TOP (3) ALTCOINs w/ the BIGGEST Potential in May!!

Well just like I predicted, an Ethereum to
bitcoin ratio break of .05 was on the horizon. That happened late last week…But like I
also mentioned, and predicted… this .05 ratio number, is a turbulent time, and the
break won’t be so easy. Friday, Ethereum slipped under! But by late Saturday, .05 was broken once
again!! As of Sunday, yesterday, we were pushing up
towards .052…what does the future HODL because of this? Find out in 10 mins, give or take a few…because
it’s time for Chico Crypto! The trend is your friend, my friends. The trend right now is Ethereum is hotter
than Bitcoin! And there is a nice new tracker I found at…which has a bar meter, that fills! And it shows you important ratio numbers,
and where they are.

Halfway to the FLIP, where at least Ethereum
should be right now, is just over .08 and to the flip, is just over .16! And now that it’s the popular thing, and
it’s really starting to build a narrative, Ethereum to FLIP, here comes the HERD, the
normies….calling for what we’ve been saying would happen all year while they were supporting
Cardano blessing the rains down in Africa! But now they are here, talking about how ETH
is the one, as it’s the popular thing to do…well you want to know what’s going
to be popular next!? The next iteration, the next wave of protocols
and dapps built with ETH2 in mind…and I started my coverage with a very important
one, this weekend.

The Truebit protocol…. Truebit is a smart contract scalability protocol,
which is getting BIG eyes since it’s stealth launch! Fred Ehrsam, co-founder of Coinbase, tweeted
this April 13th, during the stealth launch. “TrueBit looks like a natural solution for
scaling computation on Ethereum, despite the '96 throwback site” Scaling Ethrereum, specifically computation!? Well the man himself, Vitalik buterin took
to the message boards, 2 days ago and posted this on Ether Research. “EVM optimistic rollup using Truebit” Which he describes the process of a rollup
utilizing the protocol! Now why would a rollup need to use Truebit!? Well to understand why.

You need to understand rollups, and Ethereum
Plasma, are very similar in their designs, and use “fraud proofs” for verifications. Going to the truebit website, on it’s application
use cases, they have one listed as Plasma and say:
“Plasma scales transaction throughput through a hierarchy of blockchains in which parent
“chains” have greater authority than their children. When a provable malfunction, or “fraud proof,”
occurs in a child chain, a witness of that error allows its parent to reconcile the error
via Truebit verification.” Truebit, allows fraud proofs to be reconciled
by a witness in Plasma through verification from it’s protocol! Truebit, is what helps Plasma….WORK! And it’s looking to be a critical piece
of rollups too. Especially the optimistic flavor! Why? Well last year, Karl Floersch and Jinglan
Wang, those of Optimistic Ethereum, were on the epicenter podcast, speaking of their rollup
solution, and design. Let’s hear what Karl had to say when asked
about optimism and truebit! Oh I see it now, thanks Karl! Back then, in April there was a Plasma solution
using Truebit, called Plasma Leap, which got them excited about Plasma again.

Optimistic rollups, are similar to truebit,
but not the same…..Optimistic Rollups are so much better, they don’t need truebit… Huh? Then why was Vitalik talking about rollups
using truebit just 2 days ago!? Well you ready to dive down the rabbit hole
to find a new coin!? Remember Karl said there was a plasma implementation
that ran with truebit verification. Plasma Leap The team that ran with this new type of Plasma
was the LeapDAO, and they launched their own plasma solution on the mainnet in February
of 2019. In March of this year, the LeapDAO twitter
tweeted about another one of their products, the EMO. They said:
“EMO – stands for Ethereum Machine Oracle. The goal of the project is to make it easy
to verify large computations off-chain, using an abstract machine of your choice. This is done by implementing a version of
the #truebit verification game that uses a generic abstract machine” I wonder if LeapDAO has a rollup, that it
doing a similar thing “implementing a version of the truebit verification game” Well a piece of LeapDAO, is called Habitat
and this has a governance token.

HBT. They recently put out a community update,
called rollup choice. In the blog, they compared their rollup, Nutberry
with 2 other popular ones, Arbitrum and Optimisms. Does Nutberry use the truebit verification
game? Yes it Did!? The github on the nutberry project says “At
the moment, NutBerry already supports verifying transactions by a truebit-like verification
game and is work in progress to switch to the Gated Computing model as the next step
before it generally supports arbitrary contracts on L2” Well going to Habitat’s webpage, we can
see they have moved on the gated computing model, now called domains…and there are
2 specific domains within Habitat, utilizing their rollup solution, the LeapDAO and Strudel
Finance! So, is Habitat’s rollup the most advanced? They obviously are using some concepts from
Truebit’s verification game already! Well, I’m no developer, so only time will
tell… Remember this video is about the future, dapps,
protocols, and projects building with that in mind. And the last one I want to cover is….Bprotocol. Why do I like this one? Well going to their website, they are a protocol
layer for lending platforms, which eliminates the gas wars..providing them stability.

AKA MEV is being pushed back to the users
of bprotocol. Lending protocol users interact with existing
lending platforms via the B.Protocol smart contract. Liquidity providers within B protocol provide
a cushion to user debt, which gives B.Protocol precedence over other liquidators. The LPs (liquidity providers) then share their
profits with the users, where a user's reward is proportional to his user rating. Going to the live application, we can see
it already has over 215 million locked up, and is live for both Maker & Compound, with
AAVE coming soon. Now are these just out of the blue integrations
with Maker, Compound and AAVE? Or are they the factors of something more? Well 2 months ago the Founder of the protocol
was interviewed, Yaron Velner, and he said this: “Before B.Protocol I was the CTO of Kyber
Network since it was founded in 2017” “B.Protocol got a seed investment from Kyber
Network, and launched its first integration on top of MakerDAO at the end of Oct 2020.

We currently have over $30m TVL (of users
deposits in ETH) and over 11m Dai that was borrowed through our platform. Our Compound integration has just launched
(Feb. 2021) so now also Compound users can opt-into the B.Protocol, either by migrating
their existing funds or opening a new account to be managed via B.Protocol. We have also presented to both the MakerDAO
community as well as the Aave community with a proposal for what we term “Native Integrations”
to enable a new collateral that will let users get higher leverage on their funds.” This protocol is from a smart developer, former
CTO of Kyber & these interactions, with Compound, MakerDAO, and AAVE are deep integrations…that
Yaron calls “Native integrations”.

So, BCLeaks Army, that is the true bit of
this episode. The Chico Crypto Habitat, is all about the
DEEP integrations, especially if they are MEV focused. Cheers I’ll see you next time!!.

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