Top 5 Altcoins Crypto Picks – Altcoins With Great Potential on the Top 100

hi crypto fans welcome to ccs cryptocurrency state my name is santiago i'm a web developer and investor and in today's video i'm going to review the top five allcoin peaks over the top 100 without counting the top for the top 10. these coins are selected because fundamentals and also because of the technical analysis reasons remember that i launched the most amazing giveaway on crypto i will be giving half of a bitcoin to one person and five ethereum to five different persons so if you want to subscribe to the giveaway the link is in the description it's completely free and will take you just a couple of clicks but remember that you need to be subscribed to the channel with a vellum in order to participate and please leave me your comments on the video about this top this top five you have these coins what are your top five bitcoins right now in this bull run without anything else let's go into it [Music] hey guys the first coin for my top five right now is kusama ranking 41 and kusama is the token for the veta blockchain of polkadot what usually is called the canary network if you are not familiar with polkadot and kusama you can see my video about polkadot where i explain in detail the technical aspects of polkadot and also kusama but this token right now we have our top at 546 dollars and we are down from an all-time high 150 dollars almost so that would be one reason now to pay attention on this if i go to the chart of kusama we have been on this um parabolic here and we broke that parabolic uptrend once we get we had our all-time high here and from there we are consolidating on this range we held support three times already on this rectangle which was before our previous high so right now we are forming like a kind of descending triangle with this trend line with these two three peaks here and three stars here and having this base here of what i mentioned this was the last uh top and these are the three corrections that we have that held support over here and these also coincide with the fibonacci extension the 3a2 so i think right now we will be forming some support and resistance over this triangle and the way to try this or enter a position here is you can enter a position on the support area on the triangle it's a little risky because we also could lose that support but in this case if we want to continue working on the triangle we could trade it once the we broke up of the triangle formation over here or even if you miss that chance or you want to be more sure once we pass all this resistance area that will mean that we from this area to the all-time high we have all this potential as uptrend into our previous all-time high maybe we could have a double top and come back to test the triangle formation to a red bounce or maybe we can just block this and go directly to a new world and height but these two areas are the areas to see if you want to enter a position here but i think kusama still is a good chance to to to pick this all coin in the indicators we are a little overextended on the macd we probably could see this turning up for the outside on the next days um rsi and phi is very neutral right now so it's not a bad moment to enter but of course i prefer to enter into a position when i have more technical analysis clarity like here my second outgoing for this video is harmony the token one is ranked in position 82 right now it's 13 cents and harmony has been parabolic uh from the end of january from eighth of a cent already to an all-time high of 19 cents um i love this project i think has a very strong fundamentals um let me know if you are familiar with this project or you want me to do a project review on this video i'm only focused on on the ta right now to explain a little bit and a possible entry point but if you like this project and want me to to do a specific video comment in the video but this is one of the best projects right now on the top 100.

