TOP 5 Coins for May 2021 (Best Crypto Month Yet)

while april has turned out to be a red month for bitcoin many all coins exploded including many projects that made triple digit gains one of those projects we nailed as the hodlers of this coin saw everything green for the whole month our april picks of the month were some of our best yet can we top it in may is the only question find out what my top five gyms are for may in 2021 let's get it bit swap is the hottest new way to trade tokens crawling all the top decentralized exchanges bizwa will get you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at welcome to bitboy crypto the largest crypto channel in all the interwebs my name is ben every day i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money in crypto then make sure to hit that subscribe button in today's video we're going to be diving deep to find the best five crypto gyms for may of 2021 what will surely be an explosive month for bitcoin and all coins now as always for our monthly pick videos we'll be assisted by tokenmetrics our coin research site of choice tokenmetrics uses quant ai and machine learning in order to find the best coins for you to add to your portfolio if you want to give tokenmetrics a try make sure to head on over to deals scroll down to the token metrics section here you can get a seven day trial for less than five bucks what you got to lose make sure to grab that deal today and also before we get into may's picks we gotta go over our picks for april to see how we did bitcoin of course struggled this month seeing its first red month in seven months but many altcoins exploded including four out of our five picks the only coin that we picked that did not see a gain in either bitcoin value or usd value was theta for the month theta actually saw eight point six five percent loss in usd value and a three percent loss against bitcoin it's up ninety seven on the last year but it couldn't keep the good vibes going in april but fear not because the next more coins more than made up for it many people have been asking me whether or not i'm still bullish on synthetics snx has had a rough go of it for the past couple months compared to its previous explosive growth i'm still bullish on snx but honestly binance tokenizing stocks on its platform is a problem for synthetics who is basically doing the same thing without a platform as large as binance however synthetics still did very well seeing a 4.55 increase in usd value and an 11 increase versus btc pretty good month overall for snx next we have elrond now i was expecting eagle to have a good month guess what they delivered in april elrond saw a 30 increase in usd value and a 38 gain against bitcoin look for more big things from elrond this month next we have the coin that launched a cupid costume ethereum had quite the resurgence in april making new all-time highs and i look for that to continue as well in the short term in april ethereum saw a 51 increase in its usd price against bitcoin ethereum made up ground as it saw a 61 increase in bitcoin value and that's what it's all about but even that wasn't enough to take the top spot for april picks as one coin saw a doubling in price solana solana had one of the best months in all of crypto it made triple digit gains and usd value and in btc value seeing 122 spike against a dollar and a whopping 136 gain against bitcoin now if you had followed our april picks financial advice of course you would be seeing green all over your portfolio okay so we had over 200 total gains for the month but what about may i think for this month i've got some big certified winners coming in at number five i have ftx token it's a little tricky because the ticker is actually ftt so how good is ftx well binance is copying them ftx was the first exchange to create tokenized derivative versions of stocks including tesla and coinbase finance made news when they began doing that last month as well but ftx's exchange did it first if you're unfamiliar with ftx's exchange you won't be unfamiliar for long ftx actually signed a deal with the nba's miami heat to get the naming rights for their arena so every time a game or an event is held in the miami arena everyone will be exposed to ftx the ftx chart is also looking like it's ready for its next leg up i believe may will end up with a much more expensive ftx token as it could exceed one dollar per token in the near future at number four i have chain link link had a resurgence in april but seems to be coiling up for another major move chainli of course is the number one overall blockchain oracle project and has fared incredible over the last few years but if you look at the overall pattern of link on the charts you'll see it generally has large bikes crashes accumulation and then it does it all again now as the bull market continues to get more bullish this year these accumulation stages are becoming smaller and smaller this leads to a parabolic crescendo at the end of this market cycle that will most likely come in quarter four of this year especially for all coins to me link seems to be at the point where it's ready to explode again it's fallen outside of the top ten coming at number 12 right now it's been as high as the top five before i believe it has the strength to get there again very soon may could be the month where it starts to climb once again towards those higher rankings in my opinion i will be shocked if we do not see a 50 link by the end of the month coming in at number three i have luna this is the second time in three months that tara is on our monthly coins list and the last time we included them they saw a triple digit percentage gained making it one of the most profitable coins we had ever covered in our monthly picks the question is how much more upside does tara have well it actually managed to go all the way up to the top 12 before falling down to currently its position at number 25.

It's held tough in the top 30 but it's a far cry from where it was at its peak one of the things though that people underestimate with luna is its tokenomics luna has some very interesting stuff happening in terms of burning its supply every time the stable coin of the ludin block chain is minted luna itself gets burned the stable coin ust is a driver of that burning mechanism when more luna is burned the more valuable the remaining luna is these functions have led to a sustainable rally for tara luna and i think that continues this month in number two i have polka dot and of course a side mention of kusama you have to understand when polkadot pumps kusami usually does too so they move in tandem but more on dot i believe may is going to show the return of polka dot i actually bought eight hundred thousand dollars worth of dot this month so let's get more into why well first and foremost he's only had a double bottom for polka dot on the charts you see the beautiful balance off the 30 level here while it's easy to see the dot could return to 40 or even 45 dollars i believe this is the month dot shakes the 45 dollar resistance and surges well above 50 a breakout is upon us for polka dot and i believe it may happen in may i was supposed to be a pun when it comes to dot it's all about the ecosystem now recently a huge chunk of a 16 million investment was allocated to help develop cosmos and polka dot projects as the projects on the networks grow there's no doubt the network effects will strengthen similar to what we have seen with ethereum for a while dot was hot but more recently it hasn't seen nearly the same type of love from investors but i think that changes in may and you want to be part of it not financial advice of course but i have put my money where my mouth is and i'm counting on a huge move coming in at number one i can tell you tj is going to be thrilled what's your shirt say tj that says this t-shirt is more decentralized than ripple i have xrp i do want to give this pick a disclaimer though it is by far my riskiest pick of the month there is a chance this backfires an xrp slumps back below a dollar if the sec were to come out on top with their lawsuit against ripple labs this coin could get the death penalty meaning it could go to zero but i'm a firm believer now that won't happen i've done a total 180 on my opinion on the lawsuit and this is because we've received tons of new information that indicates rubble labs is the odds-on favorite right now to win the case i've got a sneaky suspicion that this entire case could be dismissed this month and this will open the absolute floodgates or xrp to finally hit all the crazy numbers its investors in the xrp army have been dying for i think that it's extremely likely that sometime over the 30-day period following a win in the sec case xrp would be well on its way toward new all-time highs close to four dollars xrp pumped and has now been simmering but it looks like it's about to bust your resistance top two dollars i bought over one hundred thousand dollars worth of xrp two weeks ago and i think it's about to pay off big time but let me know what you think about xrp in our picks for the month drop those down below that's all i got be blessed [Music] it's [Music]

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