And here is a slide that I need to emphasize. For me, there is no get-rich-quick science Welcome back to Hidden Gem Team Official channel. I'm Roy and in today's video I will share with you the top 3 NFT games that can make money but don't need to spend play-to-earn capital but real money. First of all, I would like to share that I was given a task by my boss, which is to focus on researching NFT games. It is because of that that I have a period of time to study the NFT game series quite in detail , that's why I have this video today. And what are the top 3 games , we will study together in this video and I also ask for permission before starting the video to give me a brief overview of my perspective on the NFT game rules and obviously the The slides as well as the information on this video are all my personal views and experiences, there is no right or wrong, here I want to clarify one information that many newcomers are interested in.

Entering this market is very cool, but this is a very common mistake, NFT it has been around since the end of 2017 and a game that stormed at that time was CryptoKitties, this is called what The first gun for the NFT series of games is also because this game brought the Ethereum network to a standstill due to its sudden success here I will not talk about the CryptoKitties scandal, if anyone wants to refer to this scandal. You can go to Google to search for those articles and in 2017 and early 2018 the CryptoKityties series of games it made. The buzz is quite large, that's why the entire press community not only has information related to this game, but other games are left in the past and almost the community only cares about virtual cats.

For thousands of dollars, even up to tens of thousands of dollars, hundreds of thousands of dollars. And currently , this CryptoKitties game series is still developing, you can visit CryptoKitties' websites to refer to virtual cats. Then the problem that I want to talk about here is something foreign. Except for the CryptoKitties game, there are other games but they haven't made it yet, so they still call it working quietly , they haven't resonated , so 2019 2020 they let users try and play. try, test their product and by 2021, NFT will once again emerge as a trend with a jump in transaction volume and a series of NFT projects launched with revenue growth of several dozen. times in just a short time, that's why the NFT trend is once again prominent in addition to the play-to-earn game form, these two points combine to create a sound. quite a big resounding for the NFT NFT play-to-earn series, and according to Nasdaq, this is a player-owned economy and if you If you read carefully the information and the game series, they have been developing since 2018-2017, then if you pay attention , they also developed at that time, but because the buzz of CryptoKitties is so great, the their games were not known to everyone and later on, at the right time called the right opportunity, they bloomed , these games once again emerged if I remember correctly, in mid-2020 , the Filipino people play a lot of Axie games, in addition to entertainment, they can also play-to-earn earn money as if this Axie game is a livelihood called a fishing rod to live their life At times of outbreaks like this, obviously there are many articles saying that the temple is not natural, so games like this are Vietnamese, but we know it more slowly than the Filipinos.

Actually, it's not here. There is a little analysis like this if you pay attention, are games like Axie or other game genres? Similar to the form of play-to-earn, these game genres are not very popular in the Asian market, especially in the Vietnamese people. The NFT game area is usually concentrated in Asia. Europe or Asia, but developed countries and English is the main use. Then the question I want to ask here is what is it so that you will have a better overview of the field. That NFT game is not sure if those game projects developed in 2019 2020 are unlikely to have tokens, not sure the ability to go viral, the game is not known if it can be played but can earn real money or not.

What is the reason why Filipinos or gamers accept to spend time playing games to install games? Ok then I will change a club to make it more suitable for us Vietnamese, that's why you play the game Lien Quan even though it doesn't make money or you spend time playing it. Zing mp3. I'm sorry everyone. Or do you spend your time playing games to advance on Zing? Then the simple answer is because it satisfies entertainment because the thing that we spend our time playing like games like coalition or advance, it can't earn real money Quan, you sell accounts but it is for traditional games. As for the NFT series of games, it is in the crypto segment, both entertaining and combining the crypto niche and play-to-earn, this is the difference of this game series.

So here I am saying that the people who played before the first time, they are not sure that the game projects can go viral but they only play for entertainment and later it is right with the time. If the NFT game explodes, then they reap the results . So now the question is for you and me, how will the future of NFT games develop? Is it still evolving ? Or is it over? Well, I personally think that I personally think the NFT play-to-earn game format will dominate this game industry in the next 5 to 10 years and of course I am the R&D team.

