Top 3 Crypto Coins Set To Explode (10000% Gains Coming)

back in the summer decentralized finance went insane but the truth is his device started way back even in 2019 but a lot of people just weren't aware of it now in my opinion we're seeing something bubble up in the world of crypto that's got that same similar feel and i think it is the polka dot ecosystem ipos or initial pair chain offerings are blowing up and they're only going to get bigger today i'm joined by claudio from the kryptos chain channel an expert on polka dot and he's gonna give us three coins in the polka dot ecosystem that are ready to explode let's get it bit swap is the hottest new way to trade tokens following all the top decentralized exchanges visible gives you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at all right everybody i'm joined by claudio from kryptos chain you guys make sure the information will be down below in the video description to go subscribe to his channel claudio and i've known each other for a long time since 2018 we've been talking and uh one thing has become clear this guy knows his polka dots so can't wait to talk to you guys about what he sees happening in the near future with some of the coins that are in the polka dot ecosystem but first and foremost claudio welcome to the channel thank you very much for having me ben i'm glad to be here especially on the number one crypto youtuber and i believe you're going to be the number one library content creator too i mean your channel has been doing really well there too so thank you yeah we're in full support of library that's where we post our content automatically every day from youtube it's a decentralized source so you guys make sure to check out library big fans of them yeah i'm also on library as well so do check me out i'm also there with the at kryptos chain exactly the same tag as i've got on youtube yeah and it's crypto chain with a k just so everybody so but the link will be down below and we also did an interview on his channel that you guys can go check out when you hit that subscribe button on kryptos chain so let's talk polka dot there's some interesting stuff we've been talking about polka dot and coins on polka dot i've been covering polka dot on my channel recently and you've kind of discovered a lot of very interesting stuff going on that ecosystem that could lead to some big gains for people down the road potentially and i want to hear what you have found out about polka dot yeah so polka dot is a huge interoperability system so quite similar to cardano in a way but we do know that cardano is taking a long time before we're seeing all these different updates whereas polkadot is live however there are a lot of platforms building on polka dot but they're not live yet so it's still in its infancy you could call it so hence why we've got these upcoming power chain auctions which are very very important and which are basically like token sales in a way except instead of actually losing your coins you lock them up for a certain period of time and then you get them back but you also get rewarded with the power chain tokens you could call them so you're basically helping a power chain which is kind of known as a side chain bond to polka dots relay chain and then once you do that you get rewarded with their token so that's actually really like the concept of polka dot is really interesting but aside from the power chains they're actually helping interoperability with the native blockchains that we know such as ethereum such as neo-ontology also cardano so their idea is to bring everyone together not to be the killer of any project i know some people are saying that polkadot are known as the ethereum killer simply because gavin wood is a co-founder of ethereum but it's not the case i see them more as an interoperability trying to also help ethereum grow in a way and then ethereum is also going to help polka dot grow because they will be able to swap that information in and out between the chains yeah i think it's really interesting we've definitely discussed here on the channel before about how the competition between polka dot ethereum cardano elrond tezos all of these cosmos as well it's good for everybody it's good for cryptocurrency as a whole and it pushes these projects much further but speaking of these parent chains uh they have what they call like you said the ipos the initial parachain offerings and there have been some really interesting developments with some of these coins that are built into the polka dot ecosystem three of them specifically that have a lot a lot a lot of potential in it and i want you to kind of break those three coins down how they all work together and the opportunity that they present for uh investors absolutely so i'm gonna kick it off with kusama kusama is very very important simply because it's you could think of it like the sister network of polka dot it's basically a whole ecosystem just like polka dot where parachains could be deployed to however it is considered the experimental network or the test network of polka dot now eventually it's going to grow up into its own ecosystem separately from polka dot and it will even connect to polka dot at some point that's gavin wood's vision and then all the different dots on kusama will be able to be interoperable with the ones on polka dot now what's interesting about kusama is that they've got their ipo starting very very soon it's either due this month or next month their roadmap is saying that they should be able to launch those by the end of q1 of this year but as you know with technical problems anything is possible there could be delays but we're very excited with those and i'm sure you will be too and you're probably if you're watching this and you know about polkadot and kusama you're expecting to take part in those ipos yeah definitely and i think that when you look back at what happened with uh d5 over the summer what people saw is that if you go back to early in 2019 there were some youtube or in 2020 excuse me that we're talking about defy and we're talking about how it was going to be the next big thing and people didn't really buy into it at that time people didn't buy in until you know late in the spring when it became very obvious that divide was blowing up and i'll be honest with you i was guilty i was one of those people that didn't really see all of the things that were being formed with d5 that would result in explosions down the road and i think right now i'm seeing something very similar with polka dot i'm seeing right now very few youtubers like yourself are going into and talking about these upcoming projects and the potential that they have uh but i'm seeing kind of the same things a lot of these are going to be big movers and i actually have some information on some uh projects on polka dot that i've been invited to invest in do some different things on i know this ecosystem is about to explode and i really encourage people not to let this opportunity you know pass you by the same way that it passed a lot