Top 5 Coins I’m BUYING NOW (Best Crypto Gains Ahead)

welcome to bit boy crypto the largest crypto channel and all the interwebs my name is ben everybody on this channel show you how to make money in crypto if you like money and crypto then make sure to hit that subscribe button uh guys today i want to talk to you guys about something that we started talking about on the live stream today and it's the idea that this is part two potentially of this bull run what do i mean by that well what i mean by that is that uh you know we're getting the chance to do things again at the bottom if you wanted to be able to have the opportunity to buy alt coins at incredibly low prices which coins would you go back in time and buy more of and i think that if we are truly beginning a series two of this bull run this is the only clear way you should be thinking about it you should be trying to re-calibrate your portfolio i talked to you guys all the time about not getting over diversified in your investments and well i found myself in a sticky situation is i myself am over diversified in my portfolio and part of what i did over this weekend when i consolidated some of my portfolio was look at which coins should i be buying more of which one should i be unloading the under performers the ones that just haven't managed to stick out as much in the market as others and i i've came down with a list of five coins that i'm buying right now i'm going to be adding more of each one of these to my portfolio over the next one to two weeks um i believe that if we don't get things moving in the right direction in the next one to two weeks things get a little diceier but right now i am comfortable adding more of each one of these coins to my portfolio so let's start with number one number one i want to add more aetherium to my portfolio now early on in my crypto journey um or in my more recent crypto journey in the last couple of years i had a number that i wanted for a theorem over 1 000 aetherium it sounds crazy sounded super insane but you know what i did i got there i got to a thousand ethereum and i have that number in my mind for so long that was like once i got there i felt like i made it but the fact is i would way much rather hold ethereum than some of the other coins that i've had in my portfolio so obviously i think setting a new target for ethereum whether it's 2500 or 5000 ethereum or something like that is something that i want to start chipping away at a new goal for ethereum now we may only have a few weeks to collect it so i certainly may not be able to get that much more ethereum but guys i truly believe we'll be doing a video on this later this week i truly believe that ethereum will pass bitcoin in market cap during this bull cycle as long as we're not in a bear market which i don't think that we are right now uh so in my opinion that is what i think would be the best move for me is to consolidate and put more money into ethereum i got a pretty good plan to do that and i am going to be taking part of that so you will see when we do our next portfolio video uh who knows maybe at the end of this month or end of june uh i i you guys will see i will have more ethereum i don't know what that number is yet okay number two the next coin that i'm adding to my portfolio more of cardano okay right now i've got i had about the same initial investment in dot finance coin and cardano cardano has been the greatest performer in the history of my portfolio um and so it only makes sense with things dipping and we know that sometime between august and october we will be getting the uh smart contracts for cardano i am going to be adding more cardano to my portfolio um and going back to ethereum real quick i didn't want to say like of course the london hard fork they have coming in uh july will also be a big factor and why i want to get more ethereum same thing for cardano once these smart contracts are live and the ecosystem is is ready to be developed a lot more for you know a lot further i believe cardano is going to absolutely explode i think cardano may get half to its half to its future all-time high it's used your all-time high somewhere between eight and ten dollars i think cardano could easily be four to five dollars as long as we get bullish momentum they could be four to five dollars sometime around august so make sense throw a bunch of money in cardano and of course you know some of these picks are higher on the market cap why well they're safer than some of these you know that uh you know like number 398 on coin market cap yes it could 1000x or it could you know go much higher in cardano i'm looking for about a 5x for the rest of this bull run but it's a much safer pick and these coins hold much better than the ones lower on coin market number three xrp that's right guys i'm gonna be adding much more to my xrp bags uh over the next few weeks i think this is such a solid move guys i'm not sold on xrp for the long term yet i'm just not ripple labs is a company i am sold on the long term and if it goes public that could certainly be uh you know a big move that we could see go further to establish its at you know its token or it's coined the xrp coin as a more long-term hold i've got to see banks using xrp where they're using the ripple labs products but none of that matters for this bull run what does matter is the current sec lawsuit if this gets dismissed i expect this one to run out of these five i definitely believe xrp's the riskiest one because guess what guys it still is out in limbo we don't know exactly what's going to happen with this lawsuit i do think it's going to win so i'm anticipating that i am putting more money into uh putting more money into xrp over the short term looking for a big hype cycle for it uh the next coin number four once again going back to the idea of i wish i had more of this coin v chain right now it's coming at 12 cents i think it peaked at like 27 cents or something like that so a lot of room for it to just bounce and then i still ultimately believe it will be over a dollar in this bull run so a lot of upside for v chain and i do think that you know there is something to be said about vechain being the number one clear winner in its space which is supply chain tracking uh in the it has been busted up over this uh you know run to the downside i think it went all the way down to seven cents absolutely insane i think it's a good pick up here uh slightly over a dime right now i believe maybe 11 12 cents i do think it is a good pick up right here so v chain is another one i am going to be looking to add to my backs if this thing gets listed on coinbase some point during this bull run which i believe during this year which i believe it probably will be then i think we will see massive moves from v chain i want to be part of that number five the number five coin uh that i'm adding to my portfolio right now is elrond this is definitely not one that i consolidated now what can i see happen with elrond well when you look at smart contract platforms we've had several of them that have absolutely pumped and done super super super well okay but the issue is that elrond well it did have a massive pump at the end of last year and i think in january this year it really has fallen down since then look at something like solana okay solana had a run that carried it almost to the top 10 smart contract platform the smart contract platform coins they tend to have uh cycle runs like it's cyclical they will run way up they'll get dropped down we saw theta also which not technically smart contract platform but it is a decentralized video streaming platform we saw them run all the way up to the top ten we saw a file coin run almost all the way up there we saw polygon run up almost almost there and then what happens you see them drop well elrond has not had that massive run-up like i believe it is capable of doing so i'm expecting elrond the internet scale blockchain uh it's going to solve a lot of problems in blockchain uh and the token e-gold token has done very very very well i think we'll continue to see that happen so that's it guys those are my top five coins that i am buying right now during this prolonged accumulation basically looking at it as a second chance to accumulate i'm getting i got rid of a lot of my smaller holdings consolidated those into something that can actually pack a punch i suggest you guys do the same recalibrate your portfolios re-evaluate your portfolios and look back at the coins you wish you had more of and that's where you should be moving some of your smaller holdings to that's my opinion that's all i got guys drop some comments below let me know what coins you're looking at during this dip or this accumulation whatever we want to call this drop those down below in the comments section love you guys that's all i got be blessed goodbye out

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