I will have to have my own opinion as well as the reason why I think that the NFT game can develop in the next 5 to 10 years is because we humans will have to accept one. called sharing economy sharing economy, a typical sharing economy like in our life you will find very easy, that is, users will have to change their behavior to accept using Uber or is Grab instead of traditional taxi Or users will also have to change the way of booking traditional hotels through AirBnB here, I lack the traditional word and also because of my own judgments, I think the game series Traditionally they also have to accept change and gradually move to play-to-earn instead of just being free-to-play comfortable to play or pay-to-play you have to pay a certain fee, an amount of money for the game you want to play they have to change and switch ie play-to -earn this is my personal opinion and I'm also very happy if you agree with me or you have a different perspective, you can comment below , let's discuss more.

And if you are young then you should be here to be able to learn and have access to play-to-earn right now so take advantage of it now and try to take advantage of it. The tips we shared to optimize your time and earn real value, real money from this form of play-to-earn game and I have one last slide before I move on. Sharing those top 3 games, I would also like to share a true story from my own lessons , a short story.

It's a chance that you think and judge or it's a rumor here that people don't know Facebook or YouTube, I used to know and I used to go to Facebook YouTube since 2004 when that was not called the era. According to Facebook's assessment , I studied a lot of courses on Facebook so that I can do business on Facebook, but after studying , there are many words and rumors that Facebook has reached the point of time. , not trading or developing anything on it so many people say don't invest in it anymore and at that time I myself missed this Facebook boat and went to YouTube the same way and the video The first thing I shared on Youtube was in 2012 I'm not sure if I'm famous or not But that means I've learned and done YouTube since that time, about 8 or 9 years ago, at that time.

I was a bit young at that time and I didn't have a firm opinion, so I often heard what this person said, what the other person said, and you talked about it. Facebook It's not at its peak anymore and so is Youtube and I missed these two trains if you pay attention, can you see it like crypto? 2017 2018 many people say that the trend many people say has reached its peak and what about 2021? For example, if Bitcoin reaches $20,000, everyone says A has reached the peak, then when it reaches $40,000, everyone says it 's the top or the crypto trend in 2017. 2018 is that I studied Mr. Minh that is only investing in real projects and getting drunk with ICO and IEO, or IDO forms like this, I will next skip because at that time for me these subjects is a risky subject from the trend of ICO, to IEO to IDO , now it is still developing a lot and it is turning to a new trend that is meme coin and the crypto trend and the short-term trends of crypto.

I'm really not sad but at least I'm happy because at that time I didn't have enough capital to risk but about Facebook and YouTube I was quite disappointed and now it's the NFT trend with the form play-to-earn I also hope that you do n't miss this trend
that you may not like and you hear many people say this can be a trend that eats pebbles like Don't listen to rumors, think and reflect, read more documents and let yourself have your own opinion and study it, especially young people. If you don't have the capital, this is an opportunity for you to think that play-to-earn during this epidemic season may not like it, but do your research, don't ignore this trend and don't listen to people's judgment.

think from your point of view and obviously if you don't have the capital then you have to Google hard and research more and spend more time to test the game than Ok then we have also reached the slide: top 3 games play-to-earn, real money earn real money but don't need to spend capital, to get to this slide I am also very thankful to those of you who have Followed and watched until this moment, I also hope Is it possible to share your perspective below this video of mine, the first part of the video I said might be a bit long but those are the thoughts that I want to share with you ok then the top 3 What is that game? The first is the game Upland, then Upland is a blockchain metaverse, please note the keyword metaverse blockchain where players can buy and sell virtual real estate using real-world addresses , Upland allows players to earn rewards using in-game currency to trade the UPX asset which is a token in the Upland platform and built on the iOS platform UPX is considered as the currency for the Upland world , one dollar will be equivalent with about 1000 UPX, when you successfully trade and buy in-game assets and earn a lot of UPX , you can sell them and exchange them for USD through payment gateways
Then in the game Upland so that you can play-to-earn then you have to buy, sell and trade real estate or hunt events, participate in challenges on Upland if you are a sophisticated player or a real gamer then you will find Upland extremely useful, such as the regional nature of the Americas, the Upland project has The Beta version is available directly on the website or you can still download it on Android or iOS to experience this game.

