Top 3 NFT Projects Primed to PUMP (HUGE 10x GAINS)

[Music] welcome to nft update i'm your host dz i'm justin we come to you every saturday 11 a.m what do we do here we go over everything hot in the nft space and it's constantly moving right now there's so many different things going on in the nft space in this episode we're gonna have some low cap gems we're gonna have a really good upcoming nft project it's gonna launch two hours after this video but but first let's get into the news a little bit uh there's something pretty big going on with visa so visa just bought a crypto punk they spent 150 thousand dollars god i'm kicking myself for not picking one up yeah uh immediately after dozens and dozens of crypto punks were bought then the floor meaning the lowest price for a crypto punk then became 200 two hundred thousand dollars for one crypto car for 124 pixel by 24 pixel jpeg who knew that was gonna happen it's uh basically the the mona lisas of the nft world yeah yeah well i had uh somebody reach out on telegram i got a random telegram message from my buddy crypto rex he sent me a message uh to get in on these koalas koala intelligent agency um i was somehow whitelisted on the project don't ask me how i bought [Music] did you have the qualifications i did i did have the qualifications uh so i ended up buying seven at .05 that's what they meant it for .05 two days later the floor of the koalas one each one ethereum i've already sold four of them i'm holding on to three right now but i sold four of them for a round on average point eight ethereum yeah zero five i mean you're looking at a 20x minus the gas it's unreal it's unreal that that you could you could make a semi a a two-day trade and 20x your position yeah that's huge it's very big i mean even uh the small cap alts are lucky to do a 5 or a 10x but 20x is nuts that's not all also budweiser is getting into the nft game they just recently yeah they just bought a nft 25 000 they're starting to add to their collection they also bought the beer.eth domain yeah they're moving in they're moving these big companies yeah you just talked about visa now budweiser these companies are moving into blockchain moving into nfts and we're starting to see it in a big way yeah the mass adoption it's coming it's here but it's just beginning we're still early yes yes we are i would agree with that all right well let's uh let's talk about some of these low-cap gems and this upcoming launch that we got going what's our first low-cap gym number one we have charged particles charged particles is a project that i've been looking into for about two months now very cool unique disruptive tech you can actually take a pre-mented nft on wearable or you can go met one on their platform and you can charge the nft with another nft or other erc20 tokens so i mean you're charging this thing up with with power almost just like a super saiyan dragon ball z yes so but but that's not it that's not all so not only are you able to charge these tokens charge these actual nfts you can then set a time unlock for these assets to be unlocked so real a real world case use case for this kind of technology could be like a contract so like let's say i hire you for 12 months and uh we're going to pay a thousand dollars a month so instead of you worrying if i'm going to pay you or not i can give you an nft and have a every month unlock of 1 000 usdt okay so you can uh you can lock in fungible tokens which would be like a usdt what about nfts can you can you charge them with nfts yeah yeah that's that's a good point so imagine your favorite who's your favorite hip-hop superstar it's uh vanilla ice that's what i was that's what i thought that's what i thought you were gonna say yeah so imagine if mr ice yeah that's what i call him yeah what is his real name isn't it something uh van winkle rob it might be rob van winkle anyways put that in the comments bob it's something very strange let us know in the comments yeah very cheesy anyways what if mr ice actually sold you an nft of the cover of an album and then inside that nft he set it to unlock a track a week like every week a new track unlocks that would be huge and i mean my mind's just racing with the possibilities we like comic books comics you know you could buy the cover and maybe you know get uh 12 pages every week yeah one page a week two pages a week or you you buy one nft and you get an entire volume of a story of a comic book very very cool so yeah very very disruptive technology you can see this kind of uh seeping into several different areas in many different industries it's got a very small market cap of around 6 million that is very very small for reference axi infinity between 5 and 6 billion so almost a thousand times before we would even reach that size oh you're so good at math can can you imagine a i mean i'm not saying it a thousand x but just imagine if it 10 or 100 x just a fraction just let's just say it does twenty percent of the growth can you imagine getting in now on on a project that's that small that has that much potential i will say this uh that the tech behind it is uh that is a pretty strong utility oh huge huge and you can buy this uh this token you can buy it on uniswap everybody's favorite decks it is an erc20 token so you will need ethereum to purchase it but yeah it's on it's on unit swap we are very bullish i am personally invested in this project i'm not gonna lie i do have a small bag of it um i'm very bullish on it charge particles uh what's the coin ticker i o n x okay o i o n x well that's gonna take us to our next topic here we listened to the comments you said all right that's great you're telling us about these nft projects that are