Top 5 De-Fi Coins (Your Best Chance to Retire)

I said it yesterday and I'll say it again all coin season is here and defy is leading the charge just the last week we had compound explode in the top 20 by posting a 10x we've seen Khyber oMG and other defy projects get unbelievable gains this begs the question what defy altcoins are next today we're gonna examine five defy all coins that might be your best chance to get a quick come up let's get it what if I told you you could buy one token and make daily passive income for multiple naps and crypto platforms and what if that token only had a twenty thousand max supply ever I bet you'd buy it I know I did check out power mine Club and tell them bit boy sent you welcome to bit boy crypto if you would like daily crypto videos make sure to hit that subscribe button to become a member of the bit squad if you would like to learn more about crypto or trading then please make sure to join one or both of my telegram chats the bit squad or bit squad traders alright guys today we're gonna be looking at 5 defy all coins that could be the next project to explode diva is leading the charge right now in crypto and there's no doubt about it last year we saw exchange tokens doing the heavy lifting with the largest ROI in the game this year it's d5 the question is are you too late I'm gonna go ahead and say no is we just saw compound get the biggest gains we've seen for an altcoin in the last few years I mean maybe I'm wrong but I don't think we've seen a legit top 100 project 10x in a week since 2017 once again though we aren't talking micro caps here it was astounding what we witnessed with compound and it has me feeling like we're about to see some of the most incredible gains we've seen in years in my opinion we have about 6 months left of this defy explosion in a video next week I'm gonna be discussing what the next niches Deveaux Kisan are so you can get in super early on some more explosive coins so make sure you watch out for that video now imagine if you had invested in some of these defines at the very beginning hopefully there will still be opportunities to get in super early on some coins but let me repeat it is still not too late for you to get in on the defy game even though time is running out along with compound we've seen many projects going explosive runs technically chain-linked is considered defy but it does much more than that and we know the kind of returns link has given investors but if her projects that pretty much only do decent draws finance we've seen huge explosions for khyber network means they go make her and much more for the most part crypto alkaline pumps are cyclical meaning many of these pumps occur and then the project's correct other than chain-link of course because it just kept going so what we want to do is find legit di projects that may still have Hugh pumps coming in look I've known about Khyber and OMG for years they were both in the midst of huge lulls in their prize before seemingly exploding out of nowhere so we're gonna be looking at a mix of projects poised for a renaissance so let's kick off the list of my top five defy all coins that can take you to the next financial level coming at number five is of a which goes by the ticker Lynde it's coming in at number 47 on coin market cap the only reason why of a is so low on this list is because it has already been on a tear lately but there is reason to believe this one still has a lot of room to go why do I say that well before we get into what Ave is let's just look at the chart this is an older project from 2018 as you can see here it is only about halfway to its all-time high when you look at the current volume on the chart this project has only just now started to register interest again and it's been climbing you may recognize the ticker Lyn as a project was previously called eath lend one thing we know about defy coins is that they certainly know how to meet and be all-time highs so what is Ave it's an open source and noncustodial protocol enabling the creation of money markets and just like any great defy coin users are able to earn interest on deposits and borrow assets basically you can both create passive income or get loans with this project but here's a twist collateralization is not necessary this project is ran on the Ave Protocol which integrates what they call flash loans according to their website flash loans are the first uncollateralized loan option and defy designed for developers flash loans enable you to borrow instantly and easily no collateral needed provided that the liquidity is returned to the pool within one transaction block if this does not happen the whole transaction is reversed to effectively undo the actions executed until that point this guarantees the safety of the funds in the reserve pool use cases include arbitrage collateral swapping self liquidation and much more now I love this because it allows developers to instantly get loans but more importantly this is innovation at its finest this can help the entire space to grow which I'm big on coming at number four I had the last top 100 project on our list with synthetics network token or snx this is also the last project we will be looking at that's already been on a tear which is why it's coming in at number four but unlike Ave SN x has just recently ripped through its previous all-time high so while we know Corrections do happen there's literally no wine have resistance above where it is now so we're entering uncharted territory as an ex is also a 2018 project but did not start moving upwards until the end of last year it was on quite the run until the March crash thrust the price back down but now the project is torn through all-time highs and is on its way back up even though the price has been moving upwards we didn't have a double top meaning it's