Top 3 Crypto Projects You’ve Never Heard Of (Underrated Coins)

everyone's looking for the next big project well today i'm going to be bringing on someone who has three projects that you may have never even heard of that not only have a chance to moon but also have a chance to change your lives forever find out what they are today on the show let's get it bid swap is the hottest new way to trade tokens following all the top decentralized exchanges fizzle gets you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at welcome to bitboy crypto the largest crypto channel in all the interwebs my name is ben everyday on this channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money and crypto then make sure to hit that subscribe button and if you're a fan of privacy you're definitely going to want to smash the like in today's video we're bringing on crypto rich an expert on privacy not only privacy coins but any project affiliated with any privacy solutions and that's very important especially in this age of censorship and centralization but let's start fighting back with these three coins here's the interview hey guys i'm joined with crypto rich long time friend of the channel how are you doing rich hey hey ben it's really really good to see you thank you so much for being here i'm back after all this time it's been a while yeah it's been a while since you're on the channel and uh like you were telling me the success of my channel is solely based on you being on the channel two years ago yes that was it when you were 10 000 subscribers and i was 17 or something i mean that's you know that's that's what happened that's how we went to the to the moon but guys crypto rich is very passionate about privacy and decentralization and censorship resistance and as you guys know i definitely am as well you definitely want to pick his brain on a few different things revolving around privacy coins so make sure guys if you like this video i'll put the link down in the description so you guys can go subscribe to crypto rich's channel and i think also you might be doing a new channel soon uh based on censorship yeah well i i've been being censored and since and shadow banned by youtube since middle of 2019 and my channel just hasn't grown right and uh i think since censorship kills discourse kills freedom and privacy without privacy there's no freedom and on my channel i focus on projects and i focus a lot on certain censorship resistance and privacy projects that i'm connected to yeah and so today we're going to be talking about top three privacy projects now when people hear privacy projects they think monero they think z cash they think privacy coins only but today we're going to be showing you guys a wide array of different kind of niches within privacy so when you think about privacy coins or privacy projects don't think just in terms of literal you know privacy coins that are all about you know hiding your tracks and things like that we've got some interesting things to show you today so rich you want to get started i want to go ahead and show them you know what we got going on okay i'm gonna start by talking about the blockchain privacy security and adoption alliance this is a group of now nine projects that work together they collaborate to promote privacy security and censorship resistance now i'm not gonna go through all of them but i'm going to mention who the members are and invite people to go and fight to find out about them because they all get they apply they get interviewed they get checked out they get audited by the alliance so here we got turtle network which is a hybrid centralized exchange decentralized exchange but you own your own private keys this one komodo one of my favorite favorite projects been around for ages we have an amazing atomic swap uh that were a true atomic swap decks that works on mobile then dragon chain which was launched by disney the company disney many years ago and they build blockchains for business it's now an open source uh decentralized project bittube i have a channel on bittube and bittube is committed to fighting censorship uh burst coin burst coin i think ico didn't or launched in 2014 so it's an og of the crypto space there's smart contracts before ethereum and it's environmentally friendly ergo platform ergo platform is decentralized defy with privacy it's a protocol platform and the lead dev alex chipornoi has been referred to by charles hoskinson as the brightest developer in the crypto space a true developer genius according to hoskinson and i believe him because i don't know anything about dev but charles hoskinson knows more i don't either that's right we'll take his word for it that's it okay so those are the those are six of the members okay yeah let's get into what are the top three so let's start with number three uh in which project you think will take that spot okay this is ether one ether one allows people to earn passive income by uh giving the hosting bandwidth and nodes and stuff i don't know the details of this right i'm not techy right but what it is it allows for decentralized web hosting so people can host their websites on the ether1 network and earn passive income doing so as well as provide bandwidth to this to the network by running nodes you can actually um hire nodes and earn passive income but the thing that i like about it is its commitment to freedom of expression i have no censorship you can't take websites down that have been hosted on ether one yeah i think that's good i mean we we saw that i mean a lot of people may disagree with you know different politics we saw when you know parlor got their web hosting suspended and then there's other websites out there as well with political opinions that had their domains taken from them and pulled and it's like you just got to think right now you may agree with different political opinions that are popular but it changes over time and it's very troubling to me that all of a sudden you can have web hosting it just get taken from you because of whatever reason and i think the decentralized web hosting here is definitely something that is going to be a huge niche and i've talked firsthand to people in the social media space that are very high up and they've said that they're very or not social media space but people have large social media accounts and they're very concerned about the future of social media in terms of you know if you say something you might get cancelled and not only is it your platform getting cancelled now your whole website can get taken down so i definitely think this could be a big one sure now ether won like many of these like many of these projects that i'm talking about are decentralized community based projects very little funding and my idea has been to connect with them and ride them through the bear market and work with them and collaborate with them and from you know promote them i'm not sponsored by them in any way right but i just think they're really really great projects i love their ethos and if you want to get involved i will have