Personally, I recommend playing directly on the website, on which you can see the total rotation, and Upland for me it is not only trading games, you can also play here. By spinning your car skills in your sales skills in the traditional. Try it out and play Upland if you're a real estate investor.
And in the second game it's Gods Unchained, which describes itself as a play-to-earn series that is shaking up models. the traditional game model where gamers have to pay to play and buy items that can't be resold but Gods Unchained can change that the Gods Unchained model can let players trade rare cards either the items have real world value and let the player can sell them for GODS tokens and from there can sell other cryptocurrencies or fiat currency this model gives gamers more motivation play because they have full ownership of the valuable assets they accumulate over time this I have also said in my review videos if players keep focusing on the games they invest money but and then the game doesn't develop anymore and the characters are in the characters the models are in the fish If that game they can't take away to another project or they can't sell it , they will get bored and need to find another game, Gods Unchained it is changing this, and here it is One thing that I think God Unchanged game will develop very well in the future is that it raised $ 15 million for the series A fundraising round and launched the first season of the game and besides.

The people behind the Gods Unchained team are big guys like Coin Base. Gods Unchained development team includes former employees of Riot Games and Google if you love strategy games and trading rare cards , this is the series for you. Try Gods Unchained And The third game is Blankos block party Blankos block party is a rare NFT game product that was not born during the boom of NFT games, it was conceived and studied for many years and this Blankos block party game it.

is an MMORPG online multiplayer role- playing game, it is based on the idea of c toys together to build a color ul and artistic kingdom here if yo participate in this game. then you will play the role of the character that is the Blankos to participate in the game to play minigames or create your own minigames with more levels to challenge players around the globe.
Here you can 5 people, 10 people. , even 50 people in this game are fine and especially for me it can This type of game Blankos block party it applies many of the most popular games today such as Pro-Block or PUBG with built-in shooting or competition, collecting and doing missions, then in the game. Now, the higher you level up, the more special items you earn so you can mix special Blankos together to create your own exclusive Blankos models , from which you can sell Blankos on the marketplace of Blankos block party and can get real money back
Try the Blankos game series if you are a player who likes to play PUBG or Pro-Block then Blankos game is for you, and I will reveal Give you one more information that these 3 game series: Upland, Gods Unchained and Blankos block party are going viral, PR marketing is very strong, extremely strong they invite KOLs in the gamer village to review about playing games.

like this and secondly they are spending money to advertise in the media a lot of
Tuesdays alone, these three game lines all have their own communities and they all shared with each other how to get to the top of this game. And so here are the top 3 play-to-earn games that I've experienced that don't need to invest capital but you can still earn play-to-earn money, real real money, fresh money, fiat money Let's experience and try these 3 game lines if you are calm people, mature people, old people and invest in real estate , play Upland If you are a strategy game player or If you like playing with more people and playing familiar games like shooting or competing , you can try Blankos Block party Ok and before ending this video i have a few points to keep in mind after listening to the end of this video don't miss anything from this video first
of all choose the game genre that is right for you, suitable for your interests and personality your way because there are many game series but maybe the 3 game series that I shared above are not suitable for you, you can try Choose other game series, currently, in my opinion, there are horse riding, racing also.

Choose the right game series for you and secondly, it's free-to-use and free-to-lose. If you have excess capital and want to invest in the game to be able to level up faster, use your free-to-use and free-to-lose capital freely and freely. Tuesday: Do your own research all advice is worthless This video of mine is not investment advice. We only provide a personal perspective as well as our own views on this game genre. And fourth, the The information as well as the slides in this video are all my personal views and opinions, my experience is not right, there is no wrong and it may be suitable for me but not for you. . You respect it and in the end it is 100% self-responsibility for your decisions and here is a slide where I need to emphasize it. For me, there is no get -rich-quick science.

Note: there is no get-rich-quick science in the form of NFT play-to-earn game, it's just an opportunity, a new field The rest all depends on your skills, project research skills Good game is the skills in the game, intelligence, strategy in the game. And also crypto for me Crypto is not a get-rich-quick science, but it gives me an opportunity to push my capital more, it all depends on your skills. Note this for yourself. Thank you very much for watching all my videos. Hope you learn a lot of new things in this Follow our Hidden Gem on social media You can visit our Facebook or Telegram channel And please give a like if you see the videos I share useful and improve every day.

Thank you and see you in the next videos. Bye bye.

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