probably not gonna drop down anytime soon it tore through the resistance of 1 dollar and 31 cents and it looks like the sky is the limit with this one synthetics is basically a protocol for exchanging synthetic assets on aetherium they do this through what they call sense not to be confused with sums these provide users with not only the ability to get exposure to assets like Bitcoin in USD but also soon will be able to get exposure to stocks like Apple and Tesla the merging of traditional markets with crypto is starting and this could be just the beginning for synthetics ok so the next two projects have been in the accumulation zone like crazy and are due for big breakouts like we've seen from these other projects like Khyber and oMG I highly suggest getting in on these next 2/3 and now we're starting to get to the good stuff request Network I've actually used requests network on a website I have to accept crypto for years now it works great and once again no reason why people are sleeping on this one expect it to rise from the dead similarly the kind of request network allows people to both pay in crypto and accept crypto for online retailers and of course offline as well but there's a much bigger demand online as I'm sure you know you can post peer-to-peer invoice requests while keeping control of your financial data a quick look at the numbers for our EQ show this project at 193 and Isle of coins ranked in the top 100 I'm a real sucker for this range but listen this chart is so sexy can you say accumulation zone I know I can in fact I just said it weezing project after project in the di space bust out of these accumulation zones and reward long time toddlers but for the long-term Hudler it's going to be a while for them even to get back to even for a lot of these projects but for you this is your lucky day remember me when you're on your yacht well you may not have to I'll just wave to you for mine across the marina this is the next one to pump boys don't miss it and know I've never spoken to the request team and this is not sponsored in any way but I truly believe if you jump in on this one you are going to get paid off it's pump is just starting it's up 9 percent today so you may want to wait for a dip but I bought myself an ice bag today you can buy both requests Network and the next project on by Nance which means they have a lot of liquidity so next we have another oldie but a goodie loom Network also a 2018 project you may be seeing a theme here loom is coming in at number 183 and I've got it ranked a little ahead of request Network frankly just because it's down today meaning it could be a better immediate bot and as you can see on the charts here it has also been in quite the accumulation zone lately but look at the bottom right of that chart you will see the same type of slow rise we've seen in other di projects before they've gone parabolic and loom looks like it's about to break out loon was a popular ICO pic back in the day and you can see it's a meteoric rise after the launch if investors sold the top they made a lot of money if they huddled then they are back to even so why do I believe loom is gonna be so big it has a defy ecosystem getting built on top of it but its specialty is enterprise solutions for healthcare we've already seen an altcoin pic of mine solve have tremendous success in the healthcare arena and let's face it there has never been a moment in our lifetimes where healthcare is more important than right now and with pandemic cases spiking again turning the blockchain for healthcare solutions will only become more popular look for a loom to bloom I hate myself for saying that lastly we have my number one pick just want to be clear not sponsored nobody paid me to say this I haven't talking to this team but I'm picking hydro protocol here now we've talked about hydro before as a defy pick but this is quite different than hydro itself the protocol is hot no really that's their ticker symbol h.o.t so don't get it confused with hollow chain it's a different project once again we're looking at a 2018 project here according to the website hydro empowers dphi developers to create dynamic marketplaces for decentralized assets you can even launch your own decks in minutes with the hydro software development kit but one other reason for this pick is because it is a fork of the 0x protocol or ZRX this is a project I was very bullish on at one time if you're a longtime follower of the channel which like 99% of you guys aren't but I love you 1% but for various reasons I turned away from this project 0x has had a resurgence no over the last several months due to defy and it could be Hots turn right now it's coming at number 653 on the charts so plenty of room to go and look at this beautiful chart looks almost identical to some of the charts we've already looked at accumulation zone and now it is picking up steam recently even doubling in one day here's the truth about most of these projects we're looking at today they were way ahead of their time when they launched the turn defy didn't even exist when these projects were dreamt up no one even understood why protocols allowing people to exchange assets without going through exchanges was a big deal but now we all get it these projects were basically too early to the market but now it's time for them to blow up and while they cause many people pain early they're going to help you find the joy of crypto gains can I get any more cringe but now it's your turn what DVI projects do you believe are going to break out next let me know by dropping a comment down below I hope you enjoyed this video if you did please make sure to smash the like button and hit subscribe to become a member of the bit squad you so much for watching have a blessed day well [Music]

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