the links in the description below if you want to check out any of these projects absolutely so all right let's get to number two what is your number two privacy project right now ben i love vpns i use vpns and as there's more and more authoritarianism in the world all over the place then i think using a vpn gets really is increasingly important plus also using vpn for security so that all the data that goes to and from my computer to wherever it's going to is encrypted and nobody can listen in and track it and they have a decentralized vpn so most vpns like the big names they're centralized they have their servers in particular locations so they could either be captured you know regulatory capture or physical capture by intelligent services plus also they're close source we don't know what's going on sentinels decentralized vpn it's um on test net right now on the ethereum network it's free by the way right now it's free so you and it works on mobile and on desktop right now um it's going to be launching a main net on cosmos in a few weeks time oh wow love gosmose and then you and then people are going to be able to earn passive income which is also a bonus by uh renting out bandwidth to to the dvpn and they can buy a dvpn service which will be much much cheaper and because it's decentralized there's no single point of failure yeah you gotta love that i mean vpns are getting more and more popular i know people you know a lot of people know we use vpns to use different you know trading sites on on the internet and things like that on the channel and we have access to you know some of those on bible crypto dot com but what i would say is i know people that don't even trade that don't even do anything shady but they use vpns for everything because they're just tired of companies the government everybody tracking our every move makes it feel like we're trapped in a giant cage yep a panopticon forever being watched like this massive prison yeah we're always always right but it's also important if you're going to use a vpn on the railway station or an airport or anything yeah don't want your information intercepted so that's and the ticker symbol by the way for sentinel is scnt that's the coin and and the one for ether one is etho etho and both have done very very well lately very very awesome well let's check out listen here matey let's figure out what is the number one privacy project that you love the number one privacy project i got to be careful because i love all the bpsa projects so any of the bpsa members watching right but i'm actually a member i'm a crew i'm a first mate on the good ship pirate chain and the ticker symbol for pirate chain is our gotta love that pirate chain is is a currency it's a unit of exchange it's value transfer in the same way as bitcoin is or monero is however it is the most secure and the most private of all the privacy coins it's more private than monero wow isn't it isn't it what's it a fork of is a fork of something isn't it okay so pirate tank is a fork of komodo which is a fork of z cash which is a fork of bitcoin yeah i thought i thought it ultimately went back to zcash the more i thought i'd remember that no z cash uses zk snarks but with zcash um there's optional privacy and many of the pla many of the transactions on zcash aren't private right now what happens then it's it's a little bit like um you can do data analysis using the transparent coin addresses and transactions by process of elimination working out where the privacy private transactions are going with pirate chain there is no option for transparency every single transaction once every single peer-to-peer transaction is invisible so it's a it's a proof-of-work coin you can see the coin going from the mining rig to the first wallet and that's for auditing purposes to make sure the miners aren't cheating yeah once it goes to your wallet uh bitboy nobody knows how much is in your wallet whether you sent any out to where to who you send me our coins nobody else will know them there's no data on the blockchain to analyze nothing yeah i i think if there's nobody if there's somebody that you can definitely trust that's a pirate absolutely ahoy man but there's something else about this right because so the mimblewimble coins have no data on their um blockchains you can't analyze their data it's very invisible however they're not resistant to 51 percent attacks and i think one of them had a 51 attack a couple of months ago so every 10 minutes or so a all the transactions in the pirate chain blockchain are notarized onto the komodo blockchain and then notarize onto the bitcoin blockchain so to do a double spend attack on pirate chain i.e to force the blockchain backwards print some coins run off with them you would need the 51 of the computing power of pirate chain komodo and bitcoin the anonymity set of pirate chain currently is 400 000 and growing wow that's how secure and private it is and fluffy pony has himself acknowledged that when it comes to privacy pirate chain is the bee's knees wow and for those who don't know fluffy pony is the uh the head dev of monero correct yes that's right well rich as always it's been nice having you on the show and learning about these privacy projects i think you know listen in the bull run everybody's excited about price and some of these projects have done or all three of these i think have done really well in price but you got to understand when you come for the money you start uncovering the true ideals of what this space is all about and the revolution that is cryptocurrency and all of the censorship all of the big tech all the things we see where we're losing our privacy across the world right now there's got to be something done about it and in my opinion blockchain is the only defense that we have to kind of stuff pandora back in the box there so rich thank you so much for coming on the show you guys don't forget go to crypto rich's channel and make sure that you subscribe uh you will have a description down below in the uh or we'll have the link down below in the description uh rich anything you want to leave us with today no listen just thank you so much i am going to be launching a new channel soon to get past the shadow band so i'll invite people to subscribe to my main channel you can also find me on bittube and then come over to the new channel once that's launched i'll let people know yeah it's been really really great and you know i just i'm just excited to find out how many more views and subscribers you get out of me coming on your channel a second time round yeah well the last time i got 600 000 so now i'm gonna get up to a million it's got to be the case crypto rich sends bit boy crypto to the moon to a million subscribers i'm predicting it now all right thank you so much okay all right guys well thank you so much for watching the show drop your comments down below on what you think about all these projects today which one's got the most potential that's all i got be blessed

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