Top 3 Altcoins set to be LIFE-CHANGING in 2021!! Best Cryptocurrency Investments with Adoption!

all right welcome back everybody to altcoin daily 
where you subscribe for a video on cryptocurrency   every day my name is austin today i want to share 
with you the latest news in cryptocurrency and   talk about three specific altcoins that have 
the potential to be life-changing now i'm not a   registered financial advisor this video today has 
nothing to do with price when i say life-changing   i'm talking about cryptocurrencies that are really 
aiming to help people and we're actually seeing   real world progress today we're going to talk 
about benchmark protocol cardano and much much   more so like always check the timestamps down 
below in the video description leave a like and a   let's jump in starting with cardano africa's huge 
potential could be the key to mass adoption of   crypto and it's true whoever gets the people gets 
mass adoption and breaking news even though some   of this was leaked a few weeks ago cardano africa 
special iog input output global the development   firm behind cardano partners with world mobile 
to connect over 250 000 people in africa and   notice how cardano isn't going after the well-off 
countries their goal is to connect the unconnected   so bring blockchain technology to the people 
that really really could use it so eventually   the goal is to roll this out in all of africa but 
initially the partners cardano and world mobile   will focus their efforts on zanzibar and greater 
tanzania and they will use a unique approach   to provide an internet connection to people in the 
region with renewable energy so not only are they   offering the people of africa self-sovereignty 
and finally the opportunity to be your own bank   they're also keeping it green based on the input 
output global atala prism solution the partners   will build a network of nodes on top of cardano's 
blockchain infrastructure so ada the token will   be used and specifically the network will be 
leveraged by business owners who will operate as a   local relays to provide affordable local internet 
connection to access it users can subscribe via   teleprism thus they will gain access to digital 
banking healthcare and essential services give me   your thoughts down below in the comments section 
yes most of us are into crypto to make a little   money hopefully but seeing how much potentially 
crypto could help people that's where i want to be   cardano could connect over 700 million people 
in africa the partnership has set the goal of   bringing thousands of clients by q1 of next year 
2022 however their ultimate goal is to connect   more than half of the population to vital services 
such as education banking and finance healthcare   and others now i will leave you with this a direct 
quote about this venture from founder of cardano   charles hoskinson we see blockchain as a powerful 
force for social good through our digital id   solution a teleprism people who were previously 
unable to verify their identity complicating and   often preventing access to vital services like 
healthcare will now be able to do so a teleprism   will also allow citizens to provide backup copies 
of important documents like qualifications or   property ownership documents which can allow 
returning refugees to claim their homes   very cool to see cardano the next five ten 
years definitely a sleeping giant to watch   let's keep going next up let's talk about 
benchmark protocol and their mark token benchmark   protocol plain and simple is a rebase token 
that's meant to be the most uncorrelated asset   in the world the benchmark token mark is a supply 
elastic so always changing collateral utility   designed to inject liquidity during periods 
of high volatility in correlation with global   equities markets interesting now benchmark is a 
partner of the channel i want to tell you about   the recent news why they make today's list and 
in 90 seconds or less what is a rebase token   and how is benchmark protocol different a 
rebase or price elastic token is designed   in a way that the circulating token supply 
adjusts increases or decreases automatically   according to a token's price fluctuations so 
rebase tokens are somewhat akin to stable coins   in the sense that they both have price targets 
so it's meant to offer stability and while the   price per token really won't change that much at 
any given time the supply will it'll constantly   change and the amount of tokens you hold will also 
fluctuate with it rebases do not dilute existing   token holders think of it as owning a fixed 
percentage of the network rather than a fixed   amount of tokens and this is what's interesting 
this is what makes rebase tokens unique i guess   now all we have to ask ourselves is what is the 
price pegged to and how is benchmark aiming to be   more uncorrelated offer more stability than other 
competing rebase tokens well the supply adjusts   based on volatility indexes specifically cboe's 
vix now vixx many of you have probably heard of it   very well respected index in the traditional world 
used by the chicago board options exchange cboe   and the protocol is rule-based so it will add or 
subtract liquidity to stay stable with the target   metric now what is sdr the target metric check 
this out the mark token augments supply based   on the special drawing rights sdr now this is 
something that's used by the imf heavily respected   and the sdr is a basket of international reserve 
assets so it's weighted heaviest in usd followed   by the euro then the chinese yuan japanese yen 
and the great british pound interesting benchmark   is saying that if the world ever goes to crap 
we're going to need liquidity and we're going   to need liquidity from something that is truly 
uncorrelated the d5 space needs a collateral   utility that retains its efficiency and increases 
inherent baseline liquidity during periods of high   volatility okay give me your thoughts on benchmark 
protocol or just rebase tokens in general   down below in the comments section the reason 
that benchmark protocol makes today's list is   they are officially rolling out their peer-to-peer 
marketplace they're on ethereum they'll be on   finance and they continue to keep expanding and 
what is this new benchmark protocol marketplace   the marketplace will launch as a peer-to-peer 
lender-driven exchange for cryptocurrency loan   offerings so borrowers will be able to choose 
from an array of different loan structures   and receive a loan proportional to the collateral 
provided and obviously it's not just cake although   cake is now white listed chain link another 
altcoin that will be in this marketplace   upon launch the link community will be able to 
diversify their strategy to earn yield by loaning   out their link on the marketplace terms are fully 
customizable and no registration required and this   goes for all altcoins in the marketplace why this 
matters to you as a mark hodler is because this   is the first use case for a rebasing token they 
have a fully public team even some advisors you   may recognize they are fully audited which i like 
the last thing that i want to mention that i found   interesting is something called the press which 
is benchmark's own yield farming platform and   for example you can pair mark with usdc or mark 
with eth and i think they give off like 200 or 300   apy check on that link down below so that is 
benchmark give me your thoughts down below   the next altcoin making news that could truly be 
life changing for a lot of people is chain link   chain link has just partnered with the unicef 
innovation fund to support blockchain enabled   applications in emerging markets as you know chain 
link has something called chain link community   grant program which aims to provide financial 
resources to the many development teams and   researchers building a more functional accessible 
and socially impactful chain link network so it   gives money to teams slash projects that not only 
are aiming to help the world but also can benefit   and support the growing network of chain link 
and this is what chain link had to say as part of   our social impact initiative centered around our 
mission of creating a more economically fair world   using smart contracts we actively support projects 
that share this goal of applying cryptographically   enforced systems in a manner that is driven less 
by vague brand promises and more by the value   that institutions and individuals actually 
provide and now they're working with unicef   we're excited to award a grant to support the 
unicef innovation fund a pooled fund designed to   finance startups building early stage open source 
technology that addresses key global challenges   very bullish to see and the chain-link community 
grant will go towards supporting the startups   building blockchain-based solutions that unicef 
works with by offering funding mentorship   and access to our expertise give me your thoughts 
on this down below i like this because it not only   benefits the world potentially changes lives 
but also it's benefiting chain link as well   because they are providing the oracle 
solutions to these blockchain-based solutions   okay that is the video my name is austin 
see you tomorrow hit like hit like you

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