Top 5 Altcoins for 2021 Q4 Bullrun (Perfect Portfolio REVEALED)

welcome to bitboy crypto home of the bitcoin the largest and greatest crypto community and all the interwebs my name is ben every day on this channel i show you how to make money in crypto and today i'm certainly going to show you to do that is i'm going to be can i talk i'm going to be revealing to you the top five altcoins that will give you a perfect portfolio for the rest of this bull run now we'll talk about what that uh what that means here in a second but uh yes first and foremost go brace right we won last night getting ready to head out to the world series game tonight that's why all weekend you guys won't be getting my three minute crypto wrap up videos as i will be um kind of a busy weekend falcons game tomorrow in the suite and we got braves world series games uh you know every night son's birthdays tomorrow so we got a lot going on so we'll be back to those on monday but let's get to the video let's get to the crux of what i mean here well recently there was a report put out using a quant driven uh score called a a vortex score that's v-o-r-t-e-c-a-s v-o-r-t-e-c-s or and harley speak today this score was created by quant computing okay and what it did was is it scrolled the entire you know major altcoin market uh i think probably the top 100 200 coins somewhere around there obviously it's not taking into consideration uh the you know coin 742 but it spit out five coins that have extremely high vortex scores on this quant grade now these coins are not going to get you super rich overnight but these are the five coins that had the highest average score in the heart the highest predictable roi so not only are you getting a good roi with these but it's predictable meaning that the past performance of these coins over this entire bull run has been much more positive like let's look at cardano for instance cardano we know it moves in waves every time the market goes up cardo doesn't go up every time we've seen over the last few weeks ethereum same thing all five of these coins they're certainly not guaranteed of course past performance is not indicative of future performance but these are almost all guarantee your best bets for positive rois every leg up the bitcoin takes for the rest of this bull run now of course these are not the coins uh that are the top ones in my portfolio um we own most yeah most of these coins here but here they are guys here are the five coins with the best predictability that you can make a part of your portfolio that are pretty much i can't say guaranteed because i can't give you financial advice and i can't say it's guaranteed but the closest thing to a guarantee for return for the rest of this bull run coming in at number one the best possible coin for the remainder of this bull run according to this quant grade avalanche now i've been telling you for a while avalanche is very similar to polygon uh they had a big money flowing into avalanche uh venture capital andreessen horowitz uh you know they just raised a bunch of money from uh three arrows capital here about uh two months ago it was 300 million dollars i believe or maybe it's 230 million it was a lot of money that they raised so not only is there a potential for explosiveness with avalanche it's predictable the price is going to go up for the rest of this bull run coming in next we have one of my uh one of the coins that i don't own but i wish that i did actually infinity this is one of those coins that i've just kind of said you know what we missed it i'm just going to give up on this one and just wait until the next bull run and start accumulating it well this information actually says maybe not a bad idea to still accumulate even at these outrageous prices for axia infinity this is a gaming token of course an ft token um you know it's a play to earn feature on the axiomfinity game um they're actually infinity creatures they're like little snarfs or something i i don't know what they are but actually infinity great predictable returns i think it's going to keep going uh next we have one of my favorite coins matic and i just realized we only own matic and polygon on this list or we only own avalanche and matic on this list so matic is a layer to ethereum solution it continues to crush it it does really really well uh it's it seems like almost that it isn't that predictable i would have said before i read this report that polygon sometimes doesn't move with the market but that's not true maybe there's a little bit of a delay to where it starts running a little bit after the market okay but number three is polygon great predictable returns you definitely want a piece of polygon this is one that we will be holding long term uh we think it's got high potential cartesia is another one kind of in the same vein you guys know i'm an advisor with cartesi so you know i guess they pay me and i'm supposed to say it's great but the truth is it's great and we love it it's our longest partner we've had on the channel cartesi so if you're looking for maybe a low-cap gym with the same kind of explosiveness that polygon has especially staying up for the next bull run i would say take a look at cartesia if you haven't yet uh coming in at number four uh we have another coin that we whiffed on we've talked about the advantages of it and how it's been you know doing pretty well here on the channel a good bit we've actually picked it as one of our coins of the month several months ago and it you know rewarded us by crushing it and rewarded it by clout and credibility on the channel not in my portfolio because we don't own it that is luna now luna also uh that uh you know uh tara tara luna luna's the actual tigger symbol uh they've been getting involved in d5 with their stable coin a lot of great stuff to like about this one they're working they're partnering with a lot of different platforms they're continuing to grow and define and i think that tara is one you know i've told you it's one of my top coins we want to accumulate in the bear market but just like i said with axi infinity we may actually want to go ahead and put a position in so i'll keep you guys updated on whether we do that or not because since it is predictable you can trust the price to most likely go up and give you a good return on your investment with tara even though it's already exploded it was the number four scoring coin um on this uh by this vortex quant driven computer grading system so now let's go with number five now this is not a coin that i own um funny story actually met with the creators of this coin back in september of 2019 i mean i really do want to talk about women i really missed missed on that one like the astros did for the first seven innings of the game last night uh zero hits through seven innings but the fact is is that this project is called teller t-e-l-l-o-r and the ticker symbol is trb so i met with the people i actually interviewed them there's a bunch of these interviews that i did at this conference that never got released i don't even know why i didn't have the footage but they were telling me back then about their decentralized oracles kind of a competitor to chain link but heavily focused on decentralized finance heavily focused on defy but they explained to me how actually the truth is is that chain links oracles themselves are not really decentralized the actual oracles themselves have a bit of a centralized nature well whereas teller everything is a hundred percent uh decentralized and this is a sneaky one because a lot of you guys probably have never heard of teller like i said the ticker symbol is uh trb but it got the number five score so i want to know from you guys what are the coins that you're leaning on for the rest of this bull run to give you a predictable roi and which ones are you leaning on to be those low cap gyms that can 100 x you go and drop those down below in the comments hope you enjoyed this video keep you guys updated on whether or not we actually put that position in let's go braves tomahawk chop and i guess that's all i got be blessed bye

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