of people buy in the beginning of d5 what do you think about that what are your thoughts claudio no absolutely i totally agree with that and now that you've mentioned d5 we could actually talk about the next project which is actually network which are going to launch on kusama as a sister network called karura so karura is going to be the experimental network of akala which are going to be on pokeball except karora are going to be on kusama so think of it as all the different tests all the different updates all the different features are going to be on karura they're going to test them out if they notice that anything doesn't work well they're not going to push those to akala when it comes to it right so that's where their whole idea is coming from now they will be having an ipo which means you're going to be able to get those tokens that are going to be called kr tokens karora tokens yeah and what's interesting is that you could use those uh for say trading for say using this collateral you could use swaps now they're also going to have a platform called laminar which is going to be connected to akala where you're going to be able to leverage trade again not financial advice here but you know you have to be careful leverage trade using your wallet directly so that's quite interesting because it's going to be like a decentralized leveraged trading exchange wow i mean on this channel we love leverage trading i know a lot of people you know have gotten wrecked over the years a lot of people made a lot of money we've been using an indicator called market cipher and we've been crushing it uh trading the last month and it's been really exciting uh but you know that coming to polka dot is definitely pretty interesting it's you know it sounds like kind of like metamask trading with uni-swapped you'll be able to do leveraged training and obviously everybody you know leveraging is not for the faint of heart and it's not for somebody brand new to the space for sure so um definitely make sure you know what you're doing before you get into that kind of thing but what i what i also have discussed with you is that uh we talked uh a little bit ago there's also another project that's kind of in the background that kind of makes use of both of these other projects uh kusama anakola network and that's aca la for people that want to know what how to spell a call of network to look it up but what's this other coin and tell us what it's got going on sure it's called the chain x and it's actually a bridge which is going to bring bitcoin over from bitcoin's blockchain to polka dot you need to have a token on polka dot and not only on polka dot but also on kusama because i was explaining earlier you need to have the sister networks working together right now it's going to be called xbtc so that token will be tradable within the polkadot ecosystem but the big point here about xbtc is that you could actually use that us collateral on acalas dapp which is going to be the d5 platform in order to take a crypto loan so that's awesome and aside from that there will be other platforms within the polkadot ecosystem that would be making use of xbtc within their own framework or within their own dapps so i think that the bridge between polka dot and bitcoin is going to be important right and and they're going to start off as a bridge between bitcoin and polkadot but then they're looking at other assets too like zcash cardano ethereum so eventually they're going to expand now the big thing with them at the moment is that they are tradable again not financial advice do your own research on them they are tradable on exchanges but the return on your investment if you do decide to stake is 42 right now wow until the halving which is going to take place at the end of may because at the moment we're generating 50 pcx that's the name of the token the ticker symbol per block it's going to get half to 25 pcx so it's following the exact same model as bitcoin now the the genius behind this project actually wrote the polka dot white paper in chinese and he's been part of the web3 foundation he's been assisting the weaponry foundation he's been assisting gavin wood with polkadot with development in the past so he's got strong links to polka dots so you could assume that or speculate that there's going to be a lot of support going forward for this project once they launched their power chain now the other big thing that i need to talk to you about in relation to this project is as i was saying everything needs to go to kusama first right yeah these guys are going to have another project the sister network called sherpa x which is going to be deployed to kusama as an ipo and they're going to airdrop pcx holders on a one-to-one ratio if you hold pcx you're going to get ksx so that's awesome you get free free tokens and who knows how much they're going to be worth right now mxc exchange which has listed pcx at the moment is supporting this airdrop so they'll definitely list ksx that's very interesting and when you're talking about xbtc i believe we covered xbtc on this channel uh over the summer it's very interesting to see the use case of that kind of coming to light uh yeah i think that all of these projects you mentioned uh have tremendous potential and i would really encourage people when you get in this area of crypto where you're hearing things that seem a little out of your element that seem like uh you know they're not in the mainstream just remember that's when they're in their biggest opportunity and so kusama uh call a network and uh i say you said pcx is a ticker chain x yeah yeah all three of these coins i believe i i've listened to you we talked about this you know we actually recorded this interview yesterday and i hit that forgot to hit record and so we're doing it a second time so this time i'm coming in armed with a little more information and after hearing everything we talked about yesterday today we i think we did a great job wrapping it up with a nice little bow what these three projects are and their potential and i'm looking at them personally for investments i've been looking at these projects over the last day because i think there is a lot of potential and i don't want to get left out in the beginnings of the the polka dot explosion the same way that i did with d5 early last year before i got in over the summer or late spring so claudio thank you so much for joining us today dropping this information if you guys want to know more about polka dot uh if you watch our polka dot videos you'll definitely enjoy crypto's chains videos on polka dot and the ecosystem he knows way more about it than i do so if you love polka dot make sure you head on over and hit subscribe to this channel we'll have the link down in the description claudia thanks for joining us today thank you thank you very much for having me and thank you for watching this video it's very much appreciated have a good day all right you guys everybody that's all i got be blessed bit boy out

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