Top 3 BEST Crypto Altcoins to BUY NOW During the Dip June July 2021!!! Best Top Altcoins To Invest

Hello crypto fans. Welcome to CCS Cryptocurrency State. My name is Santiago. I am a web developer and investor and in Today's video I give you a top 3 of the best Crypto altcoins to invest in that depth now. We I don't know if Bitcoin 30K will collapse and further down. But right now we're in one Consolidation phase in the last 50% retracement 60K in Bitcoin.

So even if we go down, immediately is a great moment to drop in a few coins and maybe get started Dollar cost average or maybe a little investing … but not in any coin, not in any altcoin. I'll show you the best 3 Altcoins that have fallen the most since then the all time high. And also with these 3 altcoins, You have the best opportunity to gain interests. Before we start, please like the video, subscribe Channel, click the bell to get the notifications and don't forget take part in the raffle.

Without anything else let's go into it. Hi Guys. Well, like I said, I'll show you the best 3 Coins to invest in this dip right now. I measure this with these parameters. First of all, they have to be great Projects. These are not new coins, these are projects that have proven to be valuable in the market. So these coins are great projects that have already been confirmed. The second Parameter is that they are one of the largest coins that went down in this dip from the all-time high, this means that Bitcoin, for example, is down 50% from its all-time high but there are many altcoins that have fallen by a higher percentage. What does that mean when the market recovers? You have more chances of getting back to your last all-time high So if this percentage is higher in this case, that is an advantage for you as an investor because you get more return if they go back to the all-time high.

So it's a speculative parameter, but it's good and it also means the coin could be at the bottom in this downtrend. It's not confirmed, but it could also indicate it. The third The parameter of these coins is that you can get a lot Interested in doing what I'm about to show you with these coins. Some of them because they are interested in gas. Some of them because You can find good interest and such. So I'll show you that too. We come to the first coin. The first in the list is PancakeSwap, its token is CAKE Right now we're at $ 13.77. The latest all-time high here was $ 42.60 and we're down to $ 13 already.

The Most of what went down here was about $ 12, a little less. . 11 dollars and so. So the percentage from the all-time high from $ 43 to $ 13 is a lot. I'll show you an Excel File that I created in a minute with all this information. PancakeSwap is already an approved project running in Binance Smart Chain is like the Uniswap for Binance and <font style = "vertical-align: inherit;"> </font> there has been a huge rally since December and ever since At the beginning of 2021 and now we are <font style = "vertical-align: inherit;"> </font> We see the same values ​​as in March and we have many Uptrend when the market recovers to win here.

So the first coin is PancakeSwap. The latest all-time high was close to $ 44 The current price is $ 13.91 So from the all-time high we went down 68.61%, that's a lot. Bitcoin was a 53% That's good like I said because you have one lots of potential to increase and return to the last all-time high, when the market recovers and of course when Bitcoin recovers first, and the will means you can restore that percentage very quickly with this investment. The way too PancakeSwap is that you can earn a lot of interest. For example, if we go to and we go to polls, you can see that when staking in this pool, in the auto pie you can earn 106% of the APY, that's annual interest, so much, 100% You probably won't find this in any other coin.

There are a few coins, but that's a lot that you will do don't put that much money into your bank account to get it Interest or in another project actually. You can also try manual CAKE in this pool. The APR is 74% Remember this is different, the APY is not the same as APR. So you need to check this information. But if we click here, for example, you can see that when you invest $ 1,000 in CAKE right now, that gives you an X amount of CAKE tokens. And you get 4.53 tokens per month in this automatic CAKE. So that's a lot. Check this information here, You have the percentages here at today's value You will receive 4.42 CAKE tokens per month and at today's value, When you invest $ 1,000 in CAKE, you get $ 60.95 at the current price of PancakeSwap. But this is an idea only for you, that's 6% monthly. Just to get an idea of ​​the greatest return from PancakeSwap. But even so, the thing here is that even if the market keeps falling, you can put your tokens in these pools, don't sell them, and if the market recovers, though You're going back to the all time high, that 42K that you will be make monthly.

Of course, you get a lot more value because this is $ 60.95 with almost $ 14, but when we return to the last all time high They'll do it for $ 43. The CAKE from PancakeSwap is my first coin in this top 3. Let's check the second coin. Before we proceed with that Video, remember I'm making a great giveaway. I will be Give half of one bitcoin and five of ethereum to a winner five different winners. If you want to participate, it's great simply, just a few clicks, follow the link in the description. But remember that you need to be subscribed Channel with the bell switched on. So the second coin is VEChain, VET. If you follow my channel you know that I'm a big fan of this project. You have thousands of partnerships. You are one of the companies that are legitimate in china. You know it's very difficult for many companies to enter the Chinese market and VeChain is one of them. They also recently launched another partnership with the state on some COVID claims So there is a lot of hype about VeChain.

