TOP 3 Gaming Coins to DOMINATE E-Sports (Become a MILLIONAIRE from Gaming)

we are entering a strange cyberpunk future where virgins playing video games have become a major league sporting event and people pack arenas to watch all the action or lack thereof i know it's a little bit weird but you gotta get with the times you don't want to be yelling at the clouds like old man simpson when there's money to be made let's get it welcome to bitboy crypto home of the bit squad the largest crypto community and all the interwebs my name is ben every day on this channel i show you how to make money in crypto if you like money in crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button in this video we're going to talk about how the esports industry has been adopting blockchain technology and review some of our favorite crypto assets in this space should come as no surprise that gaming and crypto are the perfect match because gamers were some of the first people in the world to use bitcoin as far back as 2011 when bitcoin was just getting started and only a handful of people in the world actually understood it gaming tournaments occasionally paid out prizes in btc since crypto was not really a prized possession back in those days the bitcoin prize would actually go to the people who came in last place while the winners received cash prizes at a starcraft tournament in 2011 the contender that came in first place won a cash prize of 500 while the players who were ranked between 5th and 8th place received a meager consolation prize of 25 bitcoin which is worth nearly a million dollars at today's prices now more than a decade later blockchain technology is on the verge of going mainstream and the gaming industry has certainly matured as well gaming tournaments are no longer french events for nerds and hobbyists where the first prize is a few hundred dollars now we have esports which sell out arenas across the nation and attract online viewers from around the world the average professional esports player makes an average of seventy thousand dollars per year plus free monster energy drinks one of the earliest crypto projects enter this space is engine and it's enj token it's been one of the best performers in the market during this cycle so far engine got a lot of attention from the success of its nft platform earlier this year but that is just one part of the engine ecosystem engine has actually been in the gaming industry since 2009 began adopting blockchain technology around 2017 when their white paper was published engine successful history in the gaming industry as an established brand has opened the door for some important deals which have given it a massive first mover advantage shortly after the engine token was launched the team landed a massive partnership with nrg one of the largest esports companies in the entire world as a part of the deal nrg has helped to onboard gamers into the engine network and has heavily promoted the engine wallet to its users engine was also the first gaming currency to be approved by regulators in japan a historic achievement was made possible by a strategic partnership with tokyo-based business accelerator called hashport engine also runs a social network tailored for gamers allowing online fan communities to gather around their favorite games this team is constantly innovating and we believe that this project is sure to be a major force in the industry for years to come the enj token is available at the karakara bazaar from various merchants like coinbase kucoin and gate io b pro is another project that's bringing blockchain technology the gaming industry bpro allows game developers to easily build features like betting and prediction markets alongside their games the potential here is huge just think about how much volume flows through companies that are involved with traditional sports betting draftkings one of the largest betting platforms for mainstream sports is estimated to have brought in 643 million dollars in revenue last year a lot of it for me and has a valuation of over 24 billion dollars well i can't imagine that watching nerds play video games will ever get as popular as good old merc and football i also can't deny the interest in esports is at an all-time high this year the esports industry is expected to generate over one billion dollars in revenue for the first time and b pro is positioned to capture an important piece this growing market humans love to gamble and make bets especially on sports and if you think that things are going to be any different with esports well then i'd bet that you were wrong be pro will also be catering to the mainstream sports market as well thanks to a recent partnership with real fever portugal based sporting startup as part of the deal be pro will create nft collectibles a soccer video similar to nba top shots to be sold on real fever's new nft marketplace bebro is already earning a significant income through its betting activity on its platform which means that its survival is not entirely dependent on the volatile crypto markets this project is still incredibly undervalued despite its accomplishments and has a lot more room to grow if we continue this bull run b pros token b pro is available from potion sellers on kucoin gate io and uniswap and more news on bpro down the road next up is ultra in its token uos a blockchain focused on disrupting game distribution if you happen to be a gamer yourself you might be familiar with steam the platform that has an effective monopoly on selling games for mac and pc as with most of the centralized platforms that dominate the tech world there are plenty of complaints about steem especially from game developers who are charged massive fees every time one of their games are sold ultra is promising to give developers a larger share of the revenue from each game and over 100 major developers have already signed up to sell their games on the platform when it goes live ubisoft one of the largest game publishers in the world has even signed up to become a block producer for ultra's blockchain some users are currently able to test the platform where he closed beta phase but the team hopes that it will be open to the public sometime this year for its online store ultra will be tapping into theta streaming capabilities show customers demos of games before they make a purchase as part of the deal ultra's games and nfts will also be promoted to theta's users for those of you who don't know theta is a decentralized streaming platform that will take on services like twitch or youtube however it's important to mention that amazon who owns twitch and google who owns youtube are both heavily invested in theta these two tech giants are likely hedging their bets because they see the writing on the wall decentralized platforms have the potential to entirely disrupt their streaming businesses if you want to add uos to your inventory negotiate with the merchants at kucoin uniswap and gate io these are some of our favorite players in the gaming arena but rocket jump into the comments below and let us know if you think there's anything that we missed feel free to share your favorite blockchain-based gaming projects if you haven't done so already please smash that like button for us and subscribe not only does it help us out lets more people see this crypto content that's all i got be blessed boy bit swap is the hottest new way to trade tokens crawling all the top decentralized exchanges bizwa will get you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at [Music] you

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