Top 3 Coins To $3 Million (NFT Picks To Become Millionaire)

Imagine investing in Aave, Synthetix or
Compound when they were first released. You would have become a millionaire
with a very small investment. What if I told you though there's another
chance sitting right under your nose now similar to what we saw
with decentralized finance? DeFi was king for months, and we are seeing things shift right now. DeFi is moving over in favor of NFTs, which some people would argue is still part
of DeFi, but that's beside the point. Today, I'm going to be dropping some bombs
with my top 3 NFT millionaire-maker coins.

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for your chance to win a full Bitcoin. Details down below in the video description. Now, in today's video, we're going to be
taking a look at the top 3 NFT coins that could make you a millionaire. I feel very confident that our No. 1 pick is
going to be a massive mover in this market. So make sure to smash the likes
if you enjoy getting access to our top picks. And before we get this video started,
for transparency purposes, I am only invested in one of today's picks. I'm kicking myself for not being invested in the others.

But before we get into the list,
you need to understand what an NFT is. NFT stands for non-fungible token. Bitcoin is fungible, meaning I could have a Bitcoin,
and you have Bitcoin. We swap those Bitcoin, and they spend the exact same. Non-fungible token does not work like that. I can have a token,
and you can have a token. We swap those tokens, and there is a difference. This allows us to be able to make unique
tokens that are paired with digital goods like collectibles.

NFTs are all the rage because
it is finally the first way to bring true authentic collectibles
into a digital format. Think about baseball cards, for instance. If you were to buy my favorite player
when I was growing up, a physical Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card
printed by let's say Topps, there are only so many of those in the world. Topps printed X number, and that's all that exists. If you happen to get a signature
on one of those cards, then bam! It's even more rare. But how in the world could you achieve this digitally? The simple answer is that you couldn't. You can take screenshots of a digital card, but it just isn't the same as having
an authentic physical version.

With blockchain though, this is possible. We can now attach rarity and authenticity
to a digital collection. Fans everywhere of celebrities, athletes,
influencers and crypto YouTubers will be moving in droves to support
their favorites through digital collections. This space is developing so fast,
it will make your head spin. And I have to be honest, the first few NFT projects on this list have moved
faster than I could possibly get videos out on them. So let's not delay any longer,
and go ahead and kick this list off. Coming in at No. 3, we have Chiliz. No, not that place where you get baby back ribs. It's Chiliz with a Z. This incredible NFT platform has absolutely rocketed, which is its bigger strength but also one
of its bigger weaknesses right now. I mean, look at these gains. It has 128X'ed in the last year. Almost unfathomable. And I know I'm kicking myself because I had
a pretty nice position at Chiliz at one time, and I gave up on it.

As I told you guys a lot,
patience is key in this business. But I have to caution you guys about
investing in this one right now as this gone up almost 500% in two weeks, and many say that the technicals are
pointing to up to a 50% correction. But just know, this project will be massive. It will get bigger, but it could see a major correction
before you see the true potential.

So what does Chiliz specialize in? Fan Tokens for sports teams. And recently, they began a $50 million
expansion into the United States. They had already been heavily focused
on international football teams or, as men call it, soccer. Now, they're getting ready to jump
possibly into the real football league, the NFL in America. That's at least the rumor. They also recently opened a New York office, which coincidentally is where almost
every major sports league in America, including the NFL, has their main office.

Right now, Chiliz has mooned
from barely the top 200 all the way to the top 40, but still has top 20 potential. Coming in at No. 2, another project I'm kicking myself over, is ECOMI. We held a sponsored AMA on my Telegram group,
the BitSquad, a few weeks ago on OMI. Did I buy some? No. They actually offered me
a sponsored review as well. Did I do it? No. Do sometimes I find myself
regretting my life decisions? Yes. ECOMI has done a mind-blowing
46,000% returns in the last year! I can't even wrap my brain around that. In the last week,
it has done a 315% return alone! And when you pull up the most
searched projects on CoinGecko, ECOMI is right now at the top, followed by Harmony ONE and Chiliz. So let's talk ECOMI and why it's so big. ECOMI already has an active app called VeVe. It's a digital collectibles app. It already is a working product and, according
to, has a ton of active partners including, and listen to this, Batman, Superman, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Ultraman, which, of course, I'm very familiar with, Back to the Future, the freaking NFL, MLB, Ghostbusters and more.

Absolutely insane! Now, here's where it gets even juicier. The ECOMI token, OMI, will be the currency of
the VeVe app to buy these digital collectibles. As the NFT market blows up, legit companies with digital collectibles
will certainly be the biggest winners. And who's a bigger winner than Batman? I mean, obviously, BitBoy, but it's whatever. Like Chiliz, you do run the risk of getting in
at an inopportune time because it has blown up the last month, so be careful with your entry,
but I do believe ECOMI has more room to run. Alright, let's take a look at the No. 1
overall NFT moon pick— Ethernity. And this is the only one of today's projects
that I'm personally invested in, but I believe this one has the absolute most
potential long term and short term, which is why I invested in it. Ethernity just launched the last week and has had a correction already
over the last couple of days, so short term,
it's already at a good entry point. Looking at what the hottest projects
in NFTs have done last few weeks, it's easy to see why ERN has so much potential.

It's coming in at No. 365 compared
to ECOMI and Chiliz, which are already in the top 60 overall. If Ethernity were to see a similar
pump to Chiliz and ECOMI, which I think is possible, we could be looking at a 40X. Now, listen. This project isn't just some random NFT project. I'm not just saying, "Go look at this project
and it'll moon because it's an NFT niche." Ethernity is going to be huge. I would be underselling it if I told you
it had top 100 potential. There's some big names behind Ethernity
that always equals big bucks. Before we look at the names though,
let's check out what Ethernity is. It's a platform for limited edition NFTs
and trading cards from new artists. They're authenticated by icons, but as you see at the top of the page, you can also one click buy it through Uniswap and farm what they call STONES, which is a big part of this project. STONES are a way for users to redeem
curated and select Ethernity NFTs only available to STONE holders. This will be launched pretty soon. I don't think there's an exact date yet.

But there are athletes, incredible artists
and the first Bitcoin billionaires backing it. That's right. The Winklevoss twins
are officially backing Ethernity. Now, let's take a look at some of the other
things they were first movers on. Bitcoin, Chainlink, Filecoin, Zcash, among others. Literally, everything they pick wins. And one cool thing you can feel good about with ERN
is that they donate funds to charitable organizations. Additionally, soccer stars
Paolo Maldini and Christian Vieri, along with 76er owner Michael Rubin, are backing Ethernity. That's not all. Tony Hawk has recently began an auction of his
stunt footage of Ollie 540 on the Ethernity Chain. Tony Hawk is actually a Bitcoin fan and will be speaking at the Bitcoin
2021 Conference in Miami.

Me and the BitSquad will be there. So if you visit the Bitcoin 2021 Conference
website and use the code BITBOY, you can get 10% off. But the point is Tony Hawk is making NFTs on Ethernity. They're also releasing what they call
"The Ali Collection" to honor Muhammad Ali. This is done to honor the 50th anniversary
of Ali's fight with Joe Frazier. This is going to be the first ever licensed
NFT of historical significance, or at least that's what they're calling it. Now, along with athletes and musicians, recently, major artist BossLogic pledged to create
2500 exclusive NFT pieces on Ethernity. While you may or may not know
who BossLogic is, the release literally broke the largest
NFT marketplace, OpenSea. The traffic on the site literally doubled
when they were dropped. And while the first run sale of these NFTs is big, imagine the resale demand. Also, another major NFT platform
and coin we've looked at in the past, Terra Virtua has announced a strategic
partnership with Ethernity. Together, these two projects will
become leaders in the NFT space. It's exciting times.

And Ethernity, to me, is the top project
with potential in the space right now. Let me know what you think. Which NFT projects do you think
are your best chance for a big payday? Drop those down below. If you want more NFT content, make sure to smash
the like button so YouTube knows you like it. That's all I got. Be blessed.

BitBoy out..

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