already launched but what's about to drop well this one's going to drop two hours after this goes live so saturday 1 pm eastern it's going to be the 28th of august crypto demons demons right [Music] sounds scary it is very scary but no it is a very very exciting launch they're going to have a video game capabilities they have rpg planned they're gonna have mmorpg which is massive multiplayer online rpg they're gonna have a native token they're gonna have an in-game casino and the in-game token will actually be able to be used to buy in-game items or use in the casino uh what's your favorite casino game i am a i love roulette that's that's that's the the game when i go to a casino i get stuck on the roulette table all right well yeah you'll be able to use it in that casino plus they're going to have staking rewards uh metaverse items that can transfer to other metaverses they have a very very good roadmap and the game is supposed to be out with about three months that's not too bad that's not too bad at all actually so it's launching saturday but that's not all what is it by 2022 play to earn and it's going to be deflationary oh that's that play to earn right now in the nft space is huge yeah so the way they want to uh really ramp it up you can turn your three demons into a spawn two demons oh it's like a breeding mechanism right but it gets even better ten demons turn into a spawn three demons so powerful yeah you're gonna be able to stake these for ethereum and as well as the in-game currency and so i imagine like each stage you go up is a more powerful staking yes yes and they're doing the math the dev team they're working out the the correct percentages they want to make sure that the game is going to have a long lasting uh playability yeah i was on the call when you were talking to the team very cool team they seemed very devoted to the project a lot of fire in the background fire horns were involved but overall pretty good dude uh i thought and the roadmap was very impressive i did like the roadmap i like a lot of milestones on a roadmap it tells me that they really thought this project yeah and i found this through twitter i tweeted out what's an upcoming project that you guys are excited about it was the main one that popped up i saw a couple people mention it i checked out a few projects and to me it looked like the most exciting so guess what what's up they're working with us really we're gonna give away some demons but the details at the end of the episode oh nice so that's going to be our giveaway this week so that's going to be yeah we'll go over that stay tuned but we got another project for you yes we do all right so uh our third project is going to be chain guardians uh chain guardians is no stranger to the channel we've actually been working with them for a few months now we've done some stuff with our bclash nfts they've actually integrated that into their mining so if you haven't learned how to do this at the end of this video we are going to have a short video explaining how to uh actually take our nfts and mine with them on the chain guardians platform so i do encourage you guys to to stay tuned throughout the whole video and watch that at the end it's going to be a very short clip but it's some really good information all right and chain guardian is that's that group in space in the marvel universe with groot right yeah groot and that weird raccoon yeah yeah what's up with the raccoon guy i don't know right he's so mad about being a raccoon embrace yourself embrace yourself but anyway so jane guardian's a very powerful uh company uh a project in the nft space i'm hearing things i'm i got people that tell me a lot they tell me a lot about what's going on and i'm hearing that chain guardians is about to explode what are you hearing through the grapevine can you give us any kind of hint i'm just saying there's some partnerships coming down there's some investments that are coming in there's a lot of big people big money people that are getting behind this project because they've learned about the tech that their team is putting together if you're trying to get a better idea of of the opportunity you have with chain guardians so imagine being able to invest in axi infinity 12 months ago i would be on uh a yacht or in a lambo right now exactly yeah so that's the opportunity you have right now this tech is so good the partnerships and the strength that this team has right now and the momentum really is that's the kind of opportunity that you have by taking a look at chain guardians today so their ticker is cgg and you can also find this one on unit swap as well as some other centralized exchanges but it is another one of those very disruptive technologies in the nft space yeah i checked out their gameplay the art direction is incredible it's uh kind of reminds me of a square old school final fantasy type of vibe it's really really cool yeah not not only is it nft gaming but they also have something called chain boost which is onboarding new projects uh not only are they doing nfc gaming but they also have chain boost which is a type of launch pad for other projects to onboard users uh and invite people into their community so they've also they've done other projects like babylon which you've heard us talk about right here on this channel which did i think a 20x at this point yeah and they also did spores which is another project that did a 5 or 10x i can't remember exactly how much they did but these are these are projects that have utilized the chain boost which is part of chain guardians ido and pre-ido launches yeah i've actually had some messages people saying thank you for these low-cap gems saying you know this