Top 3 Low Cap Gems (Best NFT Crypto Opportunity)

[Music] welcome to nft update i'm your host dz and i'm justin and we come to you every saturday 11 a.m telling you all the latest news in the nft space well today we got a good show we have three low-cap gyms for you guys to invest in they're all nft marketplace plays all right so we're gonna go right into it number one we have curate token the ticker is xc you are and see you are already excited aren't you are you excited i'm thrilled all right let's talk about curate here it is felis bidding felis minting it's it's basically a gas free marketplace you don't have to pay for normally you know you have exorbitant gas fees to do all these transactions you can also have gasless transfers on this marketplace as well another way curate distances itself from these other marketplaces is they have one-click minting also cross-chain functionality cross-chain is going to be huge absolutely so another really big feature of this marketplace they're gonna have a fiat on-ramp and off-ramp and currently you want to guess their market cap what is it it's only 13 million dollars there's definitely still room for this one to grow absolutely all these features uh and more more protocols are moving into the space cardano polygon this is going to be huge exactly and if you want to check this out it's curate dot style link will be in the description all right so for our second coin number two we have babylon ticker will be a or b-a-b-i so babylon reminds me of wearable wearable was a marketplace that hit this scene 12 months ago on ethereum everybody was thrilled to use it super super easy to use artists could mint could sell their items could transfer their items on this marketplace very inexpensive but then as the price of ethereum started going up you saw the users on wearables start going down the transaction fees were crazy it would cost a hundred dollars sometimes just to meant when nft and you were only trying to sell it for 20 bucks just wasn't wasn't a good fit so babylon solved this issue by launching on binance smart chain and if you've known anything about binance smart chain it's extremely cheap to use it the transaction fees are next to zero you can mint you can sell your nfts for minting less than a penny all right so it's a it's a binance smart chain nft plate it's they're first in the space right absolutely but they're also doing some other things some play to earn aspects to it where you get airdrop their native token ba beyond what's what they're doing is really cool if you put a game asset on their marketplace and sell it you actually will get airdrop baby token babi to your account baby's ido will be launching on trustpad and also on chain boost the 16th and 17th so just a couple of days from now monday and tuesday of next week you can you can get access to this project then you can invest in the project the market cap when they launch is going to be less than 200k 200 wait surely you mean 200 million no 200k when you're looking at something like wearable which is the eighth comparison their market caps like 70 80 million you can imagine how much room is that they have to grow yeah we're looking at a like a 400 x and you still wouldn't be that big so definitely a lot of room on the upside here i would say absolutely definitely one that you want to invest in okay and uh where can we find this so they actually already have a working product which is better than most products that launch their their their website is you can already mint and sell your items on this marketplace okay i'll definitely be checking that one out too cool so our number three token is spores it's tigger's spo and it's an nft play that's wanting to really move into hollywood there's a lot of big names that uh we've uh we can't divulge any details but let's just say there's some big players behind the scenes that's i think really going to make this launch successful but they want to get into anime they want to get into film they want to get into tv music so they want to cover all the artists aspects on the nft marketplace all right so similar to these other launches they also have you know cross-chain functionality they're also going to have a fiat on-ramp and off-ramp but one thing they're going to have different is nft d5 and i'm really excited about that nft d5 what do you mean that's right so a d fight normally you know you get paid you know whether it's a liquidity pool or something like that this is similar where you can rent out your nft in-game items so say you're playing a game and you have a rare sword or a rare shield you can actually rent your shield out and then you'll get revenue from that earning interest on your nfts nfts they make money while you're sleeping absolutely so with the cross chain functionality they're going to be launching on cardano which is going to be huge solana wax and polka dot so it looks like there's going to be a lot of first movers in these spaces so i would definitely uh want to jump in on this one as well huge potential with spores so i was looking at their market cap do you know what it's at right now no tell me it's only five million right now jeez in a market like this another low cap gym golly y'all better get some pull my hat down on that one oh jim all right so that's the three coins but uh that's not all we have no no uh as we've done the last two saturdays we're gonna start doing giveaways every nft update so if you've been watching you've seen us announce different airdrop giveaways that we do for the community this week we're going to do something even special even special if that's even a word this week we're actually going to be giving away an nft from undead pixel monks undead pixel monks has sent us a couple of nfts to airdrop to our community do you remember that game on nes kung fu kung fu yeah very very fun you start on the left side of the dojo and then you had to go to the right side fighting the bad guys yeah very difficult very hard very very difficult well imagine kung fu 2.0 playing with an nft yeah if you check it out your nfts they're they're a little monk avatar and there's going to be you know different rarities and you fight all the bad guys and there's only 100 monks at the moment though right yes and we're gonna airdrop one of them so how we're gonna do it if you join our telegram our telegram is t dot me backslash bit first comics if you join and comment nft update in our telegram we are going to pick a random follower and airdrop them this nft oh that's going to be huge only 100 too so it's just another reason why the bit squad's the best squad out there absolutely i think we have another giveaway don't we these yeah that's right speaking of curate we're actually gonna be giving away five thousand dollars of curate token xcur two holders of our staker and miner clash nfts the link will be in the description it's on our open c store and make sure you're buying a verified uh nft as well look for the blue chuck all right well that concludes the nft update we'll be here every saturday 11 a.m giving you the bit squad plenty of tokens plenty of nfts every episode we'll be doing giveaways yes another saturday nft update and another saturday nft giveaway all right well we'll see you next week fit squad out oh thank you absolutely [Music] [Music] you

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