Top 2021 Projects: BitBoy’s Crypto Portfolio REVEALED

everyone wants to know what is the perfect portfolio what am i buying right now how do i manage to say so incredibly good looking a lot of you have noticed we have really shifted on this channel though over the last few months from small altcoin gyms living on a prayer to more solid top projects the reason for this is simple they're going to get the quickest benefit when bitcoin rips even higher highs so today i'm going to be revealing my portfolio to you so you can get some insight into what i'm thinking and where i'm putting my money right now let's get it bid swap is the hottest new way to trade tokens probably all the top decentralized exchanges biswap gets you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at welcome to bitboycrypto my name is ben everyday on this channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money and crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button if you want more insight into the altcoin market make sure to check out tokenmetrics it's where i do basically all of my coin research and it's how i consistently pick winners get a seven day trial for less than five bucks by visiting tell them bitboys sent you just kidding there's nobody to tell that to in this video i'm going to be revealing to you though my current portfolio if you've watched this channel for a while i have done many of these videos in the past my portfolio can dramatically change between those videos and this is no different however generally my strategy doesn't change it's pick winners early and pick them often and let them go when the jig is up so recently due to the declining price i completely removed xrp from my portfolio i'm never afraid to drop a coin when it's on a downswing you got to have ice in those veins to make it out you so here we go let's break down my portfolio [Music] first the biggest holding in my portfolio is ethereum coming at a huge chunk forty percent i believe ethereum is the future of this bull market i've said that many times i believe by the end of 2021 ethereum will be a household name as you saw in my institutional fomo video about ethereum the possibilities of where eth is going is insane it will be driven by a supply crisis in the market i do expect some etherium competitors to chip away at its market share of the smart contract space like polka dot but ultimately that isn't going to affect the price during this bull run maybe the next one in 2024.

I see ethereum possibly becoming a store of value in the future as well based on institutional investing i believe the upside is tremendous and 50 000 per coin is not out of play for next year next up i have bitcoin clocking in at 10 while i do have larger holdings of some other coins i do believe that as a good general rule about half of your portfolio should be in bitcoin and e and i'll be honest i don't care how you do it but as we saw with the recent xrp lawsuit by the u.s securities and exchange commission basically anything is possible with coins that have not been classified as a security or not a security for this reason the majority of your money should be in safe and steady assets like bitcoin and ethereum i'm more bullish on ethereum than i am on bitcoin for this year that's why i have ethereum at the top with 40 but you really can't go wrong any way you want to chop it with that 50 and i mean at this point with the price action of 2020 do i really even need to go into why it's important to have bitcoin in your portfolio nah didn't think so next up coming in at 15 of my portfolio i have chain link now this shouldn't really surprise anyone if you know me in fact in my top predictions video for 2021 i predicted that chain link will rise up to the number three overall cryptocurrency spot chain link's oracle technology separates it from other top coins and with xrp taking a huge tumble it makes sense we should see another top cryptocurrency rise to secure the seat behind ethereum and bitcoin but i put my money where my mouth is and i expect an epic rise from chain link and for the price to exceed 1 000 per coin in the most bullish scenarios right now it's around 11 bucks [Music] coming in next at another 15 is cardano if you watched my two-part interview with charles hoskinson from last week then you understand why i'm bullish on cardano i was already bullish on it but i'm even more so now that's why i'm dedicating a huge chunk of my portfolio to it while i also like polka dot i believe that cardano is the biggest potential threat to ethereum's dominance but we likely won't see cardano erode ethereum's lead during this bull run doesn't change the fact that what cardano is building is incredible i'm really looking forward to seeing how 2021 shapes up in regards to decentralized finance for cardona we have already seen the ethereum defy run but could there possibly be a divi run for other blockchains in the space ada could be a huge beneficiary if they do [Music] next at five percent of my portfolio i have v chain the potential for vet is humongous when we think about use cases for crypto none are bigger than supply chain being able to track every ingredient or component of a product you buy is pretty crazy but i think in the future that'll be taken for granted it'll be a given everything you own will be traceable back to the source this helps with accountability and responsibility for corporations if you're putting something in your body don't you want to know where it's from supply chain helps with this unless the thing you're putting in your body is from tender then you're out of luck now as we look at upside the potential growth of crypto projects there is pretty much not a bigger area than supply chain tracking every brick and mortar and online retailer could benefit from supply chain technology vechain is the behemoth in the space i only see the distance between it and its competitors growing wider over 2021 i also have five percent of my portfolio allocated to synthetics i believe you need to have one blue chip decentralized finance project in your portfolio while compound ave urine finance maker curve and others have seen their days in the sun i believe snx has the most to offer in the way of d5 this project aims to make it safe and easy to trade any asset in the world from anywhere in the world safely diva will only continue to grow and i'm going with the underrated project out there of the blue chippers and i'm hoping it pays off i haven't noticed i like to base my portfolio on highest levels of potential if you're gonna go big don't you want to go as big as possible am i the only one [Music] the last ten percent of my portfolio contains a mixture of projects with smaller market caps these include projects i'm an advisor for such as yfdi and pharam network it also contains iost which i run a node for projects we've covered on the channel before such as hyper vellus nimik and a few others i'm also a holder of dex kit which i partnered with for the bit swap exchange found of course at bitswap decks dot io then of course i've got small amounts and tons of different crypto some i can't even find anymore but the point is these are more speculative assets and i treat them as such one big mistake a lot of people make is they have their portfolio inverted instead of having the most secure projects is the bulk of their allocations they have them the least amount invested because let's face it a potential 1000 xer is much sexier than litecoin it just is but there's beauty in the boring sometimes if one of these 1000 xers comes through and having a few percents of them in your portfolio allocated can still pay off and while i have so many coins in that 10 speculative portion of my portfolio remains the smallest part collectively you don't want to spread yourself too thin like it wouldn't make sense to have 100 coins and one percent each of your portfolio if one does get a big pump you don't really have enough to really make it worth it and you don't have the rest of your allocations in the right order so i suggest having anywhere between five to ten coins make up ninety percent of your portfolio and remember bitcoin and ethereum need to make up about 50 percent of that at least 25 this is why coin research is so important synthetics and varam network are both two coins that token metrics is rated as a 99.9 percent out of 100 is long-term investments that's a big reason why they're in my portfolio making sure you have the best possible resources available to you while you're doing research is pivotal in choosing that five to ten coins you only get a few shots to pick the winners once again if you want to check out tokenmetrics you can do so at let me know what coins are in your portfolio right now by dropping a comment below that's all i got be blessed [Music] you

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