrow and earn interest on crypto   assets all without a middleman well how's it do 
this exactly without a third party running on   the ethereum blockchain ave instead is a system 
of smart contracts just automated contracts that   enable these assets to be managed by a distributed 
network of computers running its software this   means ava users do not need to trust a particular 
institution or person to manage their funds they   only need to trust that its code will execute as 
written very interesting but can we trust the code   well the ave protocol has been audited and secured 
and the protocol is completely open source which   allows anyone to interact with the user interface 
client api or directly with the smart contracts so   it's audited people can use it and in fact we're 
already seeing massive utility on the protocol   over two billion dollars right now of people 
depositing their assets peer-to-peer lending   and borrowing without any centralized middleman 
hey and by the way while in the u.s or other big   nations banks for this kind of thing work fine 
especially in those more underdeveloped parts of   the world this could be huge for giving average 
people financial freedom and what can we expect   from them in the future well at the end of last 
year ave raised over 25 million dollars to bring   defy to institutions ave ceo says the investment 
will help ave expand into the asian markets and   bring defy closer to institutional use interesting 
as i get more information as this cryptocurrency   market develops i will make a video i will let 
you know so let me know what you think down below   but next up coming in at coin number four is polka 
dot currently trading at 8.99 per token per dot   with a market cap of just over 8.5 billion dollars 
i can see polka dot doing well created by gavin   wood who was one of the co-founders of ethereum 
he invented solidity which is ethereum's native   programming language he left ethereum and started 
dot think of polka dot like this right here it's   aiming to be sort of the internet of blockchains 
offering not only interoperability so different   blockchains can connect and talk to each other but 
also like ethereum its own thing a dapp platform   where we're seeing an ecosystem grow on polka dot 
as well i expect this ecosystem to get bigger and   bigger and bigger like we've been seeing over 
this last year and if you want an exact quote   polka dot is a next generation blockchain 
protocol that unites an entire network of   purpose-built blockchains allowing them 
to operate seamlessly together at scale   it connects several chains together in a single 
network allowing them to process transactions   in parallel and exchange data between chains with 
security guarantees for those of you who want more   information i highly recommend i'm going to link 
this video down below in the description can polka   dot cryptocurrency make you a millionaire we give 
a realistic breakdown of the project so definitely   a coin to watch and what you should expect from 
polka dot in 2021 well let's let's polka dot   founder gavin wood look back on the year and then 
tease substrate 3.0 early this year check this out   in a 2020 roundup published on wednesday wood 
highlighted polka dots rise to become the number   one crypto for staking based on the volume of 
staked coins so according to staking rewards over   63 percent of the 1.02 billion dot token supply 
is locked up in staking wallets now the reason   you would stick the coin is to contribute to 
the network to vote to help with governance   but this also means that 63 percent of the supply 
is locked up which is good for price as i find   more information on polka dot this year i'll keep 
you updated i'll keep making videos let me know   what you think but coming in that was number four 
coming in at number three as a cryptocurrency to   watch in 2021 is synthetics or the snx token 
currently trading at 10 and 80 cents with   almost a 1.5 billion dollar market cap put 
synthetics on your radar because check this out   well bitcoin for example is going after digital 
gold the store of value market which roughly right   now is valued at 10 trillion dollars synthetics 
is aiming to revolutionize the derivatives market   which right now on the high end is often 
valued at over 1 quadrillion dollars huge   so let's dig in what is synthetics synthetics is 
a software that allows users to mint new crypto   assets that mimic both real world assets like 
the us dollar and crypto assets like bitcoin   mimics them in the sense that then you can trade 
them without the permission of any third party   and synthetics enables this service through code 
without the need of a financial intermediary okay   i get it pretty clear and what the snx token is 
used for to collateralize an asset on synthetics   users must purchase its snx cryptocurrency which 
once locked in a special contract can be used to   generate these new assets called synths for 
example one synth designed to mimic the value   of the us dollar is called susd another synth 
which mimics the bitcoin price is called sbtc   and all of a sudden cryptocurrency as well as 
real world assets are tokenized and markets can be   traded the last thing i want to share with you is 
what to expect from synthetics in the near future   optimism which is a layer 2 ethereum scaling 
solution trial run is set to go live in two weeks   it is debuting on synthetics in mid-january and 
this is meant to make the scalability of ethereum   and tokens on the ethereum blockchain like 
synthetics more scalable more usable so until   we get ethereum 2.0 fully things like this help 
ease congestion and synthetics is paving the way   okay speaking of easing congestion as well 
as interoperability coming in at coin number   two is cardano and their ada token currently 
one ada is trading at 29 cents per coin with   a market cap of just over 9 billion i think as 
ethereum inevitably gets bigger and bigger and   as congestion on the network keeps getting higher 
ethereum users developers products will spill over   into gardano as a more scalable option now 
something to note that while cardano doesn't have   the dap ecosystem like ethereum does ethereum is 
killing it in that aspect cardano like polka dot   has one of the creators of ethereum who left to 
found his own project and cardano differentiates   itself from other dap platforms in a few ways 
so what is cardano cardano differs from other   projects by emphasizing a research driven approach 
to design aiming to achieve an academic rigor it   believes will propel adoption of its technology so 
why do we say research driven well as of 2020 iohk   the company that built cardano has published more 
than 60 academic papers outlining its technology   got them peer reviewed and inked partnerships 
with global universities in the process   so that is a significant differentiator 
and then of course the two other big ones   for example cardano's consensus algorithm 
or aboris has been deemed provably secure by   a process of formal review so well researched 
and additionally cardano's code is written in   the formal specified haskell programming language 
commonly used in the banking and defense sectors   so there is a lot of promise with cardano 
on top of that at 58 million dollars usd   the cardano treasury in 2021 has enough money to 
purchase a falcon 9 rocket including the launch   so they have a treasury to back it up as well 
as next piece of news iohk expands their cardano   development fund with the launch of a 500 000 
funding round so what does that mean to you in   fund 3 community members can submit proposals for 
the future development of the cardona blockchain   and decide through catalysts novel on-chain 
voting process which proposals are funded so   you if you hold and stake ada have direct voting 
power on the future of where this blockchain goes   project catalyst aims to be the world's 
largest decentralized innovation fund   with over 1 700 community members registered to 
vote and it has already surpassed the number of   unique voters in other prominent projects such 
as dash as well as all of ethereum's top 100 dows   decentralized autonomous organizations combined 
this should lead to low rearing the barriers of   entry for developers more adoption in west africa 
so keep it on your radar let me know if you like   cardano in the comments that was number two 
coming in at coin number one for altcoins which   could potentially explode in this next year 
is chain link right now with a market cap of   almost six billion dollars with one link token 
trading at about fifteen dollars per coin per link   you know that chain link is providing a network of 
decentralized oracles for blockchains like bitcoin   like ethereum to access outside information now 
have you seen this the metrics tweeted out by the   organization itself 2020 was a year of record 
growth for the chain link network here is an   overview of key metrics like our adoption defy 
implemented research and blockchain integrations   there is huge data and partnerships to back up 
why chainlink is the most widely adopted oracle   and on-chain data source for cryptocurrency as 
of right now in a recent video we did a full   deep dive on chain link i'm not going to waste 
your time this is linked right there down below   in the description chain link cryptocurrency 
price prediction in 2021 highly recommend you   watch this video it is linked down below 
right now check it out but that is the   video let me know what you think about these 
picks down below like always see you tomorrow

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