is some life-changing money and i do read the messages and we appreciate it and that's what we're here for bring you these opportunities we're not trying to hide it for ourselves we're trying to share this information yes all the the links that we're talking about will be in the description as well including the uniswap links and the website links all right well it's time to talk giveaways now oh what are we uh the demons we're giving away some demons oh we did give out thousand dollars and bobby token two five lucky winners uh we tweeted it out so congrats to the five people who listened last week won a thousand dollars a piece this time we're giving away some demons god that sounds so scary all right so all you have to do is check out their twitter it's at crypto demons with the z at crypto demons retweet their pin tweet and we're gonna be giving five demons away five units away and so if you're having problems finding that we will have that link in the description for the giveaway with an easier breakdown so everybody kind of understands what they need to do in order to to participate in this giveaway yeah very very excited yes i am too so yeah i mean don't be like me and not get involved in some of these avatar projects like lonely aliens i had that opportunity i didn't do it this these avatar projects right now are blowing up and i think y'all heard last week that we were doing our own avatar project which we are which is pluto alliance so you all need to stay tuned i think next week we might go into a little more detail about this project that we're so excited about yeah like i said we've already given away five thousand dollars so and we haven't even launched yet this is going to be unlike any nft drop ever and the demons though i'm pretty excited about that too they have gameplay they have a lot of uh player-based economies in it it's going to be huge huge huge well i think that's all we got time for this week i think we do have a video at the end yes it's ben from chain guardians he's actually going to explain the mining process taking rnfts the b clash bitverse nfts and using them to mine tokens on their platform so please stay tuned for that you can earn chain guardians you can earn ethereum bit token but that's all we got time for this week i believe yep see you next week all right next week saturday 11 a.m set those notifications smash that like button thanks everybody thanks chain guardians collaborates with bitboys bitverse community to empower digital asset holders avenues of earning income through nftd5 bitboy has over 5 million social media followers across his platform cementing the bitverse community as one of the most enthusiastic and passionate communities in the entire world subsequently chain guardians is revolutionizing blockchain gaming through player driven economies cutting edge tech and free to play play to earn video game experiences this explosive collaboration aims to bridge communities create lucrative opportunities for nft d5 and further expand user-oriented nft utilities chain guardians will be integrating the bit versus clash nft series onto the nft mining platform eligible bit vs nft holders can stake their nfts for a chance to earn on-chain rewards and much more highlighting the concept of industry changing user oriented nft d5 to further underpin our collective commitment to the bitverse and shane guardians communities the bitboy and chain guardians teams have infused 600 000 bit tokens as rewards through the nft mining platform so what does it all mean users can purchase nfts to hold collectible value support their favorite brands like chain guardians and bipers and earn passive income to celebrate this collaboration both the bit versus clash nft series and the bit rewards have received a multiplier for the first 30 days substantially increasing both the rate at which you earn rewards and the amount of the rewards you realize so how can you get started with this nft defy experience as shown on your screen navigate to and register an account the next step is to purchase a chain guardian's native nft or bitverse clash nft as eligible then navigate to the screen as shown and sync your assets to ensure that they show up in your account after syncing your assets eligible nfts will become present as shown in the mining interface on the screen it's important to recognize that each nft has a designated hash rate which represents power levels and likelihood of earning rewards for more information check out the blog in the description below as you're navigating through the interface you can select up to nine nfts to optimize your team and increase your cumulative hash rate thus the likelihood of earning on chain rewards as you're moving to submit your nfts users can select between a solo or collective pool mining experience if the ladder is selected users work together to earn rewards and equitably split said rewards block rewards are distributed every 20 minutes and contain a minimum of cgc with an opportunity to earn bit tokens cgg and more to come the nft mining game is an off-chain experience that mirrors and gamifies on-chain interactions as such users will never have to pay gas for participating however they do have to resubmit their nfts every day with rotating participation windows to ensure equal opportunities for involved parties in conclusion chain guardians and bitboy are collaborating to empower digital asset holders avenues of income generation through nfts any questions comments concerns please join chain guardian social medias and we will answer them as inquiries come in have a wonderful day and welcome to the crypto verse [Music] you

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