If i see the chart from a harmony where we got this complete parabolic uptrend here uh right now we are consolidating we have our peak um on this price then we consolidate about here but this weekend we have the the downtrend on bitcoin and all the all coins so we we lose that support and right now we are trending between that as resistance and we have this trend line here that held support here also was the 0.6 fibonacci this closes exactly between our trend line on this um other support areas here and our 0.6 which will validate more this trend line for the future so in the future if we get into this trendline again still will be very valid and we also now i find him for coming back and get this at 3. and the 0.382 fibonacci extension support so something important here even that we lost that is that we are in a very healthy situation already from september we are we were creating higher highs on the other side and we have been creating higher lows on the rsi also right now we are near to to check this again so it's very important right now if we held support on this rsi and then we could create another all-time high on the other side right now i think the recycler is uh man minding this chart so pay attention to this trend line if you are trading one because it's very important right now but anyways one way to trade this is once we break again this trend line the 0.328 to a fibonacci extension where it was support all the way here on this consolidation because we are in a bull run and i don't think and we are going to go too much lower from what happened this weekend we went down like a 20 so if we recover this air support i think it's a well a nice place to enter a position on on one and pay attention to this also the other indicators are neutral we need to expect a little but that will be an entry point for one when we broke again this trend line and held this support before we continue with the video remember that i am doing an amazing giveaway i will be giving half of a bitcoin to one winner and five ethereum to five different winners if you want to participate it's super easy just a couple of clicks follow the link in the description but remember that you need to be subscribed to the channel with the bell on to be considered martha alcorn is waves the interesting thing here is that we block a new alternate height that we have on the last bull run here and we have a new all-time high right now we are consolidating but broken the last fuel 105 is very a very good sign for waves one thing to mention here is that waves also started this uh this parabolic trend that we have here uh before most of the altcoins most of the alcohol is started here by the end of december 2020 while waves already started in august so this gave him a lot of impulse to get this parabolic track here and we have this parabolic also marking the support area the resistance area so we are in a kind of parabolic channel and we have been held in these uh higher highs higher lows on the rsi and this will also be important right now we are testing it again and we need to maintain this support because that will mean that we could continue this parabolic curve if we break this curve that will mean bad news to wipes so what i will do in terms of trading this or enter a long position for for holding is avoid the support on the other side even if we have a bearish magnicross here and we need to wait what happened um with the support on this parabolic curve so if we have support here right now we are struggling exactly with that line if we have support here then you need to wait this air area here and if we held support around this also that will mean that you can enter a position here on waves and that will be a good place because that will mean that maybe we have another um upside on the price and we have been broken the previous all-time high so right now is a very good moment for waves well my four coin is used right now in position 81 at seven cents the thing with eos is that we pass this previous height that we have at seven cents but we didn't pass our previous all-time high so that's a very good situation because between seven cents and ten cents there are not resistant points so right now we could be turning again into the 10 cents very soon and test the previous holding high and even pass it but the thing that you have a chance from two cents and a half mainly without resistance and if we check the chart for yields against usdt we have this interesting symmetrical triangle in the rsi we have support all the way here all these times so from december middle december we have creating higher higher lows which is very bullish but at the same time we have creating lower highs which is bearish so right now that's why we are in this symmetrical triangle on the other side this is a very important pattern right now in the reside so to enter a position on eos right now besides the uptrend channel that we have here you have a conservative option that is when we break um this this strand here on the outside of the channel i will mark this as a fake out in order to get this trendline correctly that doesn't mean that is the only way to draw this chart but um you can enter a position here once we break or you can enter a position inside the channel which is a little more risky because we could support here and consolidate lower but this will be also another way to to enter a position because all the times that we get into the trend line here we went into a new high over here the second time three times four times six times already and always creating higher highs on the on the chart so two things to check here i will be waiting what happened with a symmetrical triangle here um you you can have a decision what you want to do uh what place to enter a position maybe and my last coin for the video is icon um icon has been also performing well but it's very far from the old time high and even beyond the previous hype to that so we still think it has potential the fundamentals still are good if we see the chart we also have been in this channel creating higher highs each time and higher lows that is the most important thing the the creation of higher lows and we held support over this trend line here um on the last time because of the at the weekend that we break support on bitcoin and the icons are bleeding right now but besides that we can make this symmetrical triangle here from first of april and to enter a position in nikon for trading or for holding i will wait to we break the resistance area of all these days here that we close it below them so if this symmetrical triangle breaks to the upside then i you could enter a position here and if right to the left side also will mean that we break this trend again like we did today but the weeks are not important in this case we are waiting for daily closes so there will be an enter to a long position and if you want to short this icon i will weigh also the the close uh of the daily candle here so this will be a good area to enter a short position if that is your intention in terms of indicator there are not much to say here so that is all for this video we have kusama harmony waves eos and icon i think the five and all altcoins have a lot of potential right now uh leave me your comments on the video where are your five picks all coins to enter in a position right now i leave the out the top ten i i think still there's a lot of project on the top 10 that you can consolidate the position but uh this even if are a little more risky i think they have a lot of more potential because the market cap is still is in for example kusama 3 billions and right now in this world run is not too much so you can experience more profits with more risk on these coins but anyway remember this is always my my opinion and if you want to participate in the giveaway subscribe to the channel with the bell on and it's a couple of clicks it's free you can win half of bitcoin or one of the five ethereums that i will be giving um give me the thumbs up on the video if you you liking this top five and leave me your comments about your coins what you expect or a top five coins um that's it for today i see you in the next video bye

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