Top 3 DeFi Coins For Summer 2021 (High Quality Coins)

Hi Everyone, In my last video, I talked about how Productive
assets could enhance the returns of your portfolio, why It made sense to look at it now in the
context of a sideways market, but also the risks that were involved. Today i'm going to share with you my top 3
DeFi Picks for the current market cycle. I use those products every single day, and
those are the ones that I think have the right balance in terms Price appreciation potential,
User experience and adoption, and safety in terms of platform risk. I believe They have what it takes to surive
a potential bear market, while giving you the ability to increase your holdings ahead
of the next bull run. Hello Everyone my name is Jerome, I do videos
about cryptocurrencies. My mission is to make you richer emotionally
and intellectually to help you achieve financial freedom. So if you want to be part of this challenging
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below or joining my telegram channel. Today's video will be broken down into three
parts : #1 : My Criterias When chosing DeFi coins
#2 : My Top 3 and Safest DeFi Picks for long term gains.

#3 : My most undervalued DeFi Coin Stay until the end, if you don't want to miss
the great french quote of the day. Alright Part #1 : My top criterias when chosing
a DeFi coins. – It is important to have crtierias when you
pick coins. The reasons is that you don't want to do things
randomly. – Having checkboxes allow to make sure that
you're making a decision not out of pure intuition but also tangible things, or things that are
important to you. It allows you to make sure you have a methodology
and approach that is repeatable, and that will yield consistency over the long run.

– My Criterias mostly revolve around the following
when picking a DeFi Coins : ○ Number 1 : Size and engagement of the
community – It must either be very active on Reddit, or on twitter. Remember that a token's value is coming from
the size of its network, so the fast it grows the better it is. ○ Criteria number 2 : It must be producing
fees meaning that people are actually using the product. This is making the protocol profitable from
day 1 and It is important to watch the level of fees growalong with the community size. On some of the platforms, the higher the fees
procuded the more tokens will be burnt from the circulating supply. Those can create deflationary tokens, which
can mechanically cause a rise in price. If a product has the potential to unboard
millions of users and generate fees, You have me interested. ○ Criteria number 3 : it must have a great
user experience. Without great platform user experience, I
think its very hard to retain people and have them use your products. I personally use all the protocols that I
own on a daily basis, but also track what is the average time spent on a plateform to
gauge user engagement.

If its on the low side, it means people are
bouncing real fast. And if its on the high then it means people
are sticking on the plateform. ○ Last Criteria : it must have some form
of track record. I don't invest in the newest protocols. I tend to stick with the ones that are relatively
safe and that have either been audited or around for a little while without notable
hacks. In my investing philosphy, i'm not chasing
the platforms with the higest potential, but the ones with the highest potential rewards
for a given level of risk. When you look at something you always need
to balance the potential appreciation with the risks that you're taking. For me its about finding the right balance
between QUALITY, POTENTIAL, and Risk involved. So make yourself a list of what matters to
you, and you should be able to idenfity your own quality coins.

Part #2, the one that you're all waiting for
: My Top DeFi Coins. 1. Number One is Aave :
○ Aave is a borrow and lending protocol. It allows users to desposit assets, earn money
on it. But also use those deposits as collateral
to borrow money. ○ This one is my largest holding in the
DeFi space because I believe that it become a core piece of the DeFi Ecosystem: In traditional
finance, borrow and lending services are a huge component that allow the sytems to work. Wether it is individuals, companies or even
governments, efficient capital allocation revolves around the ability deposit and lend
money. ○ Aave is providing a product that has one
the best user experience in the borrowing and lending space. It has over 22 Billion USD in Total Value
locked as of today, and is generating a growing amount of fees. ○ You can deposit a selection of asset to
the platform and start making very attractive yield. ○ Other reasons why I like Aave include
: § Vibrant ecosystem on twitter,
§ It let users pass votes on how they want the platform to evolve,
§ It currently has a liquidity mining proving, meaning the yields on deposits are very attractive
(up to 20% in Matic rewards on your deposits) § A Layer 2 integration, making the platform
very cheap, and fast to use.

§ It has relationships with aavegotchi the
game, and I wouldn't be surprised to see Gotchis beind deposited as collateral to allow borrows. What it means is that aave could become a
platform to deposit your NFT assets and use them to to farm or borrow money. ○ Aave is one of the project that will benefit
from layer 2 integration with Polygon and the Value locked into the protocol is showing
a growing appetite for this platform. ○ Because of all of the above, it is clear
to me, that Aave will become one of backbone of a vibrant DeFi ecosystem in the future. While it might not look sexy to most retail
investors, I can guarantee you that the big money is involved in this one.

○ The token is worth 5bn USD in market cap
as of the making of this video, which could be high for some people. But the borrow and lending market is HUGE. My experience of portfolio manager makes me
realize that the opportunity in borrow and lending services is an order of magnitude
bigger than what you can imagine. I wouldn't be surprised to Aave at 10'000$
per coin one day. Pick Number 2 is SushiSwap : • While Aave is my top quality coin, I think
SushiSwap would be my most undervalued one.

• SushiSwap had a very bad image when it
first launched last year, which could still be weighting on the market perception of this
coin today. • But if you look objectively at how SushiSwap
has evolved, I think its set up to become one of the largest player in the space. § It has a very active community on twitter. § It has a wide range of Products (they recently
started a launchpad for token issues called MISO in reference to MISO Soup. It allows people to have a turn key service
not only to launch their token to the market using different auction models but also to
have all the liquidity needed afterwards with dedicated liquidity pools for example. § It has integrated cross chain capabilities,
with Fantom, BSC, and Polygon Layer 2 integration. § Its growing super fast as a result in Total
Value lock, but also in terms of fees. § While the token is trading sideways, what
you have to realize is that It's generating almost as much Fees as uniswap for 1/7th of
the market cap With an amazing product, the fees are growing
extremely fast and I Feel like sushiswap will go after Uniswap's throat when the market
realizes what it can actually do for its users.

You have to use it to actually realize that
value it gives. Its honestly one of my favourite project in
terms of branding quality, cross chain capabilities, attractive rewards, and price appreciation
potential. Nobody want to buy right now, but when people
will wake up and look for quality coins, Im sure SushiSwap will be on evyerones radar. Pick Number 3 : PancakeSwap • This one is a bit more controvertial,
but allow me to share with you my thoughts. • I think PancakeSwap is a great platform
and protocol for a few reasons : ○ Number 1 : It has one of the largest community
of DeFi Holders.

They're mostly users of Binance. On twitter, PancakeSwap has over 800'000 followers,
which is an INSANE number. On reddit it has an honourable 40K followers
and its growing fast, and the community is super active and eager about new features. No other DeFi platform has that many users,
and you can't deny that. ○ So pancakeswap has a clear advantage here,
it can port people from binance very very easily. So if binance grows, PancakeSwap grows indirectly
as well. ○ Number 2 : PancakeSwap is an Amazing innovation
hub. In terms of features, I think its growing
faster than anyone other competitors. They have the best user experience, user onboarding,
and the best products. § You can Swap tokens, provide liquidity,
use prediction markets, stake cake and use cake in launchpads as well.

It doesn't get any better than PancakeSwap
when it comes to user experience. I think its clearly leading the way in terms
of innovation. § On average, users spend 7:30 on average
on the plateform which is a crazy good number. Just to give you a comprison, people are spending
10 minutes 30 on average on Facebook. ○ Number 3 : Huge fees
○ Because people are spending huge amounts of time on the platform and use the products,
it translates into very high fees. The protocol is processing an average of 2
Billion Usd in daily transaction volume, and has over 3 million unique traders.

More than any other protocol out there. Its one of my favourite coin, but also one
of the biggest gamble. The reason is that the emission rate is really
high, without a supply cap. However, if pancaswap manages to onboard more
users and generate a growing number of fees, those will offset the daily emission of new
token, and will become a DEFLATIONARY protocol. At which point, PancakeSwap will become more
scarce that Bitcoin. So those are my top 3 coins in the DeFi space
right now. If you focus on picking coins that you think
are hard to replicate (from the community, the product itself, the branding) then you
probably own quality coins. On the other hand, if it can be copied easily,
you should probably pass on it.

I have more picks and products im testing
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consider staking with my Cardano Republic Stakepool, ticker CARE4. I really appreciate your support. Now let's end off with the french quote of
the Day : "Perfection et imperfection. Si les deux peuvent être beauté, seule l'imperfection
peut faire le charme." Perfection and imperfection. While both can reflect beauty, only imperfection
can be charming." So in investing like in life, don't try to
own the perfect coins or portfolio all the time. What matters, are the small little things
along the way, that make the journey fun and enjoyable.

Alright guys, Don't forget to like and subscribe. Join the telegram channel if you haven't already. Thank you so much for watching,
That was jerome Until next time

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