Sometimes you don't hear much about VeChain in the news, but there is always new partnerships and new movements. And I really like that. So right now we're under $ 0.08. And the latest all-time high (ATH) was $ 0.25. So we're down a lot from the last high we had in May-April. This is one For these reasons, the project is cool. Like I said, we're a huge percentage in the red from ATH. Vechain also uses VeThor, Gas token. Let me show you here Right now, VeThor is priced at $ 0.006 but anyway, it's down in the market too. We were at nearly $ 0.025 in April, the same all-time high as VeChain.

So if you only have VeChain in a wallet, a real wallet or Even in Binance you earn passive income with VeThor. So there are many ways to earn money with VeChain as well. So the latest all-time high was actually $ 0.2546. The current price is $ 0.08 So we are 68.57% below the last ATH So when we recover, you have a very large percentage there. And you can do several things to generate passive income with VeChain First, you can enter it in, for example, "Flexible Savings", in Binance Earn and you will receive 0.83% on your VET plus 2.93% on VeThor. This is how you get a little VeChain and almost 3% on VeThor. You can ask it too in "Locked Staking" in Binance Earn Here you can see in Flexible Savings, for example in Binance, if you are looking for professional training You have the 0.83% and the percentage for VeThor here. And when you look at the locked staking options at Binance Earn You get 3.47% on VTHO tokens if you use them for 15 days. You can do it for 30 or 60 days and it will enter 5.47%. So this is a very good way to get tokens too.

3rd option: You can take part in staking Your VET in an existing Node on VeChain wallet. So this is the one official way to stake out your professional education. And for the fourth option, you can Put your professional education in its own node instead of one existing nodes. You can use your own node on VeChain but for that you need at least 600,000 VET tokens to over 15 million, so in between Area you have eight types of nodes that you can create on VeChain.

That's what I actually do. I have a lot of Vocational Training I actually bought under $ 0.005 in 2019-2020 So I run my own nodes in VeChain and I can tell you that you will do any of these options Come back 3 or 4 times more. Actually, I bet 3 or 4 here but it is actually more deserved with VTHO than you will Get that when you use Binance Earns. Of course, You must have at least that amount of professional training. But if you are a very large VeChain holder, you can do that instead of sticking it in Binance. But if not, that interest is very good, and you will make a lot of money with it, even during the bear market. But of course, your best option is to run your nodes.

if not, then you can just plug it into an existing node or just get it Interest here. That's it for VeChain. We come to our 3rd and last coin. The third coin is polkadot. I am also a big fan of this project. Your token is DOT. Right now we're under $ 16. The summit that we had was around $ 46 so we're very low on the percentage for the price of this project from ATH you are all Already familiar to Polkadot, they have a very large ecosystem. You also have the best developer and CEO who is also one of the creators the language for Ethereum and we are just starting into very hyped months on Polkadot we have had the Kusama auction in the last few weeks. started this is the test network of Polkadot and we have started the auction for the Parachains from Kusama and after all these auctions we will do the same on Polkadot, and that will get the full power of the the network, the blockchain for Kusama and also for Polkadot, so let's go to experience very bullish hype news around the Polkadot ecosystem during this summer.

So I think that's a lot Great news. If the market recovers here Instead of going below 30K -for Bitcoin- we will a very hyped summer for polkadot and the price could reach the ATH again. So you get these returns very quickly. So for Polkadot, the last ATH was actually $ 68, current price is $ 16.41 We're 66.33% below the last ATH There are many for the options Platforms where you can earn interest, but one of them is also in "Flexible Savings" as we have mentioned for vocational training and you can also say it put Earn in "Locked Savings" in Binancer. With "Flexible Savings" you earn 0.5% in 7 days APY. But the The best opportunity is that you can lock it and earn interest on it 15 days, 30 days, 60 days and earn between 11.52% and 16.62% which is a very respectable percentage for that. Another similar platform for earning interest is Celsius, where you have a 10% stake. And there are many other platforms. So if you are like this, for example, You can write a comment under this video and tell me something you know other platforms or how do you make the most money Interest with Polkadot tokens.

I will probably do it sometime when parachain start the auction, I'll probably allocate some of them my DOT token in the Acala project, this is a project that I made a review about it. If you haven't seen it, you can check it out here. The Acala project also has another project, Karura, a similar project but on the Kusama network and indeed Karura was the first auction winner for the Kusama Parachain. Here's how you can review the video. And for Polkadot, even if the general crypto market Downtrends still have hype news with them the Kusama Parachain auctions as I mentioned earlier. Nearby In the future, the Parachain auctions will also take place with Polkadot and complete the whole thing Polkadot ecosystem. So here on Polkadot there could be a lot of hype. Well folks, that's all for the video. So PancakeSwap, VeChain and polkadot are currently my three picks after these three Parameters that I think are very important. So if you like this video, please like it subscribe to the channel and remember to click the bell to order Get the notifications and select "All" to receive them Notifications when I start a new video.

I usually Videos start on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. So stay in the crypto market. So folks, that's all for today. I'll see you in the next video. Bye!.

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