Top 5 Best Dapp Platform Coins | Ethereum, Solana, Cardano. Which crypto is better?

i really want to ask you this question because 
you do have such a unique perspective you guys are   building on ethereum you're on binance smart chain 
as well for this question let's take ethereum out   of it um but for the other dapp platforms would 
you just rank them based on just what you like or   what you see the best future in out of those 
prominent smart contract platforms in space   tough uh yeah from all of the new evm like 
uh platforms it's it's it's changed so much   uh at first i would have said polygon like 
if you'd have asked me like a month ago um   now looking at it i i don't know solana 
got so much attention uh and it can run   smart contracts on evm and also under us it's 
a little bit easier to use for developers   so i think solana probably has a bright future 
um but i i think for the decentralized side it's   gonna be thing it is probably going to be polygon 
they're going to be pushing this you know really   decentralized the pure d5 people who are using 
caravan nave uh probably going to be sticking   on things like polygon but i think for the gaming 
side and the upside solana and potentially harmony   um are gonna be the ones in my opinion that are 
gonna are gonna be the yeah over the next few   months six months getting the most attention so 
polygon uh solana harmony i assume bsc as well   because you guys are building on that yeah i mean 
bs bsc for me i is not going anywhere like bsc   they were the first people who you know balanced 
much bnb came out what 2018 i think and it was   on its own chain now it's a maori chain but when 
they release finance smart chain last september   well yeah yeah it's been just over a year now um 
you know it was the first time people realized   that you can run a you're running the evm network 
all the smart contracts are compatible so i think   finance smart train won't go anywhere for gaming 
but it's not truly decentralized so i think for   for games running play-to-one models things like 
that it's got a really bright future i don't think   it's gonna stop pancake swap is massive um right 
now it's been massive since it launched really um   but yeah it doesn't have that fully decentralized 
structure because it has just the 21 nodes run by   violence um so i have a feeling like it's gonna 
be a mix for games and things fine and smart   change is perfectly fine and for those pushing d5 
i think it's going to be more on the polygon side   interesting what about some of the others that 
have gained favor in the past year or two such   as cardano or elrond or cosmos or phantom 
any thoughts on those uh i loved cardano   like when i was following the project development 
ages ago but i think it just got it took   so long to get to the point that it's 
hard to get the smart contracts running   uh and even now that the smart contracts are live 
on the platform it's running smart contracts on a   on a utxo platform i it to me i it's just not at 
the same level as even ethereum okay ethereum as   the gatsby issue but it it just it got the right 
product probably but it just a couple of even if   it delivered this two years ago it would have been 
you know the biggest thing finance smart chain   would have been forgotten but i think they just 
took a little bit too long on development they   might come out and surprise me um let's see uh i 
i really like charles when he started working on   it but um let's let's see what they deliver for 
sure i i i agree with that general sentiment um

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