Top 5 Coins Ready To BREAK OUT (My January Crypto Picks)

holy crap it's january it came out of nowhere almost like it does it every time this year and while we've gone over many of my top coins for 2021 we haven't done a video yet going over my top picks for january there's still three weeks left and plenty of time to get some short-term gains because while we are in a bull market prices are pumping it's pivotal that you pick coins that outperform the rest if you do that you will be able to separate yourself further as the market continues to boom this is how you go from comfortable to rich i'm gonna show you my secret method for picking these coins and we will pinpoint exactly which ones you gotta add to your portfolio this month let's get it bit swap is the hottest new way to trade tokens calling all the top decentralized exchanges bitswap gets you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at bitswap decks dot io welcome to bitboy crypto my name is ben everyday on this channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money and crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button in today's video we're gonna be picking coins based on token metrics coin research site this method crushed it in 2020 from february to august i picked at least four out of five winners every month both outright and against btc almost every one of those months i picked a triple digit winner seeing some coins bringing almost 300 returns in one month before i used tokenmetrics honestly my track record was not stellar but it's so intuitive that it makes the process of coin research much easier and gives you confidence in your picks if at any point you want to sign up for token metrics visit when you sign up you get a seven-day trial for less than five bucks see if you like it before you commit to it long-term so as we make this month's picks according to token metrics it's important you understand where we are in the market because that will indicate which coins we need to be picking or which types of coins right now bitcoin is basically in price discovery once ethereum hits that point we'll be in a weird spot and i believe that will be by january 17th we will have both the top two cryptocurrencies feeling around in the dark for levels of resistance once they hit those levels and move sideways for a while it will be even more advantageous for us to pick much smaller coins outside of say the top 50.

They will get massive moves every day but in the meantime we really need to be leaning on coins toward the top that are showing good numbers from the technical side and have some fundamental characteristics and current events making the short term advantageous so with those factors in mind let's jump into my five coins my top five coins for january 2021 coming in at number five i have you guessed it ethereum i could have easily picked this as number one as i believe a 30 move is coming within the next 10 days if you missed my ethereum prediction video you can click the link above it has a lot of great information and you're gonna like what you see if you're in e but the issue is it's so explosive that it could make that move within the one day of when i write this video and then when we actually post it who knows i don't actually need tokenmetrics to make this one pick you see tokenmetrics is ranking their short-term investments on upside but i think ethereum is not only a stellar pick to the upside but also the downside is very low i don't think there's any way ethereum takes a loss this month by the end of january ethereum could be sitting around two thousand to twenty five hundred dollars as we scroll through the rankings on token tokenmetrics looking for a top flight project the first one we arrive at is the number four pick of the month polka dot dot had seemed to stall out on the charts after an amazing rise to glory after its release but recently the technicals have indicated that it was in the midst of another major breakout and this is saying a lot considering it has had a 50 price increase and already is outpacing its major competitor ethereum over the last month in fact many people believe dot is a better version of the older smart contract platform in a bear market a 50 increase though would be enough for us to short it but in a bull market like we're in now where major coins are beginning their ascent to greatness all we need to do is look for dips after giant pumps simple short corrections so the encouragement would be for you to wait when selecting coins ripping upwards don't fomo just make sure you don't get them at the top of wicks and wait for some sexy red candles and number three and a lot of people aren't gonna want to hear this but i have bitcoin sv aka bitcoin satoshi's vision now this is where the tension between what i believe in and what i invest in comes into play guys i'm ruthless with investing and you should be too bitcoin etsy is a fork of bitcoin cash which is a fork of bitcoin the founder of bsv is the most hated and heinous man in crypto craig wright who surprisingly has been absent out of the public eye for almost a year now i'd probably say this has something to do with some legal issues but honestly that's purely speculation on my part i do not believe in bitcoin sv but tokenmetrics believes that by the end of the month it will pop upwards of 40 when you combine the fact this is a top 15 coin that hasn't had a big pump this week like everything else with the general rule that bitcoin forks often pump along with bitcoin we have a recipe for what could be explosive gains this month but long term this is not one i'm holding this is strictly a money play for january in number two i have banned protocol and i'll be honest with you every time my big band for a pic of the month has disappointed me band listen i'm talking straight to you you sexy oracle crypto i need you to pump and pump hard got a strict three strikes and you're out policy if you don't do it this time i might have to cut you loose ask neo how that works out not great but the fact is band is a great oracle project that is most likely to win out is the second best oracle project by chain link and it's going to eat up some of its market cap no doubt in my mind it's just a matter of when is it going to have another streak where it crushes the competition to make up some ground between it and link and it looks like to me could be on the cusp of that breakout tokenmetric shows some of the performance metrics of each project another one of its great features you can take advantage of by visiting but this chart here shows the cumulative returns of banned over the last several months and what we've just had over the last few weeks looks very similar to the beginning of the explosive rally band had in august you see a long streak of consolidation and now the breakout is starting against btc value i expect band to start this move in january that will end up with huge gains against btc and in us dollar value my number one pick of the month is dash and this is where a perfect storm of fundamentals and technicals come into play on the fundamental side there is a war against privacy coins going on while dash has tried to firmly establish itself as a digital payment solution cryptocurrency many people still consider it to be a privacy coin based on the fact it has a private send feature the people of the dash foundation have seen the light though the privacy coins are going to be phased out of traditional trading in many highly regulated countries like the us and australia but in the meantime they are getting swept up bittrex actually just announced they would be delisting monero z cash and dash on their exchange beginning january 15th now i know what you're thinking this is bad for privacy coins well i've brought this up several times what happens to ammo when chaos or fear takes over the united states or when overbearing gun haters get elected that's right the more they try to suppress guns and ammo the more scarce they become people love that second amendment and i'm one of them with privacy coins we've seen the same type of action when fear kicks in and these coins get attacked the prices rise dash is already one of my top picks for 2021 but january is a perfect month to kick it off the great thing about dash is like i mentioned earlier they're moving away from the privacy branding so while in the short term they get the advantages of the fear-mongering over the long-term project will be unaffected tokenmetrics agrees with me their ai machine learning price prediction models which are generally about 90 accurate shows dash having a nice flurry towards the end of this month so look for this project have a great start to the year what are your picks of the month for january let me know which ones you agree with and which ones i missed out on down below in the comments that's all i got be blessed